Bad Wolf


‘Everything that appears in the physical realm is always connected with energy flow at the invisible level.’

Time is the real currency. Now Here.




Say it with flowers.

La La Land.











The flowers speak to me and say our love should be.






Gatekeepers of the Mind.

Bad Wolf has taken a disliking to me. It’s only following the programming though. ‘Never smile at a crocodile.’ ‘Once bitten, twice shy.’

My life has been an exercise in being taken where I needed to go rather than where I expected to go. A life and life times of surprises.






Tracks of my years.



Artificial Intelligence and Real Intelligence.







5 thoughts on “Bad Wolf

  1. Ragle Gumm :

    ‘We have a hodge-podge of leaks in our reality, he said to himself. A drop here, a couple of drops over in that corner. A moist spot forming on the ceiling. But where’s it getting in? What’s it mean?’

  2. Talking of Noah and the Ark.
    Noah and his family totaling 8 were in the Ark a week before the rains came. Everyone else said they were crazy!
    Many students of Genesis say that the Ark was afloat for 370 days.
    When speaking of the Flood in Genesis 9 God mentions the word covenant 8 times.
    Verse 11 says, ” I establish my covenant with you: Never again will all life be destroyed by the waters of a flood; never again will there be a flood to destroy the earth.”
    The Covenant School shooting was on 27/3/2023 where 3 children and 3 adults plus the shooter were killed totaling 7.
    7/8 days later on 4/4/2023 Trump was charged in NYC.
    Trump = 88 in English Ordinal gematria.
    370 days later is 8/4/2024 when the eclipse forms a huge X across the USA with the earlier eclipse on 21/8/2017.
    7+370 days with Noah and the Flood. 7 days dry and 370 days afloat.
    7+370 with the Covenant shooting then Trump being charged and the second eclipse USA forming a massive X across the country.
    ie Covenant shooting on 27/3/2023 + 7 days Trump charged on 4/4/2023+370 days =Eclipse USA on 8/4/2024.
    Might be an interesting 370 days!

    1. Ken

      The flood over here last Friday had a biblical feel to it. The energy was something else. The flood which keeps giving.

    2. From 21/8/2017 to 8/4/2024, both US Solar Eclipses, = 77 months and 77 days between both dates. Together they form a huge X across the USA .
      If there aren’t enough 7’s and 77’s there to convince you that God is involved in creating both these eclipses then you are too far gone for anything to help you. Have you forgotten that God created the heavens and the Earth in 6 days and rested on the 7th and that even until now we still have a 7 day week?
      The first eclipse in 2017 crossed 7 Salems in the USA.
      The second eclipse in 2024 will cross the line of the 2017 eclipse at Salem Rd near Cedar Lake making the first eclipse crossing 8 Salems!
      8 in the Bible stands for a New Beginning.
      And yet, still disregarding all the evidence to the contrary you deny God is our Creator.

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