I Remember That

All The World’s A Stage.

The Stage Is Set.








Time Reset.



And I Remember That.

‘Maybe her face in the morning, maybe his in the evening’.



It’s a Yellow Light – Get Set.




Forever is a long time.


82 thoughts on “I Remember That

  1. London Has Fallen

    Military to be deployed on the streets to enforce a National Lockdown from Nov 4th. Resistance is Futile.


    Remember Remember the 5th of NoV the gunpowder plot…Time for a revolution…where did i put that TNT?

    Who was that masked man…who was V?

    He was my father, my mother, my brother, my husband, my son…he was my friend…he was you…and me.

    1. What Is Residual Memory ?

      ‘Residual memory, unlike instinct, is memories directly passed through generations or progeny. Also it could be memories from past lives. The idea of residual memory is that certain things are not learned as instinct they are part of your genetic make up or a part of your parents genetic make up that you remember.’


      1. Aw, more fAIke news about a white rabbi, T, and a fAIke joo

      1. Rain

        Great pics. Thank you.

        About Dante and the Inferno. I was woken at about 4am this morning by the fire alarm in my apartment making a very loud noise. No fire. The battery had finished and had to remove it and looked at logo. The name of the company is Fire Angel which made me smile.

      2. It is the Circle of Life …Imbolc……and today was Samhain….. at midday I was invited to a wedding…or a hand fasting ceremoony in Kingly Vale. When time frOZe….the time of No w time…where LOVE is the currency.

        The Green King and Queen took a leap of faith…by jumping the broom.

        1. TTN

          That looks great. Good work with the slow motion !

          I had a cousin who died in 2018. He was a forester and the family had the funeral in the woods. I didn’t go but I was told it was very beautiful. But then again about six months later his doppelganger showed up . His name was Barry and he died on same day as Barry Chuckle. Total whats it being told Barry had died and then in the next breath reading Barry Chuckle has died.

  2. Pushing tiktok docs (false files) through by force. The virus and “reset” is mental. False. Cain is a false machine script that cooks the books, boks, ballots, reality.

    Have a look at this new inception: basically “blacks” aren’t from where they say they’re from … only from where “whites” say they’re from when they want to say it. Wonder if this means Africa is now first world and America third world and if whites built the “huts” while America was built by blacks. Probably not. Can’t keep the story straight with Cain and blacks can never be “good” or “advanced. ”
    Caucasian-the cause(s) of Cain. Poor sod. “Keys to the Colors” by Francis comes to mind.


    Cain- the machine false file script generator.

    1. Anon

      Does there only have to be one past ? Or future for that matter ?

      This is what I’m honing in on. My experiences are showing me there are at least two paths if you like. Which is weird but then leads to another question. Who or what is the decision maker which decides the one memory ?

      And I remember Rain’s map which showed Kazakhstan and India I think above North America.

      1. According to Spooky Ed whose real name is Harkenbach 😉 (get it harken back) there are gajillions. Only 187 have been mapped so far and are accessible with the key to everything.

        Tommy Westphall…Sent Elsewhere. 😊

        1. Elena

          Who knows how may there are ! Maybe baby steps with two. What the universe is saying to me is there are two main lines but in each line there are an infinite number of other tangent lines or rooms.

          And somehow the mind creates one memory from a multiple number. Or something. Early days with this as a practical concept in day to day life.

      2. There doesn’t have to be one past. Ive been saying that all along. But the colonial virus insists there is a single past as does the “uni-verse.” I found that inception weirdo bc apparently someone’s Mom’s hersay is worth more than the tor’ ies of t’or engine als. The arrogance runs deep. Does the ‘white’ man always know best? If race doesn’t matter why does it matter? Plus I’m sensing a land grab is part of the manufactured “reset”. Same stuff just in reverse after depleting everywhere sense. The man. reset includes Melania as pharaoh of e-gypt and Jared as father of Kush. I think they’re just frauds.

        When the uni-verse has always sung in your favor, I guess you put your head down and don’t ask.

        1. Anon

          This is my train of thought.

          I don’t see the past as real as such but a choice in the mind. So what is the past ? It’s a memory or memories rather than real and tangible. Again I would suggest we experience the past and viewing a memory which is on repeat and within the memory there are choices which make up the present experience.

          I like this quote from Eckart Tolle.

          “Memories are thoughts that arise — they are not reality. It’s only when you believe that they are real that they have power over you.”

          1. And about reality.

            This was waiting for me when I left the house this morning.



            Yellow Light and the spectrum.


            ‘Yellow is the color associated with the third chakra, or solar plexus chakra, which is all about confidence, manifesting, creativity and being comfortable in one’s skin. The solar plexus is all about connecting with your core identity and feeling comfortable with the person who you are. It is the center for self-expression and where you energetically go to exert your personal power.’


          2. I quite like the stories of my relatives. Tired of boring tales of bondsmen.

          3. Corona virus
            Canon “wars”
            I’m not debating the realness or unrealness of memories. That’s for others. I’m advocating for release of the stories. All of them. Not just a select few and not only the ones dick tated by imperialists. If a collection of real or unreal memories create present reality, I’d say the more memories the better for balance.

            No wonder the earth wobbles. Its imbalanced.

              1. When the so called “world war” stories rolled around and I was forced to learn them, I basically tuned them all out. I found them irrelevant so now they aren’t in any way part of my psyche or memories. so I haven’t been able to follow what you’re pointing to with this vein of thought. Maybe you can enlighten me?

                1. What I’m trying to show is that it is possible there are two parallel realities. Maybe more . In effect the First World war is the mirror of the Second World war in the other reality. In one reality the bomb is dropped on Hiroshima and in the other the bomb is dropped on Nagasaki but the mind creates one memory.

                  But it gets personally difficult to understand. I’m having a lot of twin experiences where one day will mirror the other day in some way.

                  I wondered what this was about.

                  Dare To Go Double.


                  Herb Albert or Herb Alpert.

                  And 2nd Lockdown to fight the germs.


                  1. Ok, I see.
                    There’s then a third reality where none of those “world” wars even happened. I live in that world. Those events aren’t relevant or meaningful in my reality nor in the reality of a huge percentage of the world who did not join in the cosplay.

                    “Let your words (stories) be your bonds.” Why should I be tied to a story my family and I had nothing to do with while at the same time asked to divorce ourselves of what we were actually doing on those supposedly significant dates? Why are both timelines you present stories of the imperialists? Like the myth of two parties (dem vs rep) when it’s really just one with some minor rearranging of details (derangements) and musical chairs seating charts on the titanic.

                    Imagine staging a war and imposing it on the world. Imagine writing a story and then a slight variation of it and saying it’s the world’s story.

                    In my reality and in the reality of my ancestors, no bomb dropped at all. No one took up uni-forms, no one killed the joos, no one interned the japs. And so forth.

                    1. No one died or got entangled in the crux o the fiction. That’s the real crux of the matter.

                    2. Anon

                      That presumably applies to all the past ? Or memory.

                      Another example Merovee 1 and Merovee 2. What I’m trying to say is that when sometimes things get weird both personally and collectively this is part of the reason . My train of thought anyway.

                      And Memory.

                      Joe Biden suffers senior moment.

                      ‘The man who could be America’s next president in three days: Barack Obama had to call Joe Biden three times before he finally emerged at Michigan rally, then had to remind him to put his mask back on and help guide him off the stage’.



                    3. My approach is simple.
                      Why should I be incepted and dragged along with “your” grandfathers’ stories when “you’re” not dragged along with mine. Yours didn’t create “history” any more than mine did.

                  2. Ppl say the past didn’t happen and doesn’t matter and only the present is real. Ok I’ve said look to the living word -the body, the living languages. Not the ruins, statues, old bldgs and altered docs. The living word in the present tells you what you need to know. But ppl reject that too.

                    Like the whites are really from Africa thing….yet they no absolutley nothing about the land, the flora, the fauna there. Whites built the pyramids and wrote the hieroglyphs. Yet their living languages contain none of the sounds of the mdr ntr . Honestly I’m leaning toward believing what ppl say about themselves but not what ppl say about others. If you think you’re not real, you’re right.

                    How can you be “of Source” and not real at the same time? Also, if God is everywhere, God is manifest in “3D” and every other dimension as well so no need to escape. Find God right here right now.

  3. Today is 11.1.2020 or 1112020
    50 days til 12.21.2020, the Great Conjunction
    or 4,320,000 seconds
    or 72,000 minutes
    or 1200 hours.
    Today is Samhain in the northern hemisphere and Beltane in the southern.

  4. You might find it interesting that from day of solar eclipse (Dec. 14) to day of Great Conjunction (Dec. 21) there are
    7 days
    or 604,800 seconds (encode number of sun 864)
    or 10,080 min (number of moon 108)
    or 168 hours (phi and Frank’s birthday)

    Jupiter and Saturn conjoin at 0 degrees of Aquarius, and continue to meet in air signs for the next 200 years.

  5. Remember too that Election Day 3/11/2020 in the USA is exactly 999 weeks since 11/9/2001, 9/11.
    In the Bible the number 9 stands for Finality!
    Here it occurs in triplicate and if you flip it you get 666!
    And 3+1+1+2+2 = 9 as well!

  6. “The kissing disease.”

    Lip service.


    Letting go would ring so much truer.

    Imagine all the changes that would instantly manifest on the physical realm if the “pope” would just let go of all that crypted currency (buried chi) and stuff stuffed in those coffers. Can he take his own medicine?

    Do don’t say.

  7. Imo any church temple sangha ashram or other that has barred people from entry during this time and has taken up the verse of govt (social distance, 6ft apart, masks on, etc)… is a center of false light. False faith. Logical fallacy.

    They had one job.
    But chose 501.3 status instead.

    Back to Nature.
    Masks and 2D rules not required.

  8. ‘CommonPass’: New COVID-19 Security Measures Will Make Health A Prerequisite For Travel
    “CommonPass” = 128 (English Ordinal) or (8×8)+(8×8)
    Where the number 8 is frequently used by the Satanic elite to symbolize their New Beginning – their New Reset.
    They stole it from the Bible where 8 were saved in the Ark.
    7 days in a week and the 8th is the beginning of a new week.
    8 notes in an octave but the 8th is the same as the 1st.
    Jesus = 888 in Greek gematria.

  9. Sean Connery passed away on Halloween, Oct 31st, aged 90.
    “007 Bond” = 777 (Reverse Trigonal)
    Thus Bond = 770.

      1. Frank,

        Yes, thanks for that.
        But not only is he 77 years old on 3/11/2020 he is actually 77 yrs and 77+77+77+77+7+7+7+7+7+7 days old inclusive counting (both dates).
        And the 4 lots of 77 days there also add to 308 which is the Day# for 3/11/2020.
        Day# 308.
        308 also = 44+44+44+44+44+44+44.
        308 also = 22+22+22+22+22+22+22+22+22+22+22+22+22+22.
        308 also = 11x(7+7+7+7).
        And 308 + mirror 803 = 1111.
        And 3+8 = 11 of course.

      2. Frank,

        More on Biden and Harris (just a little from a whole page)
        Full names –
        “Kamala Devi Harris” = 152 (English Ordinal) 1+5+2 = 8
        “Joseph Robinette Biden” = 215 (English Ordinal) 2+1+5 = 8
        What a coincidence that they both have the same 3 digits and thus both add to 8 thus forming an ’88’.
        And now the BIG bazooka – the two middle names –
        “Devi Robinette” = 888 (English Sumerian)
        13 letters.

        Looks a lot like a Satanic ritual to me!

  10. White Male Sky God.
    The threat that’s being made here, is you need Him. To judge you and to save you from that judgement.

    Old Testament version…Donald Trump.
    Angry, judgemental, vengeful.
    New Testament version…Joe Biden.
    Kindlier, gentler, sleepier, dopier, bashful, doc.
    Old man fight.

    Let Him Go.

      1. Anon

        Symbolically speaking, going forward the story is gonna be written by Amy Coney Barrett (the handmaid) and Kamala Harris (the dark matter).
        They know each other. She knows.

  11. Meh, cain. Banal programming. The danger of a single uni-verse all story.

    Need some fresh air. Get out of consciousness lockdown

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