Last Night I Dreamt I Went to Manderley Again



On Saturday Jenny and I watched the new version of ‘Rebecca’ on Netflix.To say it was a mind fxxk is not an adequate description. We’re really in Fourth Wall territory. In ‘Looking for Atlantis’ I described the link between my Grandfather’s house called Carclew in Cornwall, England and Manderley and believe it to be an ancient memory of some sort. My Father’s mansion has many rooms type of thing. The movie is a total mirror of events at Carclew in the 1930s. And the name ‘Rebecca’ in its own right is a Car Clue.






Again the movie alluded to East and West separation and there was a big thing going on with mirrors. Maxim de Winter and his new wife had their bedroom in the East Wing and the West Wing where Rebecca and de Winter slept was closed and kept in aspic by the creepy housekeeper Mrs Danvers.





And the Birth Day and Car Clue – 801.



Which leads into the Beach House and again water and La Mer which probably speaks to a few.

One of the main action locations in the movie is a Beach House where Rebecca was killed by Maxim de Winter in a suicide by cop type death.



And again the birthday with 801 as I was born On the Beach. If you look into your life you will probably find similar connections.



The Beach House is a common location in movies. Again I would suggest it is a subconscious symbol in the Self connected with the past. In the Fringe episode ‘There Is More Than One Of Everything’, Walter Bishop is led by the Observer to a Beach House.




And also Atonement.





And even though it is a way off and probably a lot to go through between now and then the Dec 14th Eclipse maybe linked with the two timelines. Back in the summer I came across this Mindline. The Big One refers to the 14th December eclipse.



Show Me The Face.




Thanks to Dream and Anon.

Dream noted that the December 14th eclipse is half way between the American eclipse of 2017 and 2024. And Anon supplied the link to this pic.



May you live in interesting times.


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    1. Roob

      The fantasy books by Pratchett and others passed me by. Probably I should read them. Everyone is very positive about them.

      And I’m seeing the phrase Interesting Times in a new light. Living in Times not just Time which is a total mind whatsit.

  1. Frank, maybe Car Clue is CARbondale. That’s where X marks the spot! Did you say that already? Anyway, recently in Carbondale, I saw a phoenix. This is just outside a vineyard where lots of people gathered to see the eclipse of 2017, and then the phoenix sculpture is in the vineyard.

    1. MJ

      Good thinking. I think they probably are the same place on an invisible plane. I think we’re looking at Atlantis whatever Atlantis is exactly stuck in the memory banks.

      The Phoenix wants to be seen. And Carbondale as well !

      And Ka . Seems to be following a pattern. An invisible twin.

      ‘Ka means ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’

      Egyptians believed that a person’s soul had many parts, and that all people and the parts of their souls were sculpted from clay by the ram-headed god named Khnum. One of these parts was called the ka. The ka was a person’s double, sort of an invisible twin, which supposedly lived in the body until death.’

      Definition of Clew. And Labyrinth.

      1. A ball of yarn or thread.
      2. Greek mythology : the ball of thread used by Theseus to find his way out of the labyrinth.
      3. Clews – the cords by which a hammock is suspended.
      4. Nautical
      a. One of the two lower corners of a square sail.
      b. The lower aft corner of a fore-and-aft sail.

      1. Frank, I didn’t know that is what clew meant.
        The wheel is coming off the axel. I will NOT be a broken record. And I will not be spinning on a broken record.
        A new experience is in the mist.

      1. MJ

        Any idea what that is in the sky ?

        And with the eclipses I think we maybe looking at time loops and they meet in December. Or one timeline going forward in time and one timeline going backwards in time and they will go ka boom.

  2. December 16 is the 350th day of the year (351st in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. 15 days remain until the end of the year.


      1. Guns germs and steles (stars).
        Totally fake story and moving pictures.
        In every single bit of fakery the camera always drops at the moment of death blow then raises again conveniently. All the while sound effects in background which prove nothing. The machine wants to use your brain as host to fill in the gaps and feed it into to write such subsequent stories based on popular demand. Absolutely fake, not worth posting without stating so. Remember those stories about how the AI was programmed and learned to be racist? Well, it’s creative output shows this. These videos are all part of the AI,s “dream.”

        It’s only dreaming.

        1. Let’s see if it ever dreams of black men on their feet, healthy, wealthy and wise. It can’t yet because of faulty script.

          No human in Philly or elsewhere should bother with this nonsense

          1. See @cgifolk, @humanvibration, @seekthetruth101 on project bluebird (Twitter).

            Those people and that event doesn’t exist.

            The only thing that is real is the life in front of you. Enjoy it.

        2. Anon

          I get your point, that’s exactly why I posted ‘the shot’ and ‘the story’.
          However, I don’t feel the need to over state the obvious. Most of the folks who read this blog ‘get it’.

          1. Not for the regulars here. For the aether and watchers.

            Anyhoo it wasn’t a criticism.

            Cain was given a finite number of generations. Cain is artificially. The machine. Pain. Imbalance. Logical fallacies. In FLU ence over the plasma. And all that jazz. When you look closely at these stories and their attendant images you can see the figurines are almost translucent. You can start to see through the faces. Look at Fauci (faux chi) in particular. His face is totally loosing all essence. He like the others is offspring of cain. Anthony fauci. There’s cain in that name.

      2. Black people represent carbon to the AI. And matter. It is scrambling to keep them down before the big one. Trying to outrun and outgrow what can’t be outrun or stopped.

      3. Elena

        Good one ! That’s in there definitely. And Pro Test or Anti Test ?

        And this.

        I’ve been playing around with the shot and the shoot as well with the Observer and the Observed. And Fourth Wall and Walter Murch’s Rule Of Six. It may seem a bit brainiac but it’s trying to point something out.

        And another example of how the movies and life interact. In The Shadow Of The Moon set in Philadelphia about a race war started in Philadelphia but in another time zone. One of them.

        1. There’s a lot of double entendre going on.
          For example with the test there’s two results, a positive + (male energy) or a negative – (female energy). And you don’t want to test positive.
          And the dust up over the weekend about, ‘we can’t control the pandemic, can’t contain it, just get to the vaccine’. Just take the shot. 😉

          And to Anon’s point about how you don’t actually see Walter Wallace WW 😉 killed. Recall when Khashoggi was beheaded in the Saudi embassy. I pointed out how the video shows him about to enter and just as he is about to enter he vanishes. Now, that video has vanished. Or has been corrected. 🙂

          1. Last Night I Dream’t of the Man da la y Effect.

            Stella the Star of the Sea who after the Fall was Frozen and developed an ice cold heart…and became Daddy’s Little Moonstar…she wants to see the male punished to the full extent of the law…she demands a goat/dog/son sacrifice.

            Mr Spectre/Christian Grey who wants revenge on the female for playing the harlot and violence is the only way he knows how.

            One without emotions…one overwhelmed by them

            The never ending hot/cold war…

            Trick or Treat

            The crossroads..the eclipse is where they(the Kate and Dog) meet and find the balance…the place where they worship and devour each other ….take me to church.

            1. TTN

              I’ve been pondering the Manderley Effect as well after the movie. And stars of the Silver Screen.

              More things have popped up with Jenny and myself and relates to Cornwall after watching Rebecca. What Jen and I and maybe We – I don’t like to speak for what others have experienced – seem to be looking at it is a mixture of memories . In relation to Jen and me it’s saying we were together both in Texas and Cornwall in this lifetime prior to meeting up here but we don’t fully remember either and present life memories are not fully correct. It’s not the memories are wrong , it’s just that there is a bigger picture to them. A mixture of who knows what.

              Also suicide by cop. I mentioned in the article that Rebecca’s death was a version of suicide by cop. She has incurable cancer and goads Maxim de Winter into shooting her rather than having to go through a horrible death from cancer. As as has been noted the reality of Walter Wallace is open to question but looks similar to suicide by cop.


              1. Frank it’s all becoming a lot clearer as we get Total Recall. In The Fall Spector Dr Jekyll gets his memory back and realises all the terrible things Mr Hyde has done…..when he is dying in the tunnel he hears his Mother calling him from the Light and at the same time he hears his daughter calling him from the Dark… both voices calling him to go to them.

                So he decides to go back to the Dark to rescue his daughter Livvy or O live ia.

                It’s a mindf**k as you say because we are all connected all fragments of the shattered soul.

                Jealousy on all sides played a huge contributing factor to the Fall…

                ‘Rebecca,’ Daphne du Maurier would say, ‘is a study in jealousy.’ But whose jealousy was she talking about?

                People might assume she meant the jealousy of the book’s second Mrs de Winter, constantly undermined by her beautiful and accomplished predecessor Rebecca, Maxim de Winter’s late first wife.

                But during my visit to Menabilly 55 years ago, Daphne revealed for the first time that it was jealousy of a far more personal nature: her own.

                Then newly widowed, Daphne, I learnt, was deeply jealous of a society beauty with whom her husband Tommy had been in love — and to whom he had even been engaged.

                And jealousy, too, was at the root of the most traumatic relationship of her life: her love-hate affair with her father.

                I have realised I have lived the above script my entire life…we all have..and that is the rather uncomfortable truth. I couldn’t understand the constant conflict between Mother and Daughter and the rest of the family until now.

                I was speaking to family members about the death of my cousin and they told me he gave up on life after the death of his Mother who he was caring for. The uncomfortable truth…. she was the love of his life..

                and I was going through old photographs and found one of my grandmother…in uniform during the war…..she was a stunner a double of Hayley At well in the Avengers….her name was Margaret (Peggy)…

                Daisy and Peggy = Margaret
                It seems like there should be a long explanation for Daisy, but it’s as simple as this: The French word for “daisy” is “marguerite.” As for Peggy? Well, Margaret was shorted to nicknames like Meg or Meggy, and the rhyming nickname trend turned Meggy into Peggy

                Daisy Daisy give me your answer do….



                I need to lie down before my head explodes again.

                1. Margaret literally means ‘Pearl’, but of unknown origin…



                  Now, I don’t agree with everything JLL says (and do you remember to incident I wrote to you about a few years ago regarding sitting on giant red eye lashes, TNT?), but he did write the book ‘Not In His Image’ about the origins of our species and the Aeon Sophia. I do my own experiments and thinking around the concept that this planet we live on, this ma-trix we are physically immersed in, has intelligence, and that we share her lucid dreaming.

                  1. Yes Roobster I recall the incident..i have always wondered why you were always enamoured with Selfie sounds like Sophie I have been trawling through SyncMissforHim for answers.

                    I hinted at something similar in my Babylon Burning story we are in sync 😉

                    Over to John/Victor/Hugo

                    “A few years ago, while visiting, or rather exploring, Notre-Dame, the author of this book found, in an obscure corner of one of the towers, this word carved upon the wall:


                    These Greek characters, black with age, and cut deep into the stone with the peculiarities of form and arrangement common to Gothic calligraphy that marked them the work of some hand in the Middle Ages, and above all the sad and mournful meaning which they expressed, forcibly impressed the author.”

                    John continued, “It is the name of the primordial goddess Ananke or Destiny the mother of the Three Fates. The story’s moral focus is Notre-Dame cathedral. Architecture sets the stage, backdrops the major characters, and forever binds their fates. The story’s central character isn’t a person; it’s a building, which Hugo considered sentient.”

                    “So you think Notre Dame is alive, a living thing.” Annie questioned. “Well in a way – the author certainly did, he spent the first two chapters solely discussing the building – he knew a thing or two old Vic.” John replied.

                    “That word looks like the Egyptian Ankh the symbol for Isis,” Annie remarked …

                    “ANÁΓKH  – In Orphic mythology, Ananke is a self-formed being who emerged at the dawn of creation with an incorporeal, serpentine form, her outstretched arms encompassing the cosmos. Ananke and Chronos are mates, mingling together in serpent form as a tie around the universe. Together they have crushed the primal egg of creation of which constituent parts became earth, heaven and sea to form the ordered universe.”


                  1. No worries Frank I am away until tomorrow so won’t be back on until then. But just wanted to share one more thing.

                    I had forgotten this story until my sister reminded me. My grandmother Peggy got pregnant at 15 the father was a US Marine it was a huge scandal back then…after the war she followed him to the US…where they lived together for awhile but something happened and they split and she returned to Ireland with her son.

                    She then married my grandfather Jerry and they had my mother.

                    I used to stay on her son’s farm in the summer growing up, it was near the border in South Armagh, until he was shot and killed.

                    It’s the same old story on repeat but with different characters and variations to the script.

  3. The shot represents the ammo (te amo) of Shu. Shu and the plasma (screen) are one. We breathe it in and out. We help create it it helps create us.

    Shuuse (choose) wisely.

    “In the ancient Kemetic Scientific System of Cosmology, Shu represents the concept of the breath we breathe, which gives life to our physical bodies. It’s also the atmosphere that surrounds the Earth and one of the four elements of creation, i.e., earth, air, fire and water.”

        1. Frank…it hit me hard during the lunar eclipse last year… I couldn’t eat or sleep and was bouncing off the ceiling….I had an unexpected visitor on the 12th July and I asked him where the energy was coming from and he replied…… the Moon.

          Time to go to the Cat aholic church to worship

          1. There are two of everything.
            That’s not the moon moon.
            Or maybe it is but it’s not the moon moon.

  4. ripetere…

    Let go, Francis.

    1. Senora is apparently stronger than him. As the intercessor between humanity and the Divine shouldn’t he be more powerful than that?

      1. ‘Pope Francis’ decision to forgo wearing a mask has been noticed, with some concern, by the commission of Vatican experts he appointed to help chart the Catholic Church’s path through the coronavirus pandemic and the aftermath’.

        At the Prince Of Wales pub. Meant to be Freddie Mercury. It reads Prince of Wales on the shirt.

          1. Actually make that 7 billion or however many people there actually are on earth. He’s trying to mask their faces to God. Masking tape and tiki toks.

            Let go, Francis. The way forward is to let go.

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