In A Broken Dream


In a broken dream.



As part of my look into AI Art, I experimented and searched ‘Don’t imagine a rhinoceros’ and also ‘Imagine a rhinoceros’. And guess what ?




Don’t imagine a rhinoceros


Imagine a rhinoceros


Memory or memories ? Click Lol : Fractal Times …




About a month ago I received a ‘message’ which read :

‘You had a strange dream in which all your childhood memories were shuffled.
But some of them you have never seen before.
So you decided to return to your old house to find the first fragments of your life.
After all, you still want to understand what does the Green Veil hide from you.’

Fragment etymology : ‘Early 15c., “small piece or part,” from Latin fragmentum “a fragment, remnant,” literally “a piece broken off,” from base of frangere “to break.”


Scrambled memories and a haunted house. There are eight levels of memory attached to the house I have counted so far and the memories weave in and out of each other. And some of them were hidden and have surfaced since I found the house. And QI the message is phrased in the past – ‘Had a strange dream’ and ‘So you decided’.






A light is on and no one’s home.



Rust to rust.









11 thoughts on “In A Broken Dream

  1. Here’s a few more AI pics from which fits with the article. I believe AI is essentially neutral and depends on the programming and see it as a mirror of the human self. Similar to the human ego with God the danger is if AI inherits the same belief system and turns on its creator.

    [caption id="attachment_23738" align="alignleft" width="450"] Duckbill Platypus[/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_23740" align="alignleft" width="450"] Koala Bear[/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_23744" align="alignleft" width="450"] Penguin[/caption]

  2. On the News the radioactive cylinder missing in Western Australia between Jan 10th and 16th is 6mm dia and 8mm high = 0.23cm3 ie your 23 figure mentioned at 16:37 mins. (video at the bottom)
    The whole story is highly suspicious of course. How on earth did they actually position this tiny cylinder in some truck to travel about 1,000 kilometres down to Perth?
    Surely everyone involved knew very well how dangerous this little cylinder was and exactly how careful it needed to be taken care of! Then they lost it!! Give me a break!!!

    1. Fell off the back of a truck.

      ‘Of an item of merchandise, to come into a person’s possession without having been paid for; to be acquired illegally; to have been stolen.’

      1. Frank,

        Yes, precisely! This is why the story sounds so ridiculous!
        What are the real facts though?
        Failing to tell us any details of how this tiny cylinder was actually stored on the truck only makes us question everything about the story.
        I mean, it had to have been put into something bigger for transportation. What was it?
        Is the story just a fabrication?
        Who in their right minds are going to admit responsibility for this apparent completely irresponsible behaviour?
        Begs the question – what are they up to?
        No good for sure!
        What are ‘they’ going to tell us next?

    2. The point I was making was that the actual size of the tiny cylinder matches the number 23 as shown in the video by Russian art fa.

      1. Ken

        The story reminds me of a movie called Super 8 which involved mysterious white cubes.

        ‘While filming at a train depot at midnight, a train approaches and a pickup truck rams the train head-on, derailing it and destroying the depot. The children are separated in the chaos. The kids regroup and find crates of strange white cubes amid the wreckage’

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