Country Roads


Frozen In Time.










In the DNA.








I’ve mentioned this a few times recently. I’m sensing the world as underwater and experiencing a distinct impression I’m on the ocean floor. I believe this to be a DNA memory of a lost sunken civilisation – see Lemuria, Atlantis and Mu.

Here’s some more pics. I hope they show what I’m seeing.























14 thoughts on “Country Roads

    1. Getting even weirder which I didn’t think was possible.

      Doppelganger Central. As an example Richard Dawkins, the author of the God Delusion, is my postman. There are a load more.

      And had an encounter straight out of The Prisoner with No 2 a few days ago. A perfect copy of this video apart from the content. We discussed spiritual matters mainly.

      Also very weird time stuff is going on.

      1. Re The Prisoner. I’ve been rewatching the series and it brought up childhood memories of how angry No 6 could be.

        1. Swim

          It’s a great series. I was young as well when it was first aired and used to watch it either before or after The Big Match on a Sunday with Brian Moore. There are a few characters in the Village here and I’m tempted to ask them ‘Why are you in the Village. What have you done to end up here?’ I half expect a giant chess board to appear any day. Anger can be a positive energy if directed in the right way.

          And this song has been on my playlist. Every time I watch the video in my mind I connect it with you for some reason. Incredibly nostalgic with Kes and also there’s a ‘The Upside Down’ link to it as well.

    1. Great movie. Recommended. And half remembered names and faces – Ken Loach, Brian Glover and Colin Welland.

      It was a period when there were a number of ‘It’s grim up North’ movies .

      And for no other reason apart from it fits with half remembered names and faces and ‘grim up North’ – Ena Sharples and Emily Bishop.

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