Meets The Eye



‘For the eye sees not itself but by reflection, by some other things.’





‘O that way, madness lies.’

Who is to say who is sane or mad ? The war of ideas.





My life has turned into a movie. ‘Never Expect The Spanish Inquisition’ and the Doppler Effect.





The Fourth Wall.





To Dream the Impossible Dream.





‘When the mother next spoke, it was more obvious she was speaking to me.’

‘It must be nice sometimes to have no feelings. I envy you.’

I considered this then said: ‘ I believe I have many feelings. The more I observe, the more feelings become available to me. When Josie was unable to come with us just now, I felt sadness.’

ChatGPT :



And tomorrow the USA will officially declare the Covid pandemic to be over. The next medical war is the war on loneliness.





Rainbow Valley.




And the Antiques Road Show and the ‘Program’ and ‘I Have To Pay’. I’m buying many things on impulse at the moment. Yesterday I saw this plate in the window of the British Red Cross shop in Red Pill being sold for £3-50 and when I got it home I realised it is actually porcelain and on the back it said Limoges which I discovered is a well known area in France for producing porcelain.

My mind wondered how much it would be worth at auction and if it would make me a millionaire and imagined myself asking Fiona Bruce from the Antiques Road show ‘How much is it worth ?’ and then putting a brave face on it when the expert replies ‘£20-. It’s a very good example though of Limoges porcelain. Thank you for showing us’.




From Wiki :

Limoges porcelain is hard-paste porcelain produced by factories in and around the city of Limoges, France beginning in the late 18th century, by any manufacturer. By about 1830, Limoges, which was close to the areas where suitable clay was found, had replaced Paris as the main centre for private porcelain factories, although the state-owned Sèvres porcelain near Paris remained dominant at the very top of the market. Limoges has maintained this position to the present day.


And you know you are in a strange place when an amazing guitarist shows up at the Village pub sounding like Eric Clapton playing the ‘Tracks of my Years’.

Is God in the Machine ? Probably Yes. ‘Clapton Is God’.



Devil in the Dharma.



‘As the Buddha sat on the Vajrasana (seat of Enlightenment) Mara attacked the Buddha with rocks and mountains but they all turned to flowers. Having failed to harm the Buddha, Mara’s final challenge was to demand what right he had to sit on the Enlightenment seat.’












Bridge It Bardo and ‘Cherchez La Femme’.

It’s a highly unusual cosmic process.




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