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  1. On August 1st, 1941 the USA banned oil exports to Japan which led to their attack on Pearl Harbour on December 7th, 1941.
    Japan declared war on USA and Britain the next day 8/12/1941.
    Biden bans oil imports from Russia 8/3/2022.
    Same day, the 8th!
    Day gap = exactly 963 months.
    9+6+3 = 6+6+6.
    963+369 = 1332 = 666+666.
    However, from 1/8/1941 to 8/3/2022 = 29439
    and 2+9+4+3+9 = 9+9+9, Finality trebled.

  2. Apols if I’m seeing this wrong. Don’t think I am though. Scary movie. Mysteries of the abyss.

    I received a Skype contact request from Abigail Smith in January.



    The real Abigail Smith.



  3. On the bus a few days ago a young Downs Syndrome girl walked down and gently put her hand on my shoulder before her parents called her back to them. Maybe I’m a soft touch.

    Runanubandha and cellular memory.

  4. Mysteries, memories, forgeries. This was on Film4 last night. Not picking a fight with anyone, just pointing out that it was. Towards the end the Lee Israel character inspects a supposedly ‘genuine’ letter which comes with a separate ‘letter of authenticity’. “And is there a letter of authenticity for that letter of authenticity?” she asks.

  5. Maybe the ‘memories’ are hers…

    …or maybe the ‘memories’ are his?

    Should the ‘or’ be replaced with an ‘and’? What does a sense of ‘ownership’ on the level of ‘reality’ itself do to someone psychologically? In terms of how they perceive the world and in terms of the sense of ‘entitlement’ that accompanies it?

  6. The cranium is the part of the skull that encloses the brain.

    What is The Sky?

    Why do the You Craniums want it closed?

    To close the mind would be an act of war.

    This is about energy and power has been cut to the Chernobyl nuclear plant. If it is not restored, there will be no way to ‘cool down the core’. The containment will fail.

    Love cannot be contained

      1. Frank

        I asked many times, ‘can you be okay with not knowing?’. Because I was asked and because in my mind and heart there is a missing piece of the puzzle which if we see it and understand where it fits into the picture, so much of what eludes us will become clear.

        Now, the laboratory is back again, in the Ukraine. It seems the big concern is who is gonna get access and who is gonna get blamed.

        1. Orlena

          I’m following the path of allowing it to unfold.Its not that I’m comfortable with not knowing. It’s just that I’ve come to understand one answer leads to another question. Why? from when we are toddlers. A never ending Why?

          My problem, if it is a problem, is that my life bears only the slightest connection with ‘Out There’. I had the most amazing day on Tuesday which encompassed about four movies which ended up with meeting Glinda at the Crystal Palace. Another unexpected journey into the subconscious I believe. It’s not real but why does ‘out there’ manifest as it does ?

          My mind looks at the virus and the war and says it’s not real. Does not compute. There seems to be a mirror – amo and ammo and raw and war for example.

          Good news is that my epistle to Pope Francis asking to remove the spiritual gender inequality within the Cat Holic 😺 Church has arrived in Italy. Can’t wait for the reply. I may just get an acknowledgement. We’ll Holy See. Again weirdness with the letter. I asked for it to be tracked. The address is the Apostolic Palace and on the tracking receipt the address supplied by Log Lady’s doppelganger reads as Apols Tolic Palace. As in Apologies and Apples. I sent it to MJ for her opinion and she said you couldn’t fault the reasoning. But what does logic have to do with this reality ?

  7. Hey You.

    ‘Hey, remember how they told you the mRNA in the vaccines could NEVER wind up in human DNA? A new study out of Sweden suggests otherwise (at least in lab-grown cells).’


    The science is beyond me I will admit. Seems to speak though.

    ‘Understanding the importance of mRNA transport in memory’.

    These mechanisms of mRNA transport and local translation are critical for synaptic plasticity mediated by activity or experience and memory.’


    1. The whole purpose of the contents of the ‘vaccines’ is to take human beings away from God and put them in a position where they will owe allegiance (worship) to Satan as Antichrist. This is a Satanic plan to undermine the sacrifice Jesus took for all of mankind.
      Many humans nowadays are either too dumbed down or living with entrenched worldly values to have any clue as to what is going on. And it is going to get worse.

      1. Ken

        It’s a charade. I’ve focussed on the memory angle to the vaccine. I’m sure there is more to it but it is definitely connected with the spiritual realm. The journey back home to god and the virus charade and vaccine are an attempt to stop it. IMO.

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