Through Love.







Spring is poking her head above the earth.

First of all mysterious flora and fauna.




And more normal Spring flowers.





I made another journey to my Haunted House today. Doing a bit at a time. I’ve known for a few years that my memories maybe scrambled. In this lifetime, the house has at least four sets of memories. It also contains past lifetimes one of which is so painful it’s almost impossible to bear. Man’s inhumanity to man and woman. Also woman’s inhumanity to woman and man.



The Summer House.

I can’t resist an open door. This took some reaching through the brambles.








And very peculiar lamp posts.




A few years ago I got a message from Miss Terry saying my memories, which the scrambled memories seem to confirm, are slated and probably not only my memories. If the scrambled memories are a metaphysical quantum oddity inside reality that would be OK, if weird to deal with, but the pic implies there is someone or something which is manipulating reality for its own purposes which IMO is to keep the guilt and fear based 3D reality going.






14 thoughts on “Roots

      1. Swim

        That was part of my thinking choosing the title for the article. I seem to have mongrel spiritual DNA. FWIW in my past life memories there has been white, black, Chinese, Jewish, Indian and Aboriginal.

        I remember the male lives and not any clear female memories. I wonder if I’m blocking the female memories – ‘You are everything and everything is you’ – or have I always been male ? And add the theory that ‘we’ are also animal, vegetable and mineral and atomic at all levels it gets very complex.


  1. The memory that is the key to Everything Everywhere All at Once
    In my dream last night I was holding a key. It was not rigid, it was bendable, twistable and the notches were changeable as well. 🤔

    The return of ‘the weather balloon’.
    It’s meteorological…phenomena of the atmosphere.

    The Mother…Close Encounters…The Christmas Story

    ET Phone Home !

    1. Orlena

      As is the way of things 5th Feb is the end of the Chinese New Year and Chinese lanterns are flown as part of the celebration.

      EEAAO is a good movie. Movies like Cloud Atlas describe ‘life’ from a linear time perspective with past lives. EEAAO shows it from a Now perspective with different lives happening at the same time in different dimensions.

      One of the dimensions shows an Impossible Universe where everyone has Hot Dog Fingers which involves a clever pastiche from 2001 A Space Odyssey. Kubrick gets in everywhere.

      And Alien. In the article I mentioned about my four different sets of memories which weave in and out of each other. An answer always leads to another question. One of the memories involves ‘Alien’ and also varieties of AI. Is there an original memory and the others are screen memories ? Rhetorical question.

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