14 thoughts on “Let The Light Guide You Home

  1. Murmur: a softly spoken or almost inaudible utterance.
    The innocent murmur. ❤️

    Here’s a video of the Starling murmuration. Sometimes words fail. 🙂

      1. And on a tangent. Where do our anxiety thoughts come from ? I noticed in the etymology of murmur one of the descriptions used is ‘crackling fire’.


        Murmur (n.) :

        late 14c., “expression of (popular) discontent or complaint by grumbling,” from Old French murmure “murmur, sound of human voices; trouble, argument” (12c.), noun of action from murmurer “to murmur,” from Latin murmurare “to murmur, mutter,” from murmur (n.) “a hum, muttering, rushing,” probably from a PIE reduplicative base *mor-mor, of imitative origin (source also of Sanskrit murmurah “crackling fire,” Greek mormyrein “to roar, boil,” Lithuanian murmlenti “to murmur”).

        When I was shopping on Friday as I walked around the store I suddenly wondered whether I had left the gas on the hob on which I had been using earlier for my porridge. For about the next twenty minutes I was worried that I would get back and find everything burned to a crisp. Fortunately it was still standing when I returned and I had turned the gas off. Maybe in an alternative reality I had burned the house down.

        It’s not the type of thought I normally have . Where did the fear thought come from out of the blue and why ?

        1. And about the jab. I’ve had a few conversations recently and I’ve said I’m not touching it with a bargepole and everyone seems surprised I wouldn’t want one. But if everyone has the jab then they’ve nothing to worry about if a few people don’t have it.

          It’s not real anyway but I don’t tend to talk about that. Even if you took the 3D perspective it normally takes a few years for all the tests and getting OKed by the regulatory bodies and in a few months a magic panacea appears. To use an English phrase – ‘it’s a load of bollocks’ however you look at it.

        2. Frank

          Anxiety usually arises out of the unexamined trauma. Memories of which cause discomfort at the oddest moments. And the question I was asked, ‘can you be comfortable not knowing’?

          That happened in a very high class restaurant when I was in my twenties and left me totally baffled. As the years have passed it’s made more sense personally and I’ve realized just how loaded it is. Healing and moving on requires the choice to revisit the original trauma. To let the sunlight and the air onto the wound. This time on a collective scale.

          And the vaccine which promises to avoid all of that and get us back to normal. But, Dolly Parton can’t quite define it. Blue pill…red pill?

          And Clarice (clarity, clear) Starling.
          What if Hannibal Lecter is the sane man?

          1. Burning down the house is one of these collective repeat patterns I think. Examples that spring to mind are Notre Dame in Paris and the Crystal Palace over here and the Reichstag in German E. Also Manderley in Rebecca. And there is the Boston marathon anniversary coming up. The date is 15/4 which I associate with Fahrenheit 451 and burning down the house.

            I’m fairly well attuned to my triggers but can’t think of anything in particular at the time which is why it seemed odd.

            And Hannibal Lector was another one who had to wear a mask !

            1. Frank

              I thought last night about a few summers ago when you had the allergy issue. At the same time I felt the heat outside had become internalized. Even in the air conditioned house, I was combusting. “I’m melting, I’m melting”. And that seemed to coincide with the Amazon rain forest catching fire.

              You may be picking up something more collective, than personal.

            2. Orlena

              My face was on fire is the best way I can put and you were ‘I’m melting, I’m melting’ at the same time.

              It was why I grew the beard. To protect my face from the pollen.And then Jenny took a fancy to it so I kept it.

              1. And ‘feel the Bern’ also, around that time.
                The Amazon is heating up. It’s about the ‘union’ and the ‘heat’.

                The Amazons.

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