99 thoughts on “Very Very Old Friends

        1. yeah, “victory” has been showing up for me during and since traveling to florida…. And just heard on christian radio today…. “my name is victory” but it’s not the song that comes up when you google it. 🙂

          1. ‘We’re gonna hang out the washing on the Siegfried Line,
            Have you any dirty washing, mother dear?
            We’re gonna hang out the washing on the Siegfried Line,
            ‘Cause the washing day is here.‘

          1. And messages through the Program. If I’m reading this correctly. ‘It’ is saying a young lady is coming to see me. You are very welcome.

          2. My dog is from Spain , she was found on a beach, hungry and unloved. She lives the life of Riley, now. 🙂

  1. Um I’m not sure if this is real, but I think it is…..

    Kudos to “Jim Crenshaw” for publishing these photos?

    Or is Jim Crenshaw just yah, yah yah…..

    The Met GALA 2022 just last weekend….

    Photos suppressed from the mainstream, but good ol” Mr. Crenshaw got em.

    My old boss, how’ya doin’ Anna?

    The DEVIL WEARS PRADA, that’s for sure!

    You’re looking as young and bee-you-tiful as ever!

    You’re never gonna die, am I right?


    1. I’m… I’m ….


      I’m just a idk…. maybe a “specialty”?

      IDK an,,,, appertif…..


      on her menu.

  2. Welp there’s a BLOCK on a post I’m trying that posits that ANNA is an ELITE TRANSGENDER.


    Bring it on, I am so sick of your stalking me for 22 YEARS!!!!


    You’re not a woman, you’re not even HUMAN.

  3. Merovee is blocked from a site that show’s “Anna Wintour”

    IS …



  4. SWIM: ‘We’re gonna hang out the washing on the Siegfried Line,
    Have you any dirty washing, mother dear?
    We’re gonna hang out the washing on the Siegfried Line,
    ‘Cause the washing day is here.‘



  5. SWIM:
    ‘We’re gonna hang out the washing on the Siegfried Line,
    Have you any dirty washing, mother dear?
    We’re gonna hang out the washing on the Siegfried Line,
    ‘Cause the washing day is here.‘




  6. So HERE WE GO!

    I’m not really all about idk, um…. assassinating “Anna”!

    But she is, as there are many Anti-Christs in the world now, trying to STOP people like me who tried doing what this guy is documenting….. Going vegan and RAW.

    Wow, AWESOME!

    I’m gonna give it a go AGAIN…..


    I wish I had some people around me who wanted to try the same thing, but alas….

    They just DON’t GET IT.

    There’s a REASON natural health providers experienced a PURGE….

    There’s a REASON the Gates destruction of cattle farms in favor of the “IMPOSSIBLE BURGER” that has HUMAN DNA and BLOOD in it…. is in MOCKERY of this RETURN to the Garden of Eden!

    Because that is what “going vegan” and raw is all about.

    Cheers! I’m gonna give it another go….


    1. Yep, Roob/Clicky/what EVER…..

      My dream came true and I have become a “published writer.”

      I write…..

      I don’t make fun of your funny “memes” and such, which I don’t know how to do.

      So why do you feel the need to mock me and what I can do?


  7. A month or so before the virus appeared I went a bit mad on ‘Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out’ and Be Prepared . There’s been a lot of water under the bridge since then. ‘It’ is saying there is more to come both personally and collectively. The games people play.


    And charging up. Impressive effect from the sun on the quartz tip of the crystal wand.


    1. Frank, your talk of letting the poisons hatch out resonates with the upcoming Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 15/16th of May. I just watched the below video where the astologer highlights at the 10 minute mark that Scorpio represents purging the poison and that some people don’t even know that they have been poisoned, and that this eclipse brings something to light. Later on she talks about demonic energies being exorcised at this time. So maybe the truth about the jabs is finally going to come out on mainstream news.

      And the Leo King astrologer is signalling that everything is about to change. Whenever Uranus goes past the midpoint in Taurus the war energies ramp up. So, as you say, be prepared.

      1. bob

        Your comment resonates. I’ve been going into a few videos recently about releasing hexes and bindings and crap. I call it crap because it all seems so childish.

        And had weird experience with someone last Friday who gave me the evil eye. Felt a bit like something out of They Live. He sensed my energy and he glared at me very malevolently. They can fxxk off to wherever they came from.

  8. To Frank’s wondering if the “black hats” are actually angels in disguise….

    I just saw on BitChute the headline “Babies Are Now Going Hungry Because of What Biden Is Doing” with a picture of a can of SImilac!!!!

    Sim-i-lac? Yeah, Simulated Lactation, people!!!

    And GOOD.

    Mothers of newborns under a year MAY BE FORCED to BREASTFEED THEM to keep them alive….


    Mothers being FORCED to do what the Creator made them to do!

    FEED YOUR BABY!!! And don’t hand it over to….


    1. It’s seriously righteous ironic JUSTICE, to have new mothers/career women who have turned away from the Creator to serve the Devil….

      To watch them be idk be RESENTFUL to having to feed their babies from the breast if there is a SHORTAGE of Similac? Do they feel degraded? If they have to breastfeed their baby themselves…..

      PERFECT ILLUSTRATION of how FALLEN this world is, and?

      Yeah! I PRAY the End is near…..

      “They’ve” been saying the End was coming since?


      I”m not starting to doubt my Creator or our Messiah….

      I AM starting to doubt this narrative that keeps PROMISING us “economic collapse,” “Global warming DISASTER”….um OR this Q bullshit of MAGA and now what? SAVE AMERICA, I mean C”MON!!!!


      Time to just turn a blind eye to the demons and the actors, and yeah, keep your eyes on Christ, and keep pushing to improve yourself so that you can be READY.


      Just BE READY.

  9. Making gold out of a turd. Thank you Empress of Light.

    On one side of the wall.




    Not sure if I’m reading this right or not. On the other side of the wall and can you live with yourself ? And Games People Play. Don’t give much of a fxxk. If there is any truth to it, this is what is bothering me. Both personally and collectively and the narcissistic mother. What about the Father and Child reunion ?


  10. Frank

    This is an excellent explanation by the Alchemist. And why I brought up Amber and Johnny and their toxicity.
    Johnny, gangsta, tough guy, nobody messes with me. And have you noticed my sweet safety pin earring? (some girly stuff)
    Amber, buttoned up, stiff, no emotion. ‘Lock her up, lock her up!’ (boys don’t cry)

    This is a continuation of Trump and Hillary.
    Trump, tough guy, nobody messes with me. Gangster, that word was specifically used to describe him. And have you noticed my sweet hairdo.
    Hillary, buttoned up, controlled, no emotion. It was never more painful than when she tried to force the laughter. ‘Lock her up, lock her up!’

    These are types that are deliberately staged and in such preposterous ways that people are drawn to look. The perpetual train wreck and the natural born gawkers. Look away!

    There is a war ongoing. Over power and where and to whom it rightfully belongs. And just what or who the hell is arranging all this other stuff to syphon off power to itself because it has no intrinsic power of its own. I’ve no idea. I try not to go there, because my sense is that’s how gods and goddesses who neither love or hate us are created, by us. It’s a need to explain what we cannot, at this time, explain. But that could change! Until then, can you be okay not knowing?

    About everyone saying ‘hi’. I’m reminded of back in 2019 how a Chinese Lantern Bug sat on my fence and waved at me. Stop, and be friendly. 🙋🏼

    1. It’s a good video. It is about energy I think and where real power lies. I’m seeing a lot of last throws of the dice.

      If there is a war at the core I see it as the separated Ego Self fighting the God Self and the God Self doesn’t fight. The Ego Self isn’t really all that. In linear terms this reality of separation has been around for longer than we can possibly imagine and in a blink of an eye of about 60 years it has crumbled with just a little push.

      There seem to be two programs if you like which are in play. The Ego program which I see Depp/Heard as part of – entrainment – and the spiritual program. They mirror each other in very odd ways at times. One is false and one is real.


  11. And to whoever has my “lost” remote and house keys… stolen from my driveway.

    I want them back.

    I’d better “find’ them on my property somewhere….or in my van.

    Or else….. somewhere down the line I will report you.


      1. There’s something about Disney movies, and all great Hollywood movies, of course…..

        The cartoon picture “Pinocchio” SHOWED US our child-traffickers in our midst to our face!!! But we didn’t SEE it until like what,… (it was made in 1940! …That’s 80 years before people SAW what “was goin’ on.”)

        “Snow White”….. “Cinderella” are fables that illustrate real-life battles between “Good” and “Evil” that well, I am living.

        “The Lion King,” I LOVE….. and then when you hear that “SEX” is scrawled in the clouds in a VERY MOVING POINT in the story….it might make you doubt the whole enterprise and think it evil….

        But isn’t it more the Devil in the details, and how he loves to scrawl his graffiti on beautiful buildings? On any expressions of LOVE or SEEKING THE FATHER?


        And where there is the Holy Spirit, and in films His expression of love and truth, and all the thousands of people devoted to their craft, who give their artistry and work toward these productions… and bring out the love in them….

        to call these films, like yes, I just recently called the “Dark Knight Trilogy”….


        is throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

        It’s SATAN who is demonic, and a PUNK.

        Not the film nor the good people who worked on it….

        He WILL try to worm his way into the script or scrawl his hate over it, in dirty graffiti and porn….

        But he can’t RUIN the beauty of this Lion King scene with his scrawl of “SEX” in the clouds, that nobody even sees.

        The wonderful actors that gave their voices to The Lion King: James Earl Jones (WOW), and yes, Matthew Broderick once again, hero of three of my favorite films of ALL TIME: The Lion King, Glory, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.



            1. My post of Neo UNPLUGGING from the Matrix is not to negate the Truth of “The Lion King.”

              The Lion King shows us the TRUTH, it’s the Truth of the Garden, from which we have fallen …. and thus become entrapped in the Matrix.

              The fact that our present reality is not REAL, and is NOT the Garden, is the point.



              The ONLY way to BREAK OUT is through salvation in….

              The KING

              Yeah, the LION OF JUDAH!!!

              JESUS CHRIST

            2. And this vid above of the Matrix is sooo powerful for me right now: I’m filing for bankruptcy, which includes foreclosure on this house, this haunted house that I had so much hope for…

              Up until my decision to declare bankruptcy, I had this WEIRD fear of canceling accounts that were sucking me dry…


              I have no idea other than I thought these lines were keeping me alive?

              Ah no, they were sucking me DRY.

              So today I was really empowered to cut off all the “automatic withdrawals.” the ya know, “AutoPay” on ALL MY ACCOUNTS. Couldn’t find it on my car insurance website, lol.
              Nope you gotta CALL to get disconnected from their WEB…..

              YOU HEAR ME?

              It’s Stranger Things all right…..

              I’m cutting LOOSE.

  12. Oh, and the biggest alarm bell about “Jim Crenshaw’s’ videos is ….

    “He” (whoever “he” is) NEVER enables comments. He puts out the “trendiest” vids, seems to have it all….but doesn’t allow FREE SPEECH.

    Passes his judgment over all, like the solid, white family man that he “looks like”?


  13. Please keep in mind as you watch this….

    That the earth is flat and immovable, as described in Genesis, it’s set on “pillars”…..


    This is such a NEW revelation, that so many vids like this (!!!) are OLD in the sense that they still include the picture of a GLOBE floating, no…. SPINNING!…. thru space….LOL!!!!

    Even these “elect” who know the Truth of Jesus Christ, had NOT YET AWAKENED to the fact that our plane (NOT “planet!) is just as is described as it was CREATED in the BIBLE.

    This is EXCITING, that we are on the CUSP of… NEW KNOWLEDGE (nope, there’s nothing “new” under the sun, new FOUND knowledge)….

    It’s the APOCALYPSE, the VEIL BEING removed from our eyes.

  14. And just as an Endnote:

    I have known and love “people,” well women, since those are who I worked with at Conde Nast….. Jewish women, well namely one…. She was beautiful in everything that is “good” about being a “Jewess,” she got married (to a doctor, of course!), and has beautiful children, and um…
    I love her! She’s beautiful and the only one who I almost cried saying goodbye to….

    And as well, I have known and still respect gay men, one of whom I worked for, and I welp kinda felt a little betrayed by him, but he was not in a position to defend me……

    I don’t HATE “Jews,” I hate the Serpent Seed (which all “Jews” are not necessarily part of) and…

    I don’t hate “gay” men, because not all of them are Sodomites. Many of them are “good people.”


  15. This world is so fallen, that it’s not possible to find a “right way” within it.

    It’s ALL WRONG.

    “Be in this world, but not of it.”– Jesus

    Hard to tell your children that tho ….

    1. I just want this little ol’ “sleepy town” that if they KEEP messing with me (my car rear hatch opens whenever I approach it, and I have my bike rack up that closes it, but if I didn’t have that rack on the back, it would just pop open EVERY TIME I go to my car.
      Yup, this is um, not what I would call “demonic” but I would call juvenile.)

      So in other words….

      I’m going to leave, and once I do, wherever I go, um….

      It’s quite POSSIBLE that I will be able to….

      NUKE this town of Paw of the DOG….

      from “orbit.”

      The Jesus who came the FIRST Time taught all about FORGIVENESS.

      The JESUS WHO IS COMING the SECOND Time is all about JUSTICE.


  16. I guess these last posts are what they are!

    Last posts….

    I have to say…. I was born an orphan.


    MAYBE THAT’S a “Good Thing.”

  17. Frank,

    I saw that thing you did, what about the Father and child reunion????

    Um YEAH!

    Anyway I’m so tired…. you too?



    1. Trinity

      Some of what has gone on has been extraordinary. That’s if I’m reading it right. There maybe more than one way of reading it though. Which is why I’m hoping my memories are correct. Hopefully it has taken me to where I needed to go. Different realities and very very old stuff. Sins of the Father. I’ve asked over the years occasionally for people not to get me confused with someone else. I think they may have done.

      It’s a paradox. God’s plan for salvation contains no mistakes.

  18. So what do I do? When I come out of the whatever,
    “packie,” to see my trunk wide open…..

    Believe me, I won’t be “reporting” it to the Dutchess County Cunts…. nor the New York State Droopers (hahaha, yeah, you drop your pants every day you go to work!)

    I’ll figure it out…..

  19. It was never the “sheriff” I was in “love”with…..

    It was the appearance of LAW and ORDER.

    It was faake.

    And now I know.

  20. Frank, I’m OK and pray you are too.

    “Love Stinks”….

    But NOT the love of Jesus Christ….

    It’s Different, somehow….. <3

    It's so fragrant these days, blooming trees and bushes all around…..

    can't stay sad or angry with such fragrance surrounding me.

  21. and I hear you about “sins of the father” and of the past….

    They (memories) have been pushed in on me as well, to the extent that I wonder if they are “real”

    My own father….. I realize now why my mother and all my siblings hate me! Ha I know that sounds like I should be put away in the insane asylum….

    But he …. doted on me. Maybe he never actually “molested” me….. but his “attention” earned me the resentment of the rest of my “family” and even my own MOTHER.

    Like I said…. it never felt “good.”

    I was never able to HUG and BE hugged by anyone in my “family.”

    SO that’s why I feel like I was born an “orphan.”

    Anywho, about wondering if these painful memories of the past are REAL?

    Or is it part of our idk…. BIRTHING?

    Into the NEW WORLD…. the NEW KINGDOM.

    I had no idea of these so-called past memories until the last year or so, looking over photos…..

    trying to put the pieces together?

    But what if…..

    we are born…. “innocent” into this …. idk…. lair?

    It’s a TRAP, and once we fall in, “Satan” or as ACIM calls him, the ego?

    Keeps us in there.

    He has the POWER to script our lives…. has the power to make us “sin”…. has the power to KEEP SCRIPTING OUR LIVES AND MEMORIES…..has the power to steal our very SOULS.


    OUT OF GUILT for the very sins HE has scripted into our lives.

    NOW that’s SCARY, don’t you think?

    That’s WHY I am no longer AFRAID of the “DEVIL.”


    He’s FAAAKE.

    1. ACIM says we always see the past. I’ve recovered a lot of missing childhood memories recently – not abusive this time. And also past life memories I believe. They seem to be a mix of personal and collective memory. Is it just memorex ? And then in memorex we seem to have a choice. I’m remembering the good times.

      1. Well I would posit that you can only “remember” and value the “good times” once you have looked at and unearthed the bad times, and then?

        You can discard them….

        “A life unexamined is not worth living.”

        Ha, Socrates.

  22. Of course the devil is “fake.” As Jesus told us he is a MURDERER and a LIAR from the beginning!

    “The TRUTH is not in him.”


    ALL HE CAN DO IS LIE, and?

    Try to get YOU to BELIEVE …. in his lies!

    Just like Scar got Simba to believe he was the cause of his own father’s death, when it was his own uncle who MURDERED him…..


    Stuff like that!

    Satan is REALLY REALLY good at getting you to DOUBT your own “Goodness” (i.e. God-liness)….


    That’s WHY the apostles WARNED us about him, BE sober and Alert! For the DEVIL is like a LION roaming the earth for SOULS to DEVOUR.

  23. Sorry people, I hate to break it to ya…..

    But unless YOU “REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE” and “Repent” (like Simba: “I’m going back!”) to make things “right”…. and become “KING” of your own life….Like the Father wants you to….

    It’s all over…..

    And it’s actually NOT funny.

    THIS is Hollywood’s MOCKERY of YOU, clueless SHEEP.


    1. Over and over again, this demonic movie asks:

      “Who you gonna call?

      “Who you gonna call?

      “Who you gonna call?






      Or you’re done.


      Because it won’t be long when ….

      YOU CAN’T.


  24. In “Homeland” Carrie says I’m “CIA” you try anything I will hunt you down I will kill you….”

    So…. what’s the connection to me?

    I declared I’m one of the 144,000.

    COVID hit and the principal balance on my home froze there, that I would have foreclosed on but I had “COVID Forbearance’…. so it’s still….



    Hmm, or a spider’s web they don’t want me to escape….

    If you don’t get it, don’t bother.

    It’s way over your head.

  25. Now I want my readers, that’s YOU, to wrap your minds around the message of this video?

    No, OPEN your minds… to the message:


    It’s ha, I know hard to “get”….

    It’s JESUS calling out to YOU.


    To those who came to “love him” and then got lost….

    To those who never came to know Him….

    To those who need salvation and are in despair.



  26. Wow, I really NAILED THIS.

    Jesus loves YOU desperately!

    And He’s always trying to win YOU.

    He’s a HERO.


  27. OPEN YOUR MIND about just WHO “Jesus” is….

    All I know is….

    He’s not weak
    He’s a “warrior” when He needs to be….
    He’s a “wimp” when He needs to be….
    He loves each and every one of us, and will do whatever it takes to “reach” us.

    He’s EVERYTHING and also NO-One…..


    ALL for the love of US

    His only mission?

    Is to rescue us!

  28. I was sorry to hear the actor who plays the Mandalorian wanted his face revealed…. it was so much more powerful when he was MASKED. Not that I’ve watched any of the episodes! Only the trailers…

    It comes closer to the Christ if the One is masked, especially with the Hell Met that has that Cross on it.

  29. Tom Cruise never ages….

    I’m not aging either…..

    I read when you break thru you’re basically that “residual self image” Morpheus speaks of in the Matrix.

    Forever YOUNG.

    About 30

    We all look like we’re 30.

    If you can “see” us at all….

    1. Trinity

      Strangely enough. For about the last year the little voice has been saying the mirror lies and saying I’m 30. It has something to do with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind if you have seen that film and being asleep on the sofa and 1990. And the Boars Head and mutton dressed as lamb. And someone to watch over me and sex on legs. I’ll stop there. Weird time loop stuff and just weird stuff !

      I’ve felt that mentally I got to the age of 30 and then my mind hasn’t changed much even though I have learned quite a bit. The prime age mentally and physically.

      1. Frank,

        Funny you should mention mirrors, and “that small voice” you hear that keeps whispering to you:

        “The mirror lies.”

        Hmm, you ponder … “Really”? It’s a MIRROR, right?

        I’ve mentioned my memories and thoughts that have “come up for me” recently centering on my relationship to my father, and vis a vis my mother and my entire family…. My parents have long passed on, God bless them, and as I said before I forgive him and EVERYONE in my beloved family, so it’s not “personal” or meant to be any kind of attack on them that I have posted about it or them … but I’ve been shown the biggest source of the pain and dysfunction in my life, specifically my romantic life.

        “Yes the past still hurts but you can either run from it or?…. LEARN FROM IT.” (Rafiki)

        So I’ve been pondering the idk “Christian” idea of family curses, the sins of the father being revisited upon the children type thing, uh for example, apparently my maternal great-grandfather O’Connor owned a bar in Upstate New York and had the mob come visit late one night and his huge black dogs emerged from under the bar to defend him while he meanwhile broke one of their skulls with his baseball bat….and had to go on the RUN up to Canada until a cop friend of his convinced the local Irish mobsters to let him come back “home.”

        Hahaha, were their names something like McKinney? Doyle? O’Connor? Burke? Cuz they’re still after me!!!

        So I’ve been pondering my PATERNAL grandparents (both my grandfathers were from Schenectady and worked for GE) and what I remember about them is that they had a huge mirror over their couch. So when you went into the living room you couldn’t help but look into it and “check your reflection.” One of my only memories of being in that house in Schenectady, NY, was after I, 3-4 yrs old or so, was playing in the backyard and got stung by a bee on my “bottom” (!) lip and my dad holding me up to see how funny I looked in a good fatherly way to calm my upset with the white lotion smeared all over my fat lower lip.

        And my dad in our longtime home in Wellesley MA decorated (he was an architect but could have been an interior designer) our dining room with a collection of mirrors, big and small, covering one wall.

        Then when I bought my own house, he contributed most of its furnishings and one was a similarly wide horizontal mirror that I put over the loveseat in my sitting/living room that when you passed by it going into the TV den, you couldn’t resist looking at yourself as you passed by (my son even commented on it when he was grown and I was deciding whether to take it down and get rid of it, and he said that too and that he hates looking in mirrors now….)

        SO i’ve been pondering the idea that mirrors hold some kind of power over us that is Satanic! Meaning, it LIES. And the father of ALL LIES is Satan (“ego” in ACIM).

        And I absolutely believe that Satan/Lucifer/In-Anna manipulates what you see in the mirror to LIE to you about YOURSELF! Inevitably wanting to make you feel UGLY, or “Oh no, I’m getting OLD!” Um, tying you to his “fake” world with a false and always unflattering image of yourself that undermines your self-confidence in whatever way you are most fearful of, either your health or your handsomeness/beauty/attractiveness.

        So it’s no coincidence that the last scene I posted above from “The Matrix” is of Neo, who only begins to question the nature of “reality” when he looks in the MIRROR with “Morpheus” (John the BAPTIST).

        “Is this … real?”

        As he looks at his reflection, it splits, fractures, swirls, and once he ventures to touch it, to see if it’s real, it sucks him in!!!

        It’s only when he is RELEASED from its hypnotic grasp and …. good to notice, DEADLY grasp (“Thomas Anderson” almost goes into “Cardiac ARREST”) with the “Heavenly” help of Morpheus and Trinity, that he WAKES UP!

        He’s not “Thomas Anderson” after all!!!

        HE’s NEO!!!

        He’s not weak, unemployable, depressed, suicidal…

        He’s the One!!!


        Doesn’t NEED to “work” or have a “job” in this godforsaken hell of a “world.”

        He’s not a slave!

        He’s at “peace” with “himself.” Totally content.



        Mirror, mirror
        Mirror on the wall
        Telling those lies, pointing out your flaws, that isn’t who you are
        That isn’t who you are
        It might be hard to hear
        But let me tell you dear
        If you could see what I can see
        I know you would believe that isn’t who you are
        There’s more to who you are
        So when it’s late
        You’re wide awake
        Too much to take
        Don’t you dare forget that in the pain
        You can be brave, and safe
        I see you dressed in white
        Every wrong made right
        I see a rose in bloom
        At the sight of you (oh, so priceless!)
        Irreplaceable, unmistakeable, incomparable, darling it’s beautiful!
        I see it all in you (oh, so priceless!)
        No matter what you’ve heard
        This is what you’re worth
        More than all the money or the diamonds and pearls
        Oh, this is who you are
        Yeah, this is who you are
        So when it’s late
        You’re wide awake
        Too much to take
        Don’t you dare forget that in the pain
        You can be brave, and safe
        I see you dressed in white
        Every wrong made right
        I see a rose in bloom
        At the sight of you (oh, so priceless!)
        Irreplaceable, unmistakable, incomparable, darling it’s beautiful!
        I see it all in you, (oh, so priceless!)
        Sisters, we can start again
        Give honor to the end, love
        We can start again
        Brothers, we can start again
        Give honor to the end, yeah
        We can start again
        I see you dressed in white
        Every wrong made right
        I see a rose in bloom
        At the sight of you (oh, so priceless!)
        Irreplaceable, unmistakeable, incomparable, darling it’s beautiful!
        I see it all in you (oh, so priceless!)
        (Yeah!) I see you dressed in white, every wrong made right
        I see a rose in bloom, at the sight of you
        I see you dressed in white, every wrong made right
        I see a rose in bloom, at the sight of you
        I see you dressed in white, every wrong made right
        I see a rose in bloom, at the sight of you
        I see you dressed in white, every wrong made right
        Oh, so priceless!

        1. Trinity

          There is something going on with sins of the father. And mother as well probably. About the mirror it’s been saying for some time that the mirror lies. As an example I had a dream recently and I was told to look in the mirror and I saw a black man in the mirror. It’s clear to me our reality is wrong. My take on it is to let it reveal itself in its own good time.

          1. Frank,

            “…let it reveal itself in its own good time.”

            I’m finally there, and it’s incredibly liberating. No plans, therefore no “future” to worry about. Just get up in the morning and “do” whatever needs to be done! You’re on the verge of bankruptcy and homelessness…. And somehow I’m finally not WORRIED ABOUT IT. I’m just as you said, LETTING it unfold.

            Also, got this this morning from New Life Foundation that fully describes how it feels to accept being COMPLETELY ALONE in handling your life, in every way, which I’m miraculously loving as I do my “30 Days.”

            “YOU AND ALONENESS

            People are so fearful of being left alone, whether physically, socially,
            psychologically. They get uneasy when having only their own company. And
            that is a perfect example of lack of insight. Being alone is an
            opportunity for standing on your own. Away from those who demand your
            time and attention you can locate the NEW POWER which is never afraid of
            being alone.

            One certain benefit of this is the end of a common torment – the torment
            of feeling oneself at the mercy of other people. The wife feels at the
            mercy of her husband’s decision to remain or leave her. The businessman
            feels himself the slave of the rude customer.

            Do not be at the mercy of yourself and you cannot be at the mercy of
            others. Throwaway one end of the stick and you also lose the other end.
            Perhaps the idea of being at the mercy of yourself is new to you. Think
            about it. Think rightly until the realization dawns that you are not at
            the mercy of husband or customer or anyone else.”

            Esoteric Encyclopedia of Eternal Knowledge, p. 250

  30. “I see you dressed in white
    Every wrong made right.”

    John in The Book of Revelation, Chapter 7, verses 13-15

    13 Then one of the elders addressed me: “These in white robes,” he asked, “who are they, and where have they come from?” 14 “Sir,” I answered, “you know.” So he replied, “These are the ones who have come out of the great tribulation; they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. 15 For this reason, they are before the throne of God and serve Him day and night in His temple; and the One seated on the throne will spread His tabernacle over them.…

    And Chapter 22, verses 13-15, entitled “Jesus is Coming”

    13 I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” 14 Blessed are those who wash their robes, so that they may have the right to the tree of life and may enter the city by its gates. 15 But outside are the dogs, the sorcerers, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.…

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