The Return To Eden

First of all I’ve been getting a big ‘Be Prepared for something extraordinary’ message over the last few days. Which boggles the mind considering what everyone has gone through already.

The Return to Innocence.



The Return to In No Sense.



I have washed up in the most extraordinary place. It makes Wonderland look positively mundane. It’s difficult to know what others are experiencing but from feed back everyone is going through something similar to a greater or lesser extent.

It’s Old Stuff and Living In The Past.

Old School.



Old Bakery.



Old Post.



Yesterday I took another walk down Memory Lane. I revisited the housing estate where I used to live from 1993 – 2006.

Firstly the Fourth Wall. Below is a pic of the house where I lived in this time period. It’s the one with the grass outside.



And Harry Potter and 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey.



Frozen In Time.

What struck me most was that the estate has hardly changed at all in that time. This follows on from re meeting a lady who hasn’t changed physically in fifteen years. She should be a ninety year old pushing a zimmer frame but she looks a spritely seventy five year old which is exactly how she was when I last saw her fifteen years ago.

And the four clock faces at Clock Cottage are stuck at 2, 4, 6 and 10.





Which leads into Iceland and different moons for different folks.

Here is MJ’s moon.




Here is Jenny’s moon.



My moons tend to be extremely bright. If I didn’t know better or had been told differently by ‘Top Boffins’ I would have said it was a Star. If it looks like a duck.



The Land of the Midnight Sun.



Opening Up The Gates.








There Is A Place.


41 thoughts on “The Return To Eden

      1. JLL had to change the image because a small girl on the telephone is now considered offensive…

        Huh, prime?

        He talks about telepathy – apparently it’s a factory fitting from Sophia but most people don’t have it switched on. I thought you may be interested in listening because a) Eden is in the title of your post and b) switching it on can be learnt from studying phases of the moon 😉

        1. Roob

          Something similar happened with Merovee 1. The reason given by WP for deleting the website was because in the article I had included pics of three children from the Boston Marathon bombing. Five years later it was suspended. They said it was an unauthorised pic of minors even though the pic was all over the Internet.

          Telepathy is interesting. I have had and still do get direct communication in my head but most of the time it’s more emotional. I will pick up feelings. And how we connect. Jenny said yesterday about the time I was doing my flower stuff with the Royal Crown flower there was a sudden flower aroma in her bedroom and she had no idea where it came from.

          And leads into the birthday again. I checked the time I took the pic of the Royal Crown flower and it was 10:18 and uploaded the pic to WP Library at 1:18.`

          And I meant to mention this with your Snuff article. The darker side of Traffic and Snuff movies.

            1. When I came across the bluebell field Jenny immediately connected them with Texas blue bonnets. And then they showed up next to the Royal Crown.

              Somehow Marble Falls is in there. The name rings. Mars and the Fall. Jenny and me drove through the town from her place to Austin when we went to UT on the way there and the way back. And I had been down the road before and I want to know why. It is spreading out though. Can they build all over Texas ? They’re giving it a good go.

    1. Frank, … a town called malice.
      Elisa Lam
      mal asile


      dark water.

      because it is like Alice (Elisa)

      I’m telling you, there is a birth through the yods!!!!! It’s the corona!

      I don’t know how else to tell it! But there is something going on! I think, DON’T brace yourself, don’t get worried, don’t have panic attack (like I do), but just breathe.

      the crown✨

      1. The corona birth! I witnessed it.

        The fire singed through from the other side. The DARK MATTER (or dark water). And that place is, … beautiful. But you can’t describe it here. Impossible.

        Dark water. Dark matter. Birth. A crown of yods. Yod is Rod. A tension rod. That is what the birth is.
        Get ready to be born.

  1. Moved from comments in previous article.

    From Jenny :

    Frank’s morning email included this lovely picture during one of his Neural Journeys into Redhill. The long stem flower is called, among other names, Royal Crown (Corona, Crown Chakra) and among the Daffodils…Bluebonnets! 🙂

        1. look at that gif. through the rose window. That is the crown of yods!
          And of course it is tension because it is through the silver gate. The gate of the soul. But we know what we are doing and Martians don’t have a say nor do the (nephilim). When you don’t care if you die, then nothing controls anything. And we are in chaos right now. Because what’s watt?

          1. MJ

            My crown chakra has been full on since the humerus operation in 2020. I wondered what was going on for a few days afterwards with the pressure on top of my head and then it just exploded. And looking at the Royal Crown flower it looks like its going to bloom any day now. Root chakra to Crown chakra. It also looks a bit like a flower from the Day of the Triffids. With the surrealness I wouldn’t be surprised if I find it walking down the road.


            And more mirror verse weirdness. Rose actually lives in the house opposite me. Her house is part of The White House block. That’s her name. A rose by any other name. The Rose Garden or the Garden of Rose at the White House.



            The Rose Garden at the White House.


            And feeds into why we are Persons of Interest and Harry Potter and the Royal Crown. When I had my unexpected meeting with Prince Charles in 1977 at Lancing College he was there to officially open the Rose Window in the chapel. To be fair to the man he didn’t give off bad energy. He gave a good speech but you are left asking ‘Who are these mirror people and mirror places ?’


            And just because I like the song.

            1. And Privet Drive and a Town Called Malice and flowers and the mask.

              For whatever reason ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ is in the mix.

              ‘The age order of the four sisters is Hyacinth, Daisy, Violet, and then Rose. In real life, the order goes Patricia Routledge (Hyacinth), Mary Millar (Rose #2), Anna Dawson (Violet), Judy Cornwell (Daisy), and finally Shirley Stelfox (Rose #1).’

    1. MJ

      Wonderful pic 🐶😺

      The Lion and the Lamb comes to mind.

      ‘5 I saw that there was a scroll in the right hand of the one sitting on the throne. The scroll was written on the inside and the outside, and it was sealed with seven seals. 2 I saw a strong angel announcing in a loud voice, ‘Does anybody deserve to open the scroll, to undo its seals?’ 3 And nobody in heaven or on the earth or under the earth could open the scroll or look at it. 4 I burst into tears because it seemed that there was nobody who was worthy to open the scroll or look inside it. 5 One of the elders, however, spoke to me. ‘Don’t cry,’ he said. ‘Look! The lion from the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has won the victory! He can open the scroll and its seven seals.’

      6 Then I saw in the midst of the throne and of the four living creatures, and in the midst of the elders, a lamb. It was standing there as though it had been slaughtered; it had seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven spirits of God sent out into all the earth. 7 The lamb came up and took the scroll from the right hand of the one who was sitting on the throne.

      Worthy Is the Lamb!
      8 When he took the scroll, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down in front of the lamb. They each had a harp, and they each had golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of God’s holy people. 9 They sing a new song, which goes like this:

      ‘You are worthy to take the scroll;
      you are worthy to open its seals;
      for you were slaughtered and with your own blood
      you purchased a people for God,
      from every tribe and tongue,
      from every people and nation
      10 and made them a kingdom and priests to our God
      and they will reign on the earth.’

      11 As I watched, I heard the voice of many angels around the throne, the living creatures and the elders. Their number was ten thousand times ten thousand, thousands upon thousands, 12 and they were saying in full voice,

      ‘The slaughtered lamb has now deserved
      to take the riches and the power,
      to take the wisdom, strength and honour,
      to take the glory, and the blessing.’

      13 Then I heard every creature in heaven, on the earth, under the earth, and in the sea, and everything that is in them, saying,

      ‘To the One on the throne and the lamb
      be blessing and honour and glory
      and power for ever and ever!’

      14 ‘Amen!’ cried the four living creatures. As for the elders, they fell down and worshipped.’

      Not convinced it’s a good move on the lamb’s part.

      1. In like a lion and out like a lamb. And astrology.

        ‘There are a few theories of the origin of the “in like a lion, out like a lamb” saying. The first and most widely talked-about comes from the stars. If you’re a fan of astrology, you probably already know that during the month of March, Leo (the lion) is rising. By April, Aries (the lamb) climbs into the sky.’–out-like-a-lamb-

        1. Also the other thing that pops into my head with the pic.

          In Fringe, in one dimension it was ‘Cats’ the musical and in the other it was ‘Dogs’ the musical.

          ‘On that same taxi, Dogs is depicted to be a musical in the parallel universe New York City, instead of Cats. Their mail is delivered by the “U.S. Mail Service” with a different logo, instead of the United States Postal Service, and there are apparently daily flights to the moon’.


          And Schrodinger’s Dog.

      2. That’s beautiful and brings tears to my eyes.
        There’s this ‘thing’ happening that feels like an unmovable grace in the spiritual battle. It’s not fighting, but it’s not backing down. Somehow your comment describes that.

  2. Multi Dimensional Light Body.

    ‘The Lightbody is Multi-Dimensional, so the body has to become Multi-Dimensional too. The human body was not originally built for Multi-Dimensionality, so a whole restructuring process must continually occur. This will correlate to each’s “external” actual experience/reality/world as well. Because all is vibrational, then the correlating dimension/frequency bandwidth will be a vibrational match to the Body’s Consciousness.’

    NEW Earth is EXPERIENCED THROUGH Y/OUR LIGHTBODY’s CONSCIOUSNESS…. A level of Consciousness that allows us to energetically “exist” beyond the old everything of before. The “reason” that we could not before, is because our physical body’s vibration was “too low” .

    Our ability to achieve/maintain/sustain our Highest States of Consciousness are relative to this. Because this is a continual process, we expand/contract and with every expansion/contraction, an entire DNA/Cellular Transformation/Evolutionary process occurs. This happens/occurs in increments, as the whole transformation takes years … as it’s way too much LIGHT for the body to handle the immensity, so the body is “pushed” beyond it’s limits with each upgrade process in order to “handle” Embodying more Light/Consciousness with every mega-light blast that occurs….. ☼♫’

    Light exists at various different FREQUENCIES. An entire LIGHT SPECTRUM relative to different frequency bandwidths, as well as Light Quotient determine all.

    1. Orlena

      Good luck !!! I hope there’s not too much squishing and squashing as you walk along.

      I’m seeing a scary movie angle again.

      And ‘Invaders from Outer Space’ in Quatermass and the Pit with an alien locust type creature deep in the London tube underground system.

      In Jeepers Creepers the monster awakes every 23rd year.

      And even though the Royal Crown is very beautiful there’s a definite Day of the Triffids feel to it.

      1. Frank

        I’m tickled by the idea that these bugs will wave at you if you engage them up close. In my case it was the Red Lantern bug which made the same arm gesture as the Cicada in the video. By the way the Red Lantern bug invasion seemed to vanish just as the Corona bug emerged. I suspect the bug is always with us, it just changes form. It may be a survival mechanism that allows the bug to evade our maniacal attempts to destroy it. Wipe it from our memory.

        When I was younger I had a t-shirt. On it was a cartoon frog sitting on a lily pad on a pond, very idyllic, with a smile stretching from ear to ear. In the corner of its mouth you could see the tail end of a mosquito sticking out. The writing on the shirt said…You’d Be Happy Too, If You Could Eat What Bugs You. 🐸

        1. I have had a thing with frogs ever since 2014. Since then, about 5 little frogs have gotten into the house and surprisingly, Fizzy comes and gets me to show me. They get released back into the wild 🙂
          I wondered why frogs kept appearing. Then, it was bats. I’m fascinated with bats. Went to see thousands and thousands of them fly out of a cave. Then, Corona bat virus.
          It’s border critters! They are in 2 states.
          Bats= only mammal that flies.
          Frogs= land and water creatures

  3. New movie being pushed by MSM is WRATH of MAN.
    “WRATH OF MAN” = 119 (English Ordinal) What? 911?
    10 letters, 3 words.
    119 = 7×17.
    The average number of letters per word is 3.333333333etc
    Heralding Satan, Lucifer and antichrist?
    Remember Biden tripping 3 times climbing the steps to Airforce 1?
    Remember the 3 Russian Nuclear Submarines surfacing through the ice in the Arctic?
    In the middle of this was the 3 day Christian Celebration of Easter.
    Here in Perth we were sent into a sudden 3-day lockdown for the Anzac day long weekend.
    Here in Perth it was announced that 3 quarantine hotels on the list were high risk .
    Remember the Indonesian submarine being found split into 3 pieces?
    And now this movie with a 3 letter title and an average number of letters per word being 3.333333333etc.

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