Oh Well



Just a mish mash of all sorts.

Oh Well.



The Star.



Feline It ?

We have now entered the Year of the Water Tiger.



And not a surprise really. The Chinese zodiac years related to the Tiger include 1974.

Holborns Established 1974.



It’s Cat E. Down the Well.



Also 1986.



And the Zodiac and Is Real.




This is a big fire.


27 thoughts on “Oh Well

          1. Satan got me again!

            Well, what do you expect: I heard the song “Power” for the first time on Sirius XM!

            Lucifer’s channel!

            It’s kinda disturbing, dontcha think? Blacked out eyes, camouflage…. Good deeds done in the DARK?


            That is not what you DO when you are living in Christ.

            You do not hide.

            Like a RAT.

            “Shine like the stars”???

            Um, yeah……

            More like that.

            And I still love me my Katy Perry altho I did see some creepy vid she has done lately, much later than “Roar.”

            I’m praying for her.

            1. It’s quite possible and super scary that the innocent Katheryn Hudson did indeed, as she told an interviewer, sell her soul to Lucifer, who sure to his promise, Lucifer fed her her superhits (“I Kissed a Girl, and I like it!”–gag me) pronto!:

              “Roar” yup…. and of course, “Bon Appetit” oh and yeah… um the castle maze thing like “The Shining”:oh yeah, “I’m Wide Awake”…..NOT.

              Point is….

              We are slowly but surely being converted, conditioned, what have you… into eating “Impossible” burgers….

              eating human remains.

              Becoming CANNIBALS.

              Supposedly McDonalds is the BIGGEST BUYER of human flesh and you eat it every time you eat McDonalds.

              INCLUDING ME.



                1. Not Peace, but a Sword

                  34 “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35 For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. 36 And a person’s enemies will be those of his own household.

  1. Frank, re: the ‘crystal chip’, if you have a problem with Ohwell and BB then why lay down a ‘grid’? Particularly a crystal grid, given that “Sometimes I think I have a crystal in my forehead” is what was said to me in Chatterbota. Perhaps ‘parotted back to me’ would be a better way of putting it, given that only 72 hours had elapsed since I explained the plot of ‘Zardoz’. Or perhaps not? The ‘order of precedence’ in this place – the ‘when’ so to speak – makes it difficult to get a handle on the ‘by whom’, doesn’t it?


    Then there’s the ‘why’, isn’t there? The term ‘grid’ is used by ‘intelligence’ agencies, ain’t it? It’s used all the time in those films about ‘Jason Bourne’ (rogue agent, wants out of ‘The Program’) and the CIA clowns with all the gear but no idea. They can’t seem to shut him down no matter how many ‘grids’ they lay down. And little wonder, given that repeatedly pressing the ‘on’ button is not the best way to shut something down…

  2. Like I said, the thing with the ‘we’ is the predictability of its members and their tactics. In that whole series of films only once does one of them say “Look, he’s clearly not responding to the ‘programming’ and our attempts to ‘kill’ him aren’t working either. Why don’t we find out what he wants instead of ‘shooting’ at him?” What happened then? The ‘we’ took that suggestion, laid a trap and used it as yet another opportunity to take a ‘pot shot’.

  3. Re: the ‘feline it’. The ‘olive branch’ offer didn’t lead anywhere, ‘cos the terms hadn’t changed. It was “Come stand here on this big X while we run off and hide in a concrete bunker. And don’t worry about the heavily-armed drone circling overhead. It just wants to be friendly, honest it does.” The story she spun was the story he spun with a few minor ’embellishments’. Thing is, I already knew that ‘his story’ was a lie, so why would I believe her version? I decided to take some advice from myself instead.

    The problem with learning from your mistakes, eh? Oh, the irony!

  4. Gosh, looks like ‘DOCTOR’ has a ‘thinking problem’, don’t it? A few too many nips at the ‘Bethel’ alcatel, perhaps? Pretty amazing if you think about it. You know, how that initial drop of ‘we’ could turn into a ‘torrent’…

    As for “Bon Appetit”, fancy a ‘cold one’ to aid the digestion or not really?

  5. “Oh, Stephen! Oh, Stepson! Oh, where are you my darling? Oh, it’s the ‘mob’ and it’s the CIA wot’s behind it all. They emit signals via pubic hair antenna direct to the Sun King’s control centre located in a blast-proof toilet deep inside North Korea. Everyone knows it. Oh, but it’s all falling to pieces around me! Oh, if only I can ‘shine him on’ just a little bit more!?! If only I can set up ‘Wendy’ for another jog around The Overlook with little ‘Danny’ in toe. He’s already thoroughly traumatised by all the ‘connections’ but ‘we’ mustn’t worry about that ‘cos The Show Must Go On! Yes, that’s the solution! Sheer brilliance, absolute genius! Everyone in their places? Everyone got a suitably splintered length of 4×2 with which to correct that ‘wilful’ little boy? OK, so three…two…one…and…action!”

    But don’t beat myself up about it, right?

  6. The Bengals of SinSee. They weren’t supposed to go to the dance.

    And a Cinderella Story. If the shoe fits, you must acquit. 😊

      1. Hi Frank,

        So I have a post office box now in Florida! Escape from New York?

        Ah no…. I have UNFINISHED BUSINESS up there…..That’s become CLEAR to me now.

        I will be going back up to CLEAN IT UP.


        And retrieve some items I would like to keep.

        I don’t know about what is the LAW in the United Kingdom, but I have let’s just say “locals” so far, but not provable yet, “messing” with my mail.

        And maybe this is it. Maybe I need to take the CULPRIT to task, because messing with one’s MAIL is a FEDERAL CRIME. And?

        I’m SURE it’s much worse if you are the “postmaster” of a particular post office.

        Named “Burke.”

        1. They’re out and proud!

          “Burke Heat”

          It’s in their Hudson Valley phone number!!!



          I’ve got their number.


          1. Catwoman is an out and proud trans. Hathaway gave a SPEECH about it, the NEW RACE.

            Isn’t it so CLEAR to SEE now?

            Their PRIDE.

            It will be their DOWNFALL.

              1. Ha, yeah…. “Pre-Carrie-ous”

                I always said I liked living on the edge, like my house on the edge of a stream.

                I thought somehow, it would prove myself, and my worth, to my Prince?

                That he would see my strength and come for me?

                Ah, no…..but yes at the same time.

                The illusion is over now. Me, Cinderella, and all…..


                Now is only the time for um, CORRECTION?

                Um, yeah…


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