Only Love Hurts Like This



There is a pain—so utter—
It swallows substance up—
Then covers the Abyss with Trance—
So Memory can step
Around—across—upon it—
As one within a Swoon—
Goes safely—where an open eye—
Would drop Him—Bone by Bone.
Emily Dickinson


As an overview, the Dream is collapsing. Crumbling is probably a better description. Time is at the heart of the matter. That’s not entirely accurate. Love is at the heart of the matter. Time is an integral part of the illusion though. The date says I’m living in 2023. Even allowing for the fact it is always Now I’m not sure if that is the real date in linear time terms. It is a highly unusual cosmic process.

From Ubik – PK Dick :

What is the rest of the group experiencing ? Joe wondered. This reality ? The United States of 1939 ? Or when I rejoin them will my regression be reversed, placing me at a later period ? A good question. On the other hand, this reality of 1939 seemed fairly stable. in the last twenty four hours it had managed to remain virtually constant.

Mineral Wells, Texas, USA in 2019.







Redhill, Surrey, England – 2023.






Passing the love on.



At the time of my birthday last year I had a conversation with a friend who has created an incredibly beautiful garden which had touched my heart. Exploded my heart is closer to the truth. She said she had created it for ‘someone’. She wasn’t sure who it was exactly. I replied ‘I must be the someone’ and I think it probably is.

It has expanded since then. Lucy Rayner And These Flowers Are For You. Passing it on. Being Frank is confusing. And the puzzle ‘Who am I ?’ and ‘Who Are You ?’





The Lilies of the Field. They may not be lilies but I think that’s the idea. A lily by any other name. Are you a human being or a human doing ?

‘Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow. They neither toil nor spin.’









And the Bardo to end all Bardos. Mr Kubrick gets in everywhere.

From Ubik :

When I blink out, he thought, the whole Universe will disappear. But what about the various lights which I should see, the entrances to new wombs ? Where in particular is the red smoky light of fornicating couples ?


Possible memory syndrome.







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