Senses Working Over Time


In the Mindlines. I’m not sure if this mindline was truly necessary. Stating the bleeding obvious.



The Big Picture.



This showed up recently. Orlena asked what was behind the veil. I did some checking and ‘It’ says behind the Green Screen is the Crystal Palace. However it is walled off and gated.





And layered realities. As an example. This is a pic of the hills opposite me. Occasionally I take a periodic late night walk into Red Pill and a few weeks ago I looked across the fields and the lights from the buildings and terrain was an identikit of a town called Marble Falls in Texas which Jenny and I drove pass on the way back from Austin in 2019.

Reality is stranger than we know. Over fifteen years ago with frustration at the No Sense I screamed at Spirit ‘Explain it’ and the reply was ‘It can’t be described. You have to experience it’ which I understand now.



For about the last two years I have been subjected to a major assault on the physical senses which still continues. It’s been crazy. Back at the time of the Solar Eclipse in Cornwall, England in 1999 I had a healing session with a friend from the crystal warehouse where I worked at the time. She worked with autistic children and her theory was the children were experiencing ‘Senses working overtime’ and the physical world was so overwhelming their minds couldn’t cope and shut down. Something which I have come to empathise with.

And past lives. She also believed the children were traumatised from war experiences in a past life. During the healing session she sensed around myself ‘battle smoke’ which is reflected in the Water Diviner movie I believe. Inherited DNA memory and pain or past lives ? I’m not sure which is correct or maybe both are. It’s personal and archetypal.




Time Loops are off the scale. I’m experiencing loops which can be from yesterday or a few days ago, weeks, years, decades and maybe centuries and millennium and back to the year Dot. In reality I believe we have left 3D. It happened back in April 2014 at the time of the MH 370 crash and for a reason which I don’t fully understand what was experienced then was a loop in itself and after that a further loop and at present we are in a third loop. The third loop is taking care of itself after a fashion. The mystery lies in the second loop. I’m sure it makes sense somehow.





14 thoughts on “Senses Working Over Time

  1. The question is what changed?
    Did the scenery change? The pictures seem very ordinary to me!
    Or did your perspective change?
    This is my question about the veil and how seeing the world through a veil distorts a persons vision.

    So I had this conversation with the mechanic at the laundromat this morning.
    He said, ‘this world is going crazy!’
    I said, ‘is it? Maybe the world has always been this crazy and we’re just now beginning to see it for real.’

    Remember the conversations we all had about the crown virus and my comments about how this is a sensory test. Sight (2020), sound (heard immunity), the symptomatic loss of taste and smell, and touch (social distancing). And proprioception (the sixth sense and the shaman) the sense of bodily movement in relation to the environment.

    I realize this is very unsettling stuff and will I think get a lot more unsettling.

    1. Everything has changed. The third loop has been revealing. The pics may look ordinary to you. In reality they are anything but ordinary.

      1. Frank

        ‘The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.’

        Just a suggestion, perhaps set aside the camera for awhile. The camera is first of all, too easy to use. And it’s designed to show the outward appearance. Choose a different medium. Watercolors, charcoal, pastels, pencil, pen and ink or maybe crayons. Many artists use crayon because it resets that sense of childhood in them that was lost.

        Every human is an artist. It is our life’s purpose to create. And don’t tell yourself you can’t do this. Do it, if for no other reason than that I very much want to see what you’re seeing.
        Show me. 🎭

        1. Orlena

          I will be taking more pics for a while. My pics aren’t primarily about art even though I think some of them are good and hope they show beauty. Firstly because spirit me wants to record a ‘dream journal’ for a reason I’m not sure of and secondly because old pics have been incredibly revealing and help me make sense of No Sense. I’m also remembering.

          It’s something along these lines. Very weird.

          I’ve tried to pass on what I’m seeing. It’s a new way of seeing reality. Also extremely personal. Actually some of it you wouldn’t want to see. There are a few nasties in there. Reality or least my reality is weirder than I could have ever believed.

          1. Frank

            This was just a suggestion and I think born mostly out of my own frustration of not being able to understand you. We must all do what is best for us and I wish you success.

  2. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but something I have been following on Utube. This is an eagle pair, Jackie and Shadow, living in California’s San Bernardino Mtns., where they have just had 12 ft of snow in recent days. Normally eagle eggs hatch within 35 days but this clutch is now past 50 days and a decision must be made.

  3. My senses are working overtime Frank!
    Liverpool just thrashed Manchester United 7-0. Are there not 7 days in a week?
    This happened on Sunday March 5th the 64th day of the year.
    64 = 8×8.
    Moderna has 7 letters.
    Extensive proof Moderna made the Covid-19 Virus.
    In Reverse Ordinal gematria –
    M O D E R N A
    14 12 23 22 9 13 26 = 119 = 7×17. And 7 letters. And 9+1+1 = 11.
    And 911+119 = 1030 and 1030+301 = 1331 = 11x11x11.
    In the Bible the number 11 stands for antichrist, being the 11th horn that comes out of the 10.
    The centre letter is E = 22.
    MOD = 14+12+23 = 49.
    RNA = 9+13+26 = 48.
    48+49 = 97 and 97+79 = 176 = 88+88.
    22+22 = 44+44 = 88 and 88+88 =176.
    The outside 6 letters convert to 88+88.
    The centre letter E converts to 88+88.
    Remember the 44+44 (88) xenon light memorial for the Twin Towers?
    The elite Satanists who seek to run this world worship the number 88 and aim to have all of the remaining humans worship Antichrist who will shortly be revealed.
    There is only one way to avoid this and that is to worship Jesus Christ.
    Jesus = 888 in Greek gematria.
    He is our New Beginning (8) in triplicate.
    7 days in a week and the 8th is the first and a New Beginning to the next week.

    1. Ken

      The result reminds me of when Liverpool beat Crystal Palace 9-0 early in the season and then beat them in the FA Cup semi final. Revenge was sweet.

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