Bus Stop


Tracks of my tears.



Swipe left. Swipe right.

Yesterday I had this experience at Red Pill bus stop. Becoming crazier by the day.

Anima and Animus, Anibus and Anubis. Or something. It’s dreamy.



When the impossible is the new norm. There is a place.











There Was A Time.





10 thoughts on “Bus Stop

    1. Working through the glitches as best I can.

      Rise of the Phoenix or something. Yet again. Does get tedious though. Patience is a virtue so they say.

      If you want to post a YT video it seems to show if you copy and paste from the search bar at the top rather than the share button. No idea why that should be. But AI hurts. Trying to work out how to show Twitter posts rather than just link.

      1. Astrologically speaking Mercury retrograde ends on Monday so hopefully the technology will start working again then. This retrograde has been the strongest i’ve seen since I found out they were a thing.

        1. Hi bob

          Let’s hope so. The website is partially back to normal. I do wonder about MIR and whether because more and more people have come to believe in it, that only adds to it.

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