No Mud No Lotus


The Tree of Grace.




From Celia – The Tree Of Grace :

At the centre of the Star Garden stands the new “Tree of Life” for the New Earth. It is called the Tree of Life and Grace or simply the Tree of Grace.

It embodies the Divine Feminine energies of Grace and Compassionate Love that are at the Heart of the New Earth Consciousness.

This Tree of Life holds the central pillar of consciousness for the Earth and also is a great Library for all the Templates for life forms of the Earth and the Solar System. It is the “Great Mother” who holds all life within herself.

Star Garden.






No Mud, No Lotus.

The Buddha made his way back to the White House yesterday.





















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  1. Entropy.

    From Ubik :

    ‘And meanwhile he thought our world declines, turns back on itself bringing to the surface past phases of reality. By the end of the week we may wake up and find ancient clanging streetcars moving down Fifth Avenue.’

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