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Have some clichés.

It’s annual.



Feline it ?

Life is a cabaret.



All’s fair in love and war.




It’s all Greek to me.

De Greece of separation.




Top boffins say the multiverse is real.



Love hurts.

Scream x 4.








Etcetera, etcetera.


15 thoughts on “Cabaret

  1. The “Big Bang Theory” might be the consensus (so I’ll be in the minority group, here), but I don’t believe it.
    The multiverse is more plausible, but “they” are all just programs.

    It’s not easy being a player unless you realize you’re living in a simulation.

    1. Kenneth

      That fits with one of the questions that has been going round my mind for a few years. If it’s an illusion it should be purely a matter of leaving it or waking up says logic. Seems a bit more complicated than that. There is old stuff within the dream that we are having to release and it’s just not purely linear time but circles within time. That’s how I’m seeing it.

  2. The world is a circus without a beginning And nobody knows where it really ends.

    Spiderman: Into the Multiverse.

    1. Swim

      From personal experience the multiverse would appear to have reality. I have two slightly different birth certs and I can see the multiverse and timelines in my own life. There is one individual who keeps jumping out at me – not myself and never been connected to Merovee – both with reincarnation and existing as a different persona in a number of countries. Immediately after I read your comment my YT algae rhythm kindly showed me another example as confirmation. It’s more specific than ‘You are everything and everything is you’. ‘Meeting yourself doesn’t have to be weird.’ Not sure about that. One question leads to another such as is there a core self ? And as Kenneth put it is the multiverse just another program ?

      This mindline speaks of both the multiverse and just one universe.

      1. And The Scream x 4.

        The Scream had its base in a particular moment for Munch. He was walking toward town with two friends when the sun began to set. It was a time when he was plagued by an inner agitation which he described, ‘it was a time when life had ripped my soul open.’ To him, the setting sun looked like ‘a flaming sword of blood’ and bathed the hills in blue. He says ‘Witnessing these changes in nature proved overwhelming …the lines and colours vibrated with motion – these oscillations of life brought not only my eye into oscillations, it brought also my ears into oscillations – so I actually heard a scream – I painted the picture Scream then.’

        Where I live used to be a Surrey vortex of asylums. There were about six big asylums within a five mile radius. I had contact with two of them. In a strange way they were relatively happy places. A lot of the patients had such severe problems they needed care. A lot of the problems came from physical mistakes at birth and early childhood which with better care and understanding we don’t see now. One of them was a psychiatric hospital and I took a summer job as a cleaner after leaving school. One of the memories that has stuck in my mind was one week I cleaned the female locked ward and one day a young female patient saw me and came charging down the room at me and the staff managed to grab her before she reached me. The horror of what some people experience is truly gross. The memory has been playing around my mind over the last few weeks which is why I have included this video a few times.

        1. That must have been terrifying.
          Jane Eyre and the mad woman in the attic.

          The black and white Scream bothers me the most.
          ‘Splitting’ Black and white thinking.

          1. Follow Dotty … A bit like that. It went with the territory and all I could I feel was sympathy and empathy for the girl. The dementia wards were depressing beyond depressing. In Caterham there was St Lawrence’s Hospital and the patients were very much part of the community but they were mainly brain and physical injuries rather than psychological so was I partly used to it. There were some very good parties at St Lawrences. The hospitals were mini villages. And then I joined Barclays Bank and couldn’t tell the difference ! Not the staff who were mainly fine but the institution. I’m bored with Monopoly. The parties were good though as well.

            Also there must have a form of energy vortex with so many large asylums in a small area.



            About the multiverse or whatever it is. Haelos are seriously weird. They are doppelgangers from The OA.

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