Another day in Narnia. And another journey. This time a further trip down memory lane. When I was younger I played football and used to jog around Nutfield to keep fit for football and I decided for whatever reason today to repeat the same circular route I used to run but walking this time. What I am attempting to show is the magic behind the screen.

Whatever we are going through is extraordinary. Part of my path is joining with Mother Earth I believe. It feels like she is taking her clothes off and saying ‘ Aren’t I beautiful ?’ and I’m replying ‘Yes’. Also it is incredibly surreal. I left my apartment to start the walk and I saw a friend and we waved at each other and she was the last human being I saw for about two hours. Only me and traffic.

In chronological order.

First of all this sign with ‘Concealed Entrance !’ which I have never seen before appeared from Now Here and I thought ‘Plus ça change’. When strange is the new normal.



Autumn Leaves.




When a tree falls in a forest.




And regular Angel Feather.


Fun Guy and Fun Gal.






A Flock of Sheep.




I have been hoping to meet Deva people such as hobbits and dwarves and suchlike. I didn’t meet any little people but I did come across a mysterious feline in the woods. Back in 1987 I was startled when a very big black cat similar to a Jaguar suddenly appeared in the middle of a path I was walking down.





This follows on from Rameses a while back.



From Wiki :

A deva in the New Age movement refers to any of the spiritual forces or beings behind nature. The origin of the word “deva” comes from Sanskrit. According to Charles Webster Leadbeater, devas represent a separate evolution from that of humanity. The concept of devas as nature spirits was further developed in the writings of Geoffrey Hodson. It is believed that there are numerous different types of devas with a population in the millions performing different functions on Earth to help the ecology function better. It is asserted they can be observed by those whose third eyes have been activated.

And cats and dogs. Passing ‘SuchFun Kennels’ was next. ‘Oh what fun’.



And a babbling brook.



A Field of Gold.






England’s Green And Pleasant Land.




Eventually I made my way back to the village where I encountered a few people. Not many. I walked through the estate where I used to live and didn’t see a soul. The village is flowering still which is odd for the first week in December in England.







And a very beautiful tree which has some sort of red berry or cherry on it. I have no idea what it is. A Rose by any other name.






More Snowberries.



And these odd fellows. Something new ? I thought they were angel feathers. Maybe they are. They are flowering .






All in a dream.




Like a wheel within a wheel.


14 thoughts on “Narnia

  1. Looking through some pics from the last few years there would appear to be circles inside circles and wheels inside wheels going on without conscious knowledge.

    Raspberry Beret.

    [wpvideo vzXmNVJD w=550]

  2. Hi Trinity,

    I feel your pain and anguish when ever I have read your comments over the years. Frank’s Merovee has been a sanctuary for me and I appreciate the safe place he provides here, as you must too. Did you read his above article, experience beautiful England and walked with him on his gorgeous nature walks? Did you appreciate the purity of Mother Earth through the videos he provided? There is so much beauty in the world as well as not. I listen to Aleya Dao’s music, she has a beautiful, soothing voice and choose this one to share with you-

    <3 Naive

  3. Lovely shots of rural England Frank!

    So, do you think that Brazil can win the World Cup in Qatar?

    Some other very disturbing things happening back home in Brazil.
    Brazil – Democracy Hangs by a Thread
    December 6, 2022
    At least 100 electronic ballot boxes did not contain a single vote for Bolsonaro. 5 million votes were discarded. The results show that Lula allegedly won 50.9% of the vote and Bolsonaro 49.1%.

    The over 3 million Brazilians wearing yellow and green, the national flag colors, are demanding that the armed forces intervene to prevent the communists from taking power.

    The media cover-up fuels even more rage and disappointment among the Brazilian people.—freedom-hangs-by-a-th.html

    by Marcos

    1. Ken

      Glad you enjoyed pics.

      I haven’t watched any of the footie this time so not sure. My second team in the world cup after England is probably Portugal. I’ve become very one tracked and Crystal Palace comes before the national team by a long chalk. Hopefully the rebuild of Crystal Palace stadium will go ahead soon.

      In Sainsbury’s.

      And Brazil does connect with my pics and rain forest and mother Earth. And South American politics has aways been incredibly corrupt. And IMO it’s the military that actually calls the tune in any country out of sight.

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