Wet Wet Wet


It’s that time of year again.





On repeat. Another ladder has shown up leading to my bedroom this time. And looking at the pic it’s black and white and grey or something. What I’m trying to show with the pics is how the external reflects the internal in even the most incredibly mundane ways sometimes. And sometimes very beautifully.





It’s sensual.


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    1. Orlena

      God knows how this works. It just does. I took a pic of the moon here a few minutes ago and was thinking with the lunar eclipse there will be a lot of moon energy over the next week. I then came on here and there’s your comment about the lunar eclipse.

      There’s something above it. According to Space.com it maybe Jupiter. Or pole star. Possibly something else completely different.


      Through the trees.

  1. Here we go again with new UK Hindu PM Rishi Sunak thanks to Russell Brand.
    This Is F*cking Concerning – Russell Brand


    At 7:50 you read about the company Theleme created by Sunak.
    “Theleme” = 121 (Reverse) or 11×11.
    7 letters.
    In the Bible the number 11 stands for the Antichrist as in the book of Daniel where the little horn (AC) comes out of the 10 horns (powers).
    Theleme Partners (mentioned at 7:50) had a big investment in Moderna – https://awkwardgit.substack.com/p/theleme-partners-moderna-and-rishi
    Thelema is an occult religious system set up by Aleister Crowley – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thelema
    On Bitchute https://www.bitchute.com/video/3mvsqAto98kA/
    TheologyEd explains at 7:50 Thelema and the number 93.
    It is 93 years since the stock market crash of 29/10/1929.
    Thelema is a religious and philosophical occult system and was founded by Aleister Crowley – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thelema
    Theleme and Thelema are just one letter different and Sunak would surely be aware of this. Much of the explaining on this video is way above my head of course but the connection is clearly made and what is being done is witchcraft magic.
    “Theleme” = 121 (Reverse)
    “Thelema” = 125 (Reverse)
    121+125 = 246 and 246+642 = 888.
    In Greek gematria Jesus = 888.
    Is that why they chose those two names? To mock Jesus?

    1. Rishi Sunak was born on the same date as Aleister Crowley, the 12th.
      R. Sunak born 12/5/1980.
      A. Crowley born 12/10/1875.
      Months between = 1759.
      Or 53538 days.
      5+3+5+3+8 = 8+8+8 signifying a New Beginning tripled.
      5x3x5x3x8 = 600+600+600 = 6+6+6×100.

      1759+9571 = 11330+3311 = 14641/11 = 1331 = 11x11x11.
      “Theleme” = 121 (Reverse) or 11×11.

      There is exactly 7 months or 213 days between their birthdays.
      On 12/10/1979 Crowley would be 104 years old or 13×8 years old.
      7 months later is Sunak’s birthday, 12/5/1980.
      213 days = 71+71+71 days.
      71+mirror 17 = 88 three times.

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