14 thoughts on “Hanging Baskets Of Babylon

  1. I don’t see any of this literally, but symbolically.
    The so called Hanging Gardens of Babylon as they are depicted are tiered or terraced gardens, not ‘hanging’.

    The hanging tree…the hanging garden.
    ‘The day you eat from the tree of knowledge, you will positively die.’
    The Garden of Eden, once teeming with life suddenly becomes the garden of death. And by judgement and execution (hanging), is passed to an entire species.

    This video is an alternative view.

    The Hanging Tree and the ‘gold’.


    1. Orlena

      That all seems to apply. It is incredibly biblical around here.

      There is a connection with 9/11 and Hanging Baskets so think this year could be energetically powerful.

      And Dr Moon and fake reality. This is very weird. QI to see how the Universe uses a variety of different methods to make a point.


      1. Struggling to keep the ‘nuclear core’ covered.

        And cool! This song has been playing in my head all summer even before the heat build up. 😎


        1. Orlena

          In one of these bizarre sync paths there is a link between Lyonnaise des Eaux and the Tower.

          Subsidiary of Suez. Zeus in the mirror.


          And it is incredibly biblical here. I rolled away a stone earlier and again connected with Jamaican athletics and an overlooked woman in the Bible. Cherchez la femme. Lucy and her diamonds. You never seem to notice the significance until a while later. Jah only knows.


  2. Mad theory for today. I’ve noticed Star Children 2 which I date to post Chernobyl seem to be more fragile than Star Children 1. Maybe maturity but also I suspect they may not have been here before or a small number of incarnations and find it difficult to deal with the extreme emotional nature and harsh spiritual aspect to Earth.

    And World Honey Bee day today. See Roob’s comment above.



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