Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound.

Waiting for a Train. This covers very much everything.




The Mindfulness Revolution.



And Car Clues and the Birth Day and Right and Left.

A few days ago, I came across this at East Lodge which is opposite Clock Cottage on the other side of the road. Gateways is the name of the house or where I was born or one of them which is another story. And number plate 1081 which is my birth date both forwards and backwards. The gate is open.

Right Hand Drive.



And on 3rd June – 3/6 or 6/3 in US money – which is a mirror of Jenny’s birthday on 6th March, this beautiful 1964 Ford Falcon suddenly drove into the pub car park as I was walking past the pub.

And the number plate is 371 which is Jenny’s birth month and year date.

Left Hand Drive.





Carclew and Cellular Memory.





And Searching for Atlantis.




The Ancient Truth and the Ancient Illusion.

‘The ancient truth is as beautiful as the ancient illusion is ironic and disturbing. Indeed, one is the answer to the other. Again and again we find the same basic theme: There was something unspeakably joyous and beautiful that existed in ancient times, so ancient that it was before the world began (or arose as the world began). This ancient beauty seemed to have been degraded, eroded, and even destroyed as the eons crawled by. But in fact, however much we don’t see it, it remains intact, completely unchanged and completely present. It offers itself to us right now, and if we accept it again, it will instantly return and overturn the ancient illusion. It will again take its ancient place as our sole reality, as if nothing had ever happened.’


In The Garden.



A Den.




On one side of the track my life is very +5D. I ignore the media and normal 3D life stuff as best I can. In general it is peaceful and calm and everyone is friendly and it is full of the weird and wonderful. But on the other side of the track I find myself venturing into Mars as MJ describes it.

People are genuinely very very scared. I think it is more than just the virus and propaganda. I’ve taken the path of not pushing people’s buttons in this regard and everyone will have their own perspective but I’m wondering what is the Deep Fear in the Ancient Illusion. Over the years I’ve encountered all sorts of different energies both high and low but this is something else. It maybe just a case of ‘Purging The Poisons’ but it feels different to normal anxiety for a pandemic and even spiritual anxiety. There is something incredibly nasty and Nazi which people are very scared of. Something very very old and and unpleasant IMO which needs to be blasted out into space. And when the intention is to vaccinate everyone on the planet which seems to be the goal and people are queuing up for the innoculation as this fear is triggered, I know there is something very wriggly in the can of worms.




She wants us Home.


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      1. Orlena

        I was thinking along the same lines as well with Kabbalah and Tree Of Life which reminded me of last year’s tree crop circle.


        And also Flower Of Life.


        The video is called Fortnite. And weird doppelgangers . I used to see the doppelganger of Arnie dressed up as a woman in Total Recall walking about.


        1. Frank

          The flower of life explains the circle around it.
          Fortnight is 14 days.
          Also in the center is Daath, the transformation point.

  1. The gate is open…. the enemies are encamped around it…..ready to take you down as you approach it…..

    AND YOU ARE the ONE who has to walk through it.

    1. Is there ANYONE out there who KNOWS I live in “a castle besieged”?

      Is there ANYONE out there who has witnessed my “entrapment”?

      I KNOW there are.

      And IF YOU DO NOT STEP FORTH to assist in the BATTLE here and NOW, then YOU will ALL remain ENSLAVED.


      It gets much worse than that…..

      Search your souls.

      If NO ONE steps up to the plate to help me…..


      I will PRAY FOR YOU.

      1. I’ve had idk “synchs”? That this house is somehow my “Ark”?

        And if so, then as with Noah, trying to find a “good man” out there to idk “help” me? Or just be a companion to me…. or to join with me on my path on the straight and narrow highway…. has FAILED.

        “As in the days of Noah”

        Jus sayin, people

        I actually don’t care what you do to me from here on out…..

        I’m like “John the Baptist” and “Mary Magdalene” rolled together as ONE.

        F the “world.”

        All its “laws,” its debt enslavement of us ALL….. Is anyone you know living free from a mortgage or any debt? Um, NO.

        It’s called “usury.”

        We are still living in EGYPT as SLAVES.

        Our masters are who we know now as the “Orthodox” “Zionist” “Jews”.

        Khazar Gypsy THIEVES!


        Live with it?

        Go “head”

        NOT ME

        Watch the “indoctrination” all good little boys go through, to?

        Turn them bad.

          1. Or maybe…..

            Instead of stalking me… and throwing “stones” at me…. gossiping about me (and this is not a little thing. Gossip is a tool of the Devil, and condemned by Jesus)

            You should be stalking….. your own salvation through Christ Jesus.

            You should be “stalking” Jesus!

            1. The Fourth of July is coming up….

              Makes me think of the Boston Pops and the Esplanade and happy peaceful times in my past…..

              But now…. that memory has been sullied. Ah no, better? Shitted on, seriously…. dirty.

              I don’t need to convince anyone how I have been crucified FOR NO REASON anymore…..

              It’s sad.

              I gave the guy a chance….

              AND HE JUST COULDN”T DO IT.

              He what, crumpled.

              It’s entirely sad when a WHOLE TOWN is involved.

              I’m NOT sorry anymore for PUTTING THIS TOWN TO THE TEST.

              I love Jesus and my Father the Creator the MOST HIGH GOD.

              I’m sorry you didn’t pass the test.

              I “left my gate open” as a child of God but none of you had the “balls” or “faith” to even come near it.

              It is “accomplished.”

              1. But the utter hatred and persecution I’ve felt as the subject of “Neil Diamond”‘s Sweet Caroline……playing every game for my beloved Boston Red Sox.

                Did you participate in it?

                Because you’re going to hell, I’m SIRIUS.

                Why do you revel in that JEALOUSY and HATRED of some girl named “Caroline”?

                Family “gossip”?

                If you “fell” for it you are I’m serious….

                You are in a seriously “fallen” state.

                It will take your confession of it, at the minimum, to get you CLEAR.

                It’s called “repentance.”

                God offers it to you all, every day.

                It’s up to you to ask for His Forgiveness…..


                YOU WON”T GET IT.

                1. “Neil Diamond” is a “Jew.”

                  He’s your Master. and I guess you know it, why else would you participate in what, my “crucifixion.”


                  Any who…. it’s called me being the “scapegoat” and after I AM “done with,” you will all live happily ever after.

                  Or somesuch…..

                    1. That said, apart from my son, there is absolutely nothing of this world I want to “participate” in, other than enjoying Yah’s nature and the beauty therin.

                      God bless you and hope to see you in the New Kingdom.


                    2. But seriousy, I would like to interview a guy:

                      Why, if you want her and want to date her, why don’t you call her?

                      It’s a very interesting dysfunction in the human race.

                      Most men pick their apples up from the ground, they don’t need to “work” for them…..

                      Maybe that’s the problem.

                    3. Yeah, and they’re ROTTEN.

                      Seriously, um, “Butch”

                      When are you going to”make your move”?

                      Because you’re LATE.

                      Sorry buddy…..

                      You missed the boat.


    2. TRINITY,

      Video says Fox has blocked this video in my Country Australia. Not sure if that is the same over there and everywhere?

    1. But regardless of the End Times scenarios…..

      I have weakly allowed myself to become a victim in this county (a victim, to yeah, “Butch, and his famously YUGE dick)

      Um, no not really….

      I’m gonna f- you people up the ass, you do not deal FAIRLY and LEGALLY with me to get me out of my house.


    2. Trinity,

      Analysers of I, Pet Goat II say it shows there will be tsunamis on both East and West Coast of the USA at about the same time.

  2. Wriggly can of worms.

    ‘The inquest heard Arthur had taken LSD with a friend and he was seen “staggering” on his own before he fell off the cliff.’ Case closed. Teenage boy experiments with drugs and falls to death. Shit happens.


    ‘Typically, Wilson resumed drinking and on December 28th he drowned at Marina Del Ray while diving to retrieve his ex-wife’s belongings, previously thrown overboard at the Marina from his yacht three years earlier amidst their messy divorce.’ Case closed. Drunk falls overboard and drowns. Shit happens.



    ‘Frank Rudolph Emmanuel Olson (July 17, 1910 – November 28, 1953) was an American bacteriologist, biological warfare scientist, and an employee of the United States Army Biological Warfare Laboratories (USBWL) who worked at Camp Detrick (now Fort Detrick) in Maryland. At a meeting in rural Maryland, he was covertly dosed with LSD by his colleague Sidney Gottlieb (head of the CIA’s MKUltra program) and, nine days later, plunged to his death from the window of the Hotel Statler. The U.S. government first described his death as a suicide, and then as misadventure, while others allege murder. The Rockefeller Commission report on the CIA in 1975 acknowledged their having conducted drug studies.’


    ‘The agency’s manual recommends “the contrived accident” as the best way to dispose of someone. “The most efficient accident … is a fall of 75 feet or more onto a hard surface. Elevator shafts, stairwells, unscreened windows and bridges will serve.” The manual suggests grabbing the victim by the ankles and “tipping the subject over the edge. … Falls before trains or subway cars are usually effective, but require exact timing.”


    1. And Church Of Batman. The Amazing parcel delivery lady said ‘Follow the Dots’.

      The Remnant Fellowship Church.

      ‘SMYRNA, Tenn. — The seven people presumed dead in a Saturday plane crash on Percy Priest Lake were all leaders at Remnant Fellowship Church in Brentwood.

      The group was traveling to a Women Fighting For America event in Stuart, Florida, according to the organization’s founder. Authorities said the Cessna 500 series plane that crashed was headed from Smyrna to Palm Beach International Airport in Florida.’



      Mother God.



      ‘Dennis Wilson, Al Jardine and Mike Love were among the many rock musicians who discovered the teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi following the Beatles’ public endorsement of his Transcendental Meditation technique in August 1967. In December, the touring group attended a lecture by the Maharishi at a UNICEF Variety Gala in Paris and were moved by the simplicity and effectiveness of his meditation process as a means to obtaining inner peace. He recalled that he had “already been initiated” beforehand, but “for some ridiculous reason I hadn’t followed through with it, and when you don’t follow through with something you can get all clogged up. … we’re all meditating together now.”


      ‘When he returned home at 3:00am, Dennis saw a black school bus parked in the driveway and lights on in his house. He cautiously opened the door and was greeted by Charles Manson. Charlie was grinning like a lunatic. Dennis took a step back and asked if he planned to hurt him.’


  3. “‘The agency’s manual recommends “the contrived accident” as the best way to dispose of someone. “The most efficient accident … is a fall of 75 feet or more onto a hard surface. Elevator shafts, stairwells, unscreened windows and bridges will serve.” The manual suggests grabbing the victim by the ankles and “tipping the subject over the edge. … Falls before trains or subway cars are usually effective, but require exact timing.”

    Frank, Frank aah……

    I tried to save you.

    I hope you are not involved in the threats on my life.

    That is all.

    Bring it on, I say.

    I don’t know HOW to LIVE otherwise in a world of EVIL.


    1. Trinity

      Not directed at you! This is something else. A very nasty wriggly can of worms.

      And I don’t need saving. Save you one less job.

      1. This is all scary, and I’m sorry for accusing you.

        Like I said, I’m afraid of the Inter NET.

        I do love you Frank, you’ve kinda been the only shoulder I can cry on for what is it now, welp… years.

        Thanks for that. And I mean it. <3

        1. Trinity

          I get it. We are in this strange halfway house at moment between going to where we are going and shedding the crap if you like. I’ve always been aware there is an unpleasant element to this reality. I try and accentuate the positive but sometimes you have to shine a light into the murkier areas. And at the same time not get caught up in it’s energy field. The script is written but we still have our roles to play.

    2. Seriously, I have a newly in-married “niece” named “Kate” who seems like she’s Roman Catholic like me, but she’s some sort of mob and married into my family and my firstborn nephew who has ADHD.

      So me and my “family”‘ (just means me and my brother and two sisters) are now MARRIED TO THE MOB.)



      FUN FUN FUN!!!!!

      Let’s DO THIS!!!

      1. So again, I apologize, Frank.

        I’m not in a “good place.”

        And in answer to that feeling, here is my New Life inspiration for today.

        I think it is very good advice, like you said: It’s time to FLY….

        “Homeward Bound”


        There was once a community of people who lived on one side of a river.
        They called themselves the Good People, while referring to the residents
        on the other side of the river as the Bad People. But these residents of
        the other side called themselves the Nice People, while labeling the
        others as the Evil People.

        One day an outsider traveled up the river. Because he was lonely, he
        wanted to find a secure home for himself. When asking the self-called
        Good People about it, they urged him to join their community, while
        warning against the treachery of the Bad People. But when crossing the
        river, the outsider heard the self-called Nice People praise their own
        way of life, while condemning the residents of the opposite riverbank.

        All this caused the outsider great distress, for he wanted desperately
        to find safety and security among friends, but did not know which side
        to choose. And something else was going on within him. A small voice
        advised him not to join either side. This voice seemed to come from
        something he had observed. He had observed – with both disappointment and shock – that both people were exactly the same – childish, hostile, scared.

        The longer he delayed his choice, the greater grew his anxiety. But at a
        certain point, a curious thing happened. The energy aroused by his
        bewilderment suddenly became creative. He wondered whether there might be a place of residence above both communities. So exploring upstream, first on one bank and then on the other, he arrived at a beautiful expanse of land. It was situated high above both sides of the river. The outsider was pleased to find that at this height his loneliness had vanished completely. So in this peaceful region he built a home which he called “Above Both Sides.” Whenever anyone asked why he had created this unusual name, he told them why.”

        Secrets for Higher Success, Chap. 6, p. 116

        1. Trinity

          Keep going. It’s tough at times .

          Thank you. The story resonates with something I was thinking about earlier. Not with bad and nice people as such but duality in a sense . The first part of my adult life was spent in the material world working for a bank. The second part of my adult working life was spent working in a crystal warehouse and a lot of the customers were ‘Love and Light’ and New Age which I go with but the energy sometimes was too much. I do understand Above Both Sides.

          To be fair both at the bank and at crystal warehouse customers and staff were fine in general but never felt comfortable completely in either world.

  4. It’s a strange place this.

    Last night I walked to Unicorn Restorations down the road to the Public Telephone graveyard. Couldn’t see anything from the road because of trees and the industrial estate was locked up.




    A helicopter on the lawn.


    The Holy Well or Wishing Well.


    And just because I like the song.


  5. Maybe. Maybe not.

    It’s possible we are not alone but nothing has been proved.

    ‘US intelligence officials have found no evidence confirming that unidentified flying objects encountered by US Navy pilots in recent years were alien spacecraft but also have not reached a definitive assessment as to what these mysterious objects might be, according to five sources familiar with the findings of an upcoming report on UFOs that is expected to be delivered to Congress later this month.’




  6. I know I know I’ve promised before to stop posting my “personal” sh–.
    So I apologize to all I have “hurt” with my “truth.”

    But it’s ALL “personal,” is it not?

    What could be more “personal” than the nature of our reality, and the LIES that I have been God-given the discernment to see through and thus share?

    Who AM I?

    Welp I don’t know, but since I was a young girl I learned the “Apostle’s Creed.”

    And I BELIEVE I AM . . . . an “Apostle” of Jesus Christ…. because….

    “I believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of Heaven and earth.
    And in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord; Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit; Born of the Virgin Mary; Suffered under Pontius Pilate; Was crucified, dead and buried; He descended into Hell; The third day He rose again from the dead; He ascended into heaven; And sitteth on the right hand of God the Father Almighty; From thence He shall come to judge the living and the dead.
    I believe in the Holy Spirit; The Holy Christian Church, the Communion of Saints; The Forgiveness of sins; The Resurrection of the body; And the life everlasting.



    I AM now a NEW BELIEVER in “Flat Earth.”

    I haven’t finished watching this, but it is WONDERFUL.

    I believe we are all in Corona (Crown) Virus 19 LOCKDOWN because this TRUTH is SPREADING, and it REVEALS Satan’s GREATEST DECEPTION.

    There are 19 nails in my own particular “Cross,” the FRAME around my picture of ROSES…..

    This must be “End TImes” because this TRUTH is being REVEALED to us NOW, at the END of this AGE of Deception.

    And I’m a new fan of a real man named ODD TV, who is featured in this documentary I am pointing you to all now.

    What a GENT to send out love and thanks to us “wonderful women” in the flat earth “movement.”

    Thanks guy, and BACK AT YOU.

    You are “wonderful.”

    There is a bitchute video playing today …. it has been BANNED from YouTube, etc.

    Actually I think I will just tell you all to go to Bitchute now, it's in Popular and playing now: "LEVEL (2021) – Flat Earth Documentary," narrated by Eric Dubay.

    If I post the link, this entire post may not make it to YOU here on Merovee. Or actually, "Merovee Us."

    One MIND

    God Bless YOU, search for the TRUTH, and to God the Father, Creator of our Heaven and Earth, the Glory.

    Hallelu Yah!


    1. It’s also been “revealed” to me what the difference is between the “wheat” and the “tares” (“weeds”).

      The wheat have a sense of HUMOR.

      They can laugh at themselves, and help others to laugh…. at this silly “human” condition we are in.

      I’ve decided a man who can make others laugh (not snickering, but full-on laughing) is because he’s leading them to laughing at themselves, and that means having HUMILITY.

      I think it’s the “God gene” that Satan and all his minions LACK.

      They have NO SENSE OF HUMOR at ALL!

      They CAN”T LAUGH.

      They take THEMSELVES and this ALL ….too SIRIUSLY.


      The Course says this “Dream,” this nightmare, will END in LAUGHTER.




      1. Also let’s not forget: this is a “Pan”-demic.

        Pan, the most ancient of Greek gods.

        “The Pied Piper.” Half goat….half man (to parody Jesus Christ, “half GOD, half MAN???)

        You know, the GOAT?

        THE “Greatest of All Time”???

        From Wiki:
        “Identification with Satan — In ancient Greek religion and mythology, Pan is the god of the wild, … Pan’s goatish image recalls conventional faun-like depictions of Satan. Sayings like “time to pay the piper” and words like…..”


        In other words…

        Don’t be a FOOL and follow BEHIND him, or listen to his “tunes.”

        Because he’s an ASS, and he STINKS to HIGH HEAVEN.


        (I will pay for that comment, believe me…. Oh WELL)

            1. So….you might say, “Um, OK. Maybe you’re right. (Maybe the Earth is not a globe….) But what are we gonna do about it?….

              “You are RIGHT that we live in the Matrix, and that Satan himself is the “God” of this world……

              “What can we possibly “DO” about it?”

              And just today I asked myself the same question in my own “personal” situation. How do I beat them, how do I outsmart their PLAN to SCREW me over?

              And I lightbulbed: I CAN”T.

              SO F- it.

              I’m not gonna try anymore, I’m actually going to hand it over to God to take care of, and…..?

              NOT WORRY ABOUT IT.

              “All things work for the best for those who love God.”….

              The Father, the ALL MIGHTY, the CREATOR of HEAVEN and EARTH.

              I believe that.

              1. I honestly think this is the moment of “surrender” so often talked about in Christian theology….

                You CAN”T do it by yourself…

                Even the ONE can’t do it by himself……

                You NEED “Trinity”!

                i.e. the GODHEAD, to save you!

                3 in 1

                The Creator, who is the ONLY “One” who can “save” you…..


                Because the Creator created….. YOU.


                You’re HIS.

                HE OWNS YOU

                1. And?

                  What a WONDERFUL feeling that is!

                  Being OWNED by a LOVING OMNIPOTENT “FATHER” (ha, I’ve FINALLY uncovered the “criticism” of this “patriarchal IDEA:

                  as the Creator as “Mother” or idk NON-GENDER….

                  The point is!

                  He’s the FATHER.

                  And HE RULES over yes, so called “Mother Mary,” the “QUEEN of the UNIVERSE,” who does not exist other than as a LIE from the serpent….

                  Our “Creator” is the FATHER over his own children…

                  HE’S THE MAN.

                  He’s in charge.

                  And I can’t IMAGINE anything BETTER.. or more JOYOUS.

                  To FEEL safe….

                  As one of HIS children….

                  In the KINGDOM of GOD.

                    1. As for the “flat earth’ business.

                      It’s not so much “flat earth” but about the DOME.

                      Satan/Lucifer/Ego does not want you to look up…..

                      The Bible says, “Look up!”


                      Because you will see the same “boring” stars night after night circling above…. Like the fake stars you paste to your child’s ceiling.

                      And you will see…. your enclosure. That you are in some sort of prison cell.


                      You will REALIZE

                      that God the Most High…

                      the one WHO created it….

                      is the only ONE


                      can get you out.

                      I don’t care anymore if you “people” get me anymore.

                      I’m FREE.

                  1. I didn’t finish it because it’s so discouraging to see “believers” in the “Wonders” of the Creator being deceived.

                    BLIND leaders leading the BLIND.

                    But I know I once was the same, no, not really….

                    but I did not know the Truth.

                    That Genesis is LITERAL TRUTH.

                    That Darwin’s “Evolution” comes straight from Satan to destroy our FAITH in our OWN CREATOR.

                    To separate us from HIM.

                    The ONE who MADE US.

                    1. and I have no desire to “dance” anymore…..

                      Because the Father has shown me, it IS of the Devil, self-glorification that goes NOWHERE….. into the DUST.

                      It’s BRAZEN and DISRESPECTFUL once you REALIZE WHO the MOST HIGH GOD IS who Created YOU….

                      And that….

                      or rather WHO….

                      still loves you.

                      No matter what.

                    2. So I’ve always prayed to God to send me a “partner” who would bring me closer to Jesus Christ, not farther away….

                      It sounds “arrogant,” but I want a partner to join me… in?

                      “Saving the ‘world'”

                      Be the Robin to my Batman.

                      Maybe the “Arthur” to my “Ariadne,” helping “Cobb” escape the dream.

                      Helping Cobb “wake up” because if Cobb doesn’t wake up….

                      NONE OF US WILL.

                      We’re screwed!

                      And that’s a terrifying idea.

                      To NEVER WAKE UP.

                      That’s HELL.

                      The number on my LOCKBOX as I try to sell my house?


                      The birthdate of the “romantic rival” in my “triangle”?


                      The birthdate of NASA.

                      Skull & Bones. “Free” MASONS.

                      I’m in their sites.

                      Ahaha, umph, welp….

                      Bring it on.

                      DO what you’re gonna DO.

                      And then MAYBE…. somehow, someway….

                      I will triumph by simply escaping your evil plans….

                      and keep movin on until…

                      We ALL wake up from this crazy dream….


                    3. It’s the awakening to FLAT EARTH KNOWLEDGE that is dawning on the minds of men that is MOVING like a fiery wave “around the globe” and destroying everything in its path.

                      “End Times”


                    4. Because when you awaken to the TRUTH: that this World is BUILT ON LIES…..every building, every institution, every bank, every neighborhood

                      And that AWAKENING spreads like WILDFIRE across the WORLD…..


                      “Bye-bye” world.

                      It’s a SANDCASTLE…..

                      Washed away in the FIRE of the lands, and the rising TIDE of the oceans…..

                      I can’t WAIT to see the sands of the Earth washed clean and bare….

                      prepared for?

                      The New KINGDOM

                      BRING IT!!!!


                    5. Like I said….

                      I’m John the Baptist and Mary Magdalene rolled into One.

                      It’s “end times,” babay….

                      You should be dancing!!!

                    6. So I’m getting jerked around by the Free Masons in Pawling. (Home of Norman Vincent Peale, you do remember? Grand Wizard? 33 degrees?)

                      They’re trying to force me into foreclosing on this house because they’ve put the rumor out there that there is something wrong with the “foundation.” My “Realtor” has it off the market now…. because there’s “something wrong with it.”

                      You f—ers.

                      F— you

                    7. The thing is, I’m dealing with children.

                      So, like the Bible says?

                      I’ll conquer them with love.


                    8. You’re an angel, Frank!


                      Psalm 91:11

                      "For He will command His Angels concerning you
                      to guard you in all your ways"

                    9. “Every curse has a blessing and every blessing has a curse. When you stand face to face with your destiny, will you be able to tell one from the other?”

                      ― J.K. Ensley

                      Wowa…. good question!

                    10. OMG I’m shocked.

                      I just wanted to see reaction/reviews of “LEVEL – Flat Earth Documentary”

                      This is what it reads at IMDB:

                      “Well known shill, Eric Dubay, and his motley gang of dishonest characters, attempt to promote a flat-earth money-making scheme. They parrot claims ranging from wilful misunderstanding of reality to outright lies, but present no evidence.”

                      If you watched the video you KNOW ….. that’s a LIE!


                    11. Along the same lines….

                      I noticed “The Chosen” got like 100% likes on Rotten Tomatoes.

                      I also realized “Angel Vids” is located in Provo, Utah.


                      What else is Provo, Utah, home to?

                      “Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) comprise almost 82% of the city’s population.”


                      A CULT


                      Why did Dallas Jenkins very OBVIOUSLY rub his eye in one of his live intros to the FREE stream? He actually said something like, we rub our eyes, we itch our nose, it’s live what can you do….

                      He also lispsss. Yeah, sorry, like a snake.

                      YOU KNOW WHY….

                      His first picture in Google images is him doing the devil horns “peace” sign.

                      Sorry people….

                      I am no longer a fan of quite possibly “Angel of Light” Luciferian, made-up, BLASPHEMOUS BULLSHIT about Jesus Christ and his mother, Mary, nor his disciple, Mary Magdalene, NOR the DISRESPECT and mockery toward John the Baptist the JESUS character himself partook of.

                      They all basically made fun of John the Baptist as just some crazy loon in a loincloth who eats bugs. The disciples MOCKED him.

                      Jesus MOCKED him. (“I see you you’re not eating meat…” chuckle, cuz you’re SCRAWNY…)

                      Eat it up, all you sheep, following BEHIND an anti-Christ show.

                      Their “good intention”?

                      “To make the message of Jesus Christ ‘more accessible.’ We encourage you to read the Gospels.”


                      Well I encourage you to do the same…

                      The true message of Jesus Christ is you must pass through the NARROW GATE. Few there are who find it….

                      “The Chosen” is fake entertainment that just WIDENS the WAY for lost sheep to follow these false prophets into….

                      by making the Way…. EASY.

                      And WIDE.


                      Straight into Hell.

                      Goats in sheeps’ clothing.

                      Hey, I’m NOBODY.

                      Just my HONEST OPINION.

                      Take it or leave it.

                    12. OK, and here it comes…. BOOM!

                      You know why I hated the “Jesus Love Children” episode in the first season?

                      Because no “real” man, nevermind the Greatest Man who ever lived, would “befriend” children by telling them stories, or camping out with them, or “loving” them by making the little girl a new doll….


                      You know what kind of men “make friends” with children like that?



                    13. And all the “Chosen” merch, the sell sell sell… it’s preposterous.

                      Why all the sell? “Oh, you b—. It’s for a GOOD reason!”

                      “Because this is the only way we can bring you new episodes!!!”

                      Oh please please, more!

                      Ease my conscience, make the Way easier for me and I’ll LOVE your “Jesus” forever, all the way to the FINAL EPISODE.

                      He’s the BEST.

                      He’s SAVING ME!


                    14. The Jesus in “The Chosen” actually seemed to be questioning John and the “wisdom” of his questioning of the king….

                      “You know what that’s gonna get you” or somesuch….


                      The makers and writers of “the Chosen” are not theologians nor I think “Believers” or even good students of the Bible.

                      They are entertainers and moneymakers.

                      This clip points to the IMPORTANCE of John the Baptist, His UNDYING faith in God the Creator, and what God WILLED HIM TO DO.

                      The true Jesus never “questioned” John’s “path” but knelt before him, in respect.

                    15. OK, maybe my criticism of a lisp is not Christ-like.

                      I like what Dallas Jenkins has to say here about Mary Magdalene “backsliding.”

                      Is it “Biblical”? Uh…. NO.

                      It’s not even Biblical that Mary Magdalene was an alcoholic!

                      She was delivered of demons, period.

                      Maybe you can hear ME in that there should be idk how to put it, more REVERANCE in those places where it is needed.

                      You missed the mark with John the Baptist, in my opinion…. but your show definitely has moments of inspiration that for example are lacking in “Jesus of Nazareth.”

                      It’s good to show the HUMAN side of Jesus….

                      But He had an equally God-like side that I think you need to focus on a little bit more.

                      For example….

                      He’s the SON OF GOD.

                      He spoke from the inspiration of the Holy Spirit!!!

                      That means He had NO NEED to “prepare” His Sermon on the Mount.

                      I mean, what a joke!

                      Hey, maybe you hate me now…. whatever.

                      But just BEWARE of TRESPASSING on HOLY TERRITORY….


                      Haha, you will be PROSECUTED to the FULL EXTENT of the LAW.

                      Jus sayin!!!!

                      I’m with you brother, this life is a struggle.

                    16. You know, Dallas, I sent my résumé to your team around the time you were looking for extras for the Sermon on the Mount scene.

                      Didn’t hear back…. I don’t know, but I think I would be a great addition to the writing team on getting characters right and not pissing off a lot of Catholics or whoever like me.

                      If you want to contact me, Frank has my email.

                      I’d love to work with people who are in any way connected to re-telling the Greatest Story Ever Told.

                      Who are SEARCHING for JESUS.

                      I’m no “authority”!

                      I’m just earnest about it…..

                      Like you.


                    17. I’m NOT “fishing”! You people, f– off! (Sorry Frank, got lurkers in my park dressed in blue and white, fishing in my pond…..)

                      I just DISCOVERED this MYSELF.

                      That it’s the SAME ACTOR, Christopher Plummer, as both my “Prince” in The Sound of Music who has the narcissism/jerkness to dance with innocent ol’ me in front of his JEALOUS “wife,” whom he KNOWS is watching ….. and as the KING, son of Herod, whose evil “wife” (sister-in-law?) uses her own daughter (his niece? we’re talkin’ incest here….) to DANCE FOR HIM and thus SEDUCE him into promising her “ANYTHING SHE WANTS”: and what does the evil witch want?

                      John the Baptist’s HEAD….

                      oh yeah…. “on a platter.”

                      Me. MY HEAD.

                      OK, “people”?

                      hahaha, ok? you don’t “get it” at all….. well whatever.

                    18. Hahaha…. I know Frank is shaking his head right about now….. smiling?

                      I think he’d agree, I’m the Winner.

                      Of “Best Picture” Oscar!

                      OF ALL TIME

                      To dream the “most impossible” DREAM.


                    19. “Back-sliding”

                      The Devil wants you to know…. EVEN if you’ve been “born again”?

                      If you ever cross that double yellow line again, going in the wrong direction, you’ll see “him” in your rearview mirror.

                      Listen very carefully to what the devil (idk if you’ve not noticed by now, but he’s the same actor who played Judas in Jesus of Nazareth)

                      The Devil speaks:

                      “You got out once. You dip so much as a pinkie back into this pond, you may well find that something reaches out….

                      and drags you back into its depths.”

                      For me, that would be “alco-ghoul”.

                      I can go sober probably for the rest of my life…. But if IT sees a weakness, a trauma, a depression, or better a sheep family member who he can trick into “betraying” me…… the Ghoul will come after me and try to drag me down…

                      to the bottom of the sea.


                      An anchor.

  7. Frank,

    I have tried posting a lengthyish comment on a couple of YT videos about the birth of Lilibet but the publisher appears to have removed them without ant explanation. I asked one of them why but so far got no reply. Is this such a sensitive subject on your website as well or would you approve of such a thing? I did a search on this article and didn’t find the word Lilibet mentioned so it looks like my item would be unique.
    So now we are told by the media that the couple have had one boy, one miscarriage and one girl.
    They live in California.
    “California” = 88 (English Ordinal)

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