Sweet Little Buttercup.

The flood of tears goes on. I cannot describe the emotion when I discovered a new pathway and it led to another Field of Gold. Absolutely speechless and in total awe at what I was seeing and feeling. The energy, whatever energy is exactly, is indescribable.

















There Was A Time.











And further down Memory Lane.

‘I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It.’



I believe these animals are Alpacas. Or maybe not. From a distance they look very much like Unicorns.










9 thoughts on “Elysium

  1. Frank, your post reminds me a vid I watch last night explaining the Yugas. I don’t know anything about the Yugas, but my interest was peaked this weekend…

    I’ve heard it said that we’re still in the Kali Yuga, but apparently we’re not. We’re already on the up, destination gold when we can talk to the animals 😉

    1. Roob

      I’ve read a lot of sacred texts over the last few years to get a feel for where we are. This is somewhere new and also somewhere old at the same time. I’m seeing it as a form of Bardo between the old and new. IMO.

      The animals have been speaking. I watched Dr Dolittle with my father. So much emotion triggered by a few YT videos. Also I met a friendly woman and had a chat in the field of buttercups. I suspect she may have been Mother Earth. She has many faces.

  2. Frank,

    Glad to see you are promoting Norwich City colours there! Yes, you see, it was probably just a subconscious thing, but look at the result! They can use every bit of help they can get! Ha! Go the Canaries! Go up, up up!!! Ha!

      1. Also Lotus is in the article.

        ‘Hethel, the home of Lotus

        Since 1966, this peaceful part of Norfolk has reverberated with the sounds of some of the world’s most exciting and innovative motor cars.

        To visit Hethel is to soak up the history of this famous marque, and revel in the excitement of Lotus’ future.’


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