Worlds Before Time


‘Everything that appears in the physical realm is always connected with energy flow at the invisible level’



The deep dive continues. It’s not Time as we know it. Before time or after time I’m not sure but definitely not in linear time. Out of Time.

Red Pill is a strange mix of heaven and hell.

The Dark Tower.

All of space and time converge at one single point, and it’s at the Tower. Should it be destroyed, then so would the infinite number of universes that are connected to it. The Tower has been described as a cosmological lynchpin, or axis mundi by some, but it’s more or less the physical point at which all existence originates from across an infinite number of universes.




It’s A Sin and the Police Ka in the Village. I believe it’s purely a reflection of ‘I am a sinner’. Running around the garden naked. Put some clothes on otherwise the police will come and put you in prison. At some point guilt will be let go. In reality, it already has as it has never existed but it’s going to be fascinating how a world of In No Sense will manifest.


And ‘As Above So Below’ AI and Creepy Crawley. Maybe possibly. Here’s a snapshot of a conversation with Jack Heart at his website. Click RU N-Left ? It’s a very unpleasant energy. Orlena described it as The Analyst which describes it well. It scans. I think IT wants to be real.



Shine On.






And if you’re not feline it now, you never will.



Touched by an angel.




Cherubs are real !


13 thoughts on “Worlds Before Time

            1. Normal weird stuff going on. A Man in Black wearing black glasses and a black vehicle has turned up outside the White House. Maybe he’s a Watergate plumber. There will be no whitewash in the White House.

              And actors and doppelgangers from childhood. This has been a strange journey. Dixon of Dock Green, Harold Steptoe and Benny Hill. And more.

              And someone to watch over me. Touched by an angel in many ways. Angels who float round the Universe.

              Mad cat lady.

  1. The Crown Act. Send in the crowns.

    Alopecia…when the immune system attacks and destroys hair follicles.

    And don’t forget the cranium, the skull cap, the dome, the sky which protects the brain and is only removed to perform surgery which is ‘invasive’.

    Finishing the Hat.

  2. The messages through the Program are saying early June will be a big big period.

    And The Alchemist. Makes a bit sense of why everyone has disappeared.

    ‘You are going to get to a point where there is such a chasm within the frequency bandwidth that you can’t even perceive one another’.

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