‘Yet what is an ocean but a multitude of drops’.



From Wiki- Brahman :

In Hinduism, Brahman (Sanskrit: ब्रह्मन्) connotes the highest universal principle, the ultimate reality in the universe.In major schools of Hindu philosophy, it is the immaterial, efficient, formal and final cause of all that exists. It is the pervasive, infinite, eternal truth, consciousness and bliss which does not change, yet is the cause of all changes. Brahman as a metaphysical concept refers to the single binding unity behind diversity in all that exists in the universe.

Brahman is a Vedic Sanskrit word, and it is conceptualized in Hinduism, states Paul Deussen, as the “creative principle which lies realized in the whole world”. Brahman is a key concept found in the Vedas, and it is extensively discussed in the early Upanishads.The Vedas conceptualize Brahman as the Cosmic Principle. In the Upanishads, it has been variously described as Sat-cit-ānanda (truth-consciousness-bliss) and as the unchanging, permanent, highest reality.

Brahman is discussed in Hindu texts with the concept of Atman (Sanskrit: आत्मन्), (Self), personal, impersonal or Para Brahman, or in various combinations of these qualities depending on the philosophical school. In dualistic schools of Hinduism such as the theistic Dvaita Vedanta, Brahman is different from Atman (Self) in each being.In non-dual schools such as the Advaita Vedanta, the substance of Brahman is identical to the substance of Atman, is everywhere and inside each living being, and there is connected spiritual oneness in all existence.



From Wiki – God and Gender in Hinduism :

Most major schools of Hindu philosophy focus their philosophical discourse on the Universal Absolute, called Brahman, which is a grammatically genderless noun. This Universal Absolute, states Zimmer, is “beyond the differentiating qualifications of sex, beyond any and all limitations, individualizing characteristics whatsoever”. The Brahman is the Great Cosmic Spirit, the Ultimate True Reality, the Supreme Self. It is a transcendental concept that includes all virtues, forms, genders, characteristics, capacities, knowledge and being-ness. The history of the genderless concept of Brahman, as the omnipresent Absolute Spirit and Supreme Self, can be traced back to Vedas, and extensively in the earliest Upanishads, such as hymns 1.4.10 and 4.4.5 of Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, and hymn 6.2.1 of Chandogya Upanishad 6.2.1.

Zimmer clarifies the notion of gender in Sanskrit language and its relation to the concepts of Brahman and God in Hinduism, as follows:

It must be understood that in Sanskrit, grammatical gender is not always a sign of physical sex. Gender infers function, sex infers form; so that an individual may be masculine from one point of view and feminine from another. Brahman can be regarded as the “womb” of life, and as in Christianity “this man” and “this woman” are equally “feminine to God” [in Hinduism]. Absolutely, Brahman, although grammatically neuter, is the principle of all such differentiation. Essence and nature are respectively masculine and feminine, logically distinct, but “one in God,” who is neither this nor that [in Hinduism], and therefore “It” rather than “He” or “She” specifically.

— Heinrich Zimmer, Myths and Symbols in Indian Art and Civilization.


For Father’s Day I got a very exciting present – an electronic keyboard. And today I’ve played my first song – ‘Love Me Tender’ – or at least the first new notes. Which for anyone who is interested are CFEFGDG – FEDEF — CFEFGDG- FEDEF —




Which leads into very weird territory. Love Me Tender is also known as Aura Lee.

Amber Heard and All The World’s A Stage.



Where Am I / We. A while ago I mentioned the worse case scenario was underground on Mars.




It’s the freakiest show.


45 thoughts on “Brahman

  1. For interested parties. Some serious stuff has gone on. Unless I’m not understanding this properly. I’m not sure what to do at present and am taking legal advice. I’m aware of the implications for everybody involved which I take seriously such as whether it would involve jail time. As I said previously anyone who had prior knowledge or afterwards would be involved.

    Intentional infliction of emotional distress is an intentional tort based on an individual’s conduct that causes another individual extreme emotional trauma.

    The defendant acted intentionally or recklessly towards the individual;
    The defendant’s conduct was extreme and outrageous, which means it was more than just harmful or offensive;
    The defendant’s conduct was the actual cause of the injury; and
    The individual suffered measurable severe emotional distress.

    Much would depend where it was deemed the emotional distress took place. If it was considered to have taken place in the UK it could be considered a criminal offence over here.

    ‘How will the court decide whether my abuser knew or ought to have known that his / her behaviour would have a serious effect on me?

    The court will decide based on whether a reasonable person who had all the information your abuser had would have known that the behaviour would have a serious effect on you.

    Your abuser will be guilty of the offence of coercive control if he / she is personally connected to you, and his / her behaviour has had a serious effect on you, and your abuser knew or ought to have known that his / her behaviour would have a serious effect on you.


  2. I was going to put this in the ‘broken and blessed’ thread in the previous post.

    Kintsugi means ‘golden joinery’. It is a craft of pottery repair in which resin is mixed with gold dust to fix the crack. But it also has a philosophical application.

    It is also art.
    “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” – Aristotle


    1. Orlena

      I used to do origami when I was young. There is something spiritual at a subconscious level to some of these eastern practices. And dust to dust.


  3. To interested parties. Will someone wake me up please. I nearly forgot amongst the chaos. Yes she is AI. There is a big fxxking ‘Why Me ?’ to all this. It’s just a movie or something.


  4. HELL-O all!

    I just went to Bitchute (remind me never to do so again?) with this so-called “man” (The David Knightley Show?) posting the image of a gravestone with 180,000,000 Dead Babies in it….

    Laying the DEATH of all these babies at the feet of?….


    Woman is ALWAYS to BLAME.

    Nevermind the billions of babies and children who have been sacrificed in the Elite Child Trafficking Network, a la “JEFF” and Jizz-laine….. both, mind you…. Juh-eeews.

    Jus sayin!!!

    Yeah, abortion SHOULD be idk, not OUTLAWED so much as made a crime.


    Because the numbers tell us CLUELESS BRAIN-DEAD women DO us it as a from of “contraception.”

    I believe it should be LEGAL, but????


    After that, if you haven’t learned your LESSON?

    You go to jail.



    1. And “legal” only as SOON as it is “viable” to do so….

      NONE of these late-term abortions, NONE of these “After-Birth” (gah!) abortions they legalized under Cuomo in NYS…..

      WE must STOP this black market for “baby parts,” period!

      Jus sayin…..


        1. Seriously, you are “men.”

          That means the Father does not approve of you “seeding” any women out there without HIS “consent.”

          You are MEN.

          It’s not women who will be judged even for having abortions….

          It’s YOU MEN, who in lust spewed that seed unto unfertile ground, yes, a “loose woman” ?

          YOU will be held accountable for every extra-marital tryst you have had….

          And if you got a woman pregnant? And YOU may not even KNOW IT?????

          You’re GOING TO HELL.



          1. The Father is not going to blame women, He is going to hold YOU MEN accountable, as it should be.

            Satan has this world turned UPSIDE DOWN….

            You men of aborted children “fell for it.” Thinking you could get away with the CRIME of your lust, and blame the woman for YOUR aborted SEED.

            Satan is sifting mankind, and wants to see who falls through….

            But so is the Father is watching…. who falls through

            And whichever of His “men” lose their Way and fall through to Satan?

            He wants to know…..

            Because it is The Father Who is sifting his WHEAT from the tares….

            And He’s going to LET YOU GO.


            1. Unless?

              You SEE your crime….

              OWN IT….

              and REPENT.


              At the foot of the CROSS.

              Praise be to the Father!

              Most MERCIFUL Jah

              HALLELU JAH!


  5. One last thing…..

    There is a VERY big difference between a fetus and a baby.

    A fetus is like a seed in a woman, and if conditions aren’t right…..

    She’ll miscarry.

    What are those “conditions”?

    Welp I think being wanted and anticipated by the mother are VITAL ingredients to its being born…. And if that pregnancy (not a child YET!!!) is NOT wanted by its mother, she should have the right to abort it, yes, sadly in this FALLEN WORLD…..

    Like I said, this is a one shot deal.

    A REAL woman is going to regret EVERYTHING around it, and she will not make that same mistake TWICE.


    A fetus does not become a baby until it is BORN, and the Spirit then enters it, that’s why astrological SIGNS are from its BIRTH, its first BREATH of life.

    To say women who have had an abortion are “baby killers” is a LIE.


    WE KNOW now, and yet….?



  6. I saw a message today of support from the NYPD to “St. Mary”

    I don’t know how “I,” as a “Mary,” can help you, you being the CORE of LAW ENFORCEMENT who have rejected taking the jab….

    The 300.

    Stand STRONG is all I can say to encourage YOU!!!

    Thank you true “Ladies,” “good wives,” for sending me that message of support.

    I stand with you.

    As we STAND STRONG in CHRIST, we will WATCH as this T(Y)RANNY falls.


  7. And in case anyone gets the “wrong idea”….

    Here is the new guru of my container garden:

    He’s awesome, and gave me the “secret”:

    “It’s better to underwater than overwater,” from which your plants cannot recover.


    Watch to the end “to avoid misunderstanding.”

    This guy is a LIGHT.


  8. Satan keeps wanting us women to take over…

    Be “strong Warrior Women”…..before the man, who is naturally more slow-moving, methodical, not prone to impulsiveness…..

    can do it.

    While all the man needs is for us WOMEN to shut up ( 🙂 ) and get out of the way…..

    Stay HOME and let the MAN handle it…..

    The WAY the Father intended it.


    DO IT.

    DO IT!

    "Take me away…."


  9. The irony is…. we women HAVE to let our men take control and FIGHT the FIGHT, period.

    We need to remember our job is as MOTHERS, not try to be the Head of our family, that’s the man’s.

    And recognize our fight is just as deadly and full-on …. just protecting our children.

    I don’t know….

    …. was it Buddha who said…..

    “Life is suffering.”


  10. 100% FAKE!


    This vid is in answer to my Danny Gokey vid, I kid you not.

    This fake actor called “Mag Bitter Truth” has been calling out trannies, but he’s really not EXPOSED anything that Mr. E didn’t already show us.

    This ACTOR with the black idk Jamaican? does ANYONE still speak like he does? the accent and bad grammar?


    Just LOOK at each and every one of his thumbnail pics….. They are shots that are either pornographic, or like today’s, with some white young boy on the ground with EMS and firefighters all around him trying to save his life? LOL



    Celebrity shots or “personal” pics if real (doubt it) of that kid on “life support.”

    CLICK BAIT thru and thru, half the time PORNOGRAPHIC, ya know, like the shot of Britney getting out of a car and exposing her dick? Um yeah….

    Today’s vid features a “Dr. Victory” (see my vid) with a LAUGHING SKULL on the shelf behind her as she describes all the unexplainable SUDDEN DEATHS of 2021 (which of course, the MAG laughingly points out….is this REAL????) then moves on to a news vid about a young man who fell off a cliff on the Appalachian Trail and his mother from abroad is being blocked from retrieving his body because????

    She hasn’t taken the JAB.

    ALL FAKE, people….



    And if you don’t know who that ENEMY is by now….?


    My best advice?


    GO! with “God”

    BYE, MAG!!!

    You are FAAAAKE! (OOh, don’t get some woman stomped to death on the head at Crickets a la your compadre, FAKE “We Are Change” LUKE and feel so sorry for the NEXT POOR POOR woman on your next vid… who gets attacked. Bleh. YOU TWO, Black or White? SLAVES to your Big Daddy Larry.)


  11. I mean is this clearly not fake?

    It’s SOOO FAKE…. look at his HAT, gawd.

    “All you incredible AMAZING human beings!!!!”


    Luke…. lol

    You are a PUNK…..

    And in the 22 years since 9/11…..

    YOU haven’t AGED a bit.

    Go ahead and mourn my loss after I am stomped on the head to death at Cricket’s.


  12. It’s ALL fake!

    I mean, does ANYONE really DIE??

    Like Michael Jackson, they “took him out,” or DID they? Is he alive and well and talking to us behind that fake burned guy mask on LARRY KING????

    It’s ALL A SHOW, now becoming transparent…..

    Sandy HOOK was it for me…. I got led thru that FAKE MOVIE SET TOWN on my way to my brother’s in CT, and SAW THEM….. ACTORS….. run by the POWER PEOPLE, who even CONTROL MY GPS!!!!


    Yeah, I’m here to tell you…..


    As WOULD the “Bride of Christ.”

    Mary Mag


    I’m the “second coming.”


  13. And what was the BIGGEST LIE told the American people that has kept u.s. hoodwinked all this time?

    Larry Silverstein bemoaning in his “press” conferences the “massive loss of life.”

    Massive loss of life, like what, 3,000 people?

    How about less than, idk, ten?

    This was the YUGE LIE pushed on us by the LYING MASS CONTROLLED MEDIA, with all its FAKE planes, fake CRISIS ACTORS (if there WERE a “massive loss of life,” do you really think they could’ve recruited these regular people to “crisis act” for them?)

    The MASSIVE LOSS OF LIFE on 9/11 and the “TERRORISTS” were all a LIE, and took away our civil liberties as U.S. citizens with, haha, they just LUV this: The Patriot Act.

    And YOU SAW and I SAW PRESIDENT TRUMP on the balcony with BENJAMIN NETANYAHU smiling at us…..

    Gloating at they did their “thumbs up” (yours…)

    Knowing the Zionist Plan to turn the American People into Israel’s CATTLE is COMPLETE.


    1. So…. looking into Ghislaine’s unrepentant eyes…. you can see they have no “shame,” because they BELIEVE entirely that we are simply CATTLE to them.

      Our stupid “jewdicial system” …. It’s all a SHAM.

      Of course she will go on to live somewhere else, along with Jeffrey… et al.

      While we go deeper into debt, and watch as our world burns.



      1. But seriously, there’s no stopping them.

        They have all the money in the world, they have all the technology to glide about under the seas in their “TerraMar” submarines and what, whatever they “do” (reaping “diamonds” and all….)…

        Pretending to go into “space” to Mars with “Elon” (what a JOKE!)….

        There’s nothing we can do to stop them.

        I guess the ONLY thing you CAN do, is protect your own.

        Make sure it isn’t YOUR kid who goes MISSING.


        1. THIS IS IT


          Thank you, Mr. Crenshaw.

          This is the circle within the circle that I kept synching on while working at the Baphomet Tower, 1 World Trade Center, and SAW this yes, MAP, in the fountain in front of World Trade Center 4.


          And they actually believe this will absolve them from any “sin” lest they be thrown into that CIRCLE: the Lake of Fire, which is the CENTER of the CIRCLE MAP of EARTH…..

          with their Prince, Satan.

          You have shown us the true Map of the Earth. That circle is directly below the North Star …..

          the “Stargate”

          It’s quite shocking, tell the truth…to look at.

          Like being shown the Earth’s “privates.”


            1. I’m in a place where I want to call out my old “friends” and tell them how I know now….

              They were never my “friends”

              Why? I think because the Christ Light has always been in me….. Truth. Being “not cool.”

              So of course there is no going back…..

              But if there was one who got away…..

              It was my roommate’s brother.

              I “fell” for him when we were still freshman and he was a idk junior or senior at Kenyon (so cool…)

              ANYWAY long story short: that last party, after I’m pretty sure we had graduated…. YOU, my “good friend,” roommate Sarah…

              You KNEW I had my sights set on Tom…. You never helped in that direction, you considered me being “the most insecure person you had ever met!” Huh? FU

              And next thing you know, Annie SWOOPS in, and I was sort of embarrassed, watching her….

              I was hurt, that none of you recognized my pain, and you are NOT my “friends.”

              Tom and Annie are now the happy parents of three children.


              I am the happy parent of one…..

              I’ll never find “someone,” and that’s OK.

              Because he’s my little guy.


                1. Watching Annie fawn all over Tom was a lot like seeing Anna fawn all over Si at the elevators that day on Madison….

                  I was kinda in shock, like, Who is that person?

                  That’s NOT the “Anna” …..

                  That’s NOT the “Annie”….. I know.


                  1. Like I said…..

                    I always hated playing musical chairs….

                    because I could never lower myself….

                    to chasing one.

                    I always wanted the man to come after ME…..

                    I didn’t know….

                    Ain’t never gonna happen.

                    Maybe it’s me and my insecurity…..not knowing how to play the game.

                    Oh well.


                    I’m 60 now…..

                    Time for a New Chapter in LIFE.

                    Follow me….

                    If you DARE


                    1. And I’m not sure, but I think “Bluewater” is Snarky McAllister, who I heard is gay.

                      Jus sayin’

                      No GUY can get away with “his” sexy posts of females, bottoms up, and retain credibility.


  14. And to be honest, and Frank, thankyou for your patience….

    To end my thread….

    The dividing line is “Flat earth” and if you can’t see the Truth, and NOT SEE Nasa’s lies and how we are CONTINUALLY lied to….


    I happen to be single

    But if I were still married, this would the point where we would have to part.

    I REFUSE to LIVE in a LIE anymore.


  15. And LASTLY…..

    I am going to appear in Court on my bankruptcy…

    And the Trustee is going to ask me how I got here.

    Do I TELL about the harassment I have endured because the local Sheriff got a crush on me, and he apparently, was in an…idk whatchucallit….. incestuous relationship? with his sister, the BIGGEST BULLY IN TOWN.

    So I don’t know what you people want from me and I don’t CARE.



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