Still Crazy After All These Years


Following on from my visit to the hospital and discharge from the Fractures clinic, I had to make another visit the next day. This time it was to check my bone density. The idea is that if you break a bone after a certain age it maybe because of osteoporosis. And Get Naked. At my X Ray the previous day I was asked to remove both my Texas hoodie and T shirt so I ended up bare chested.

First I had a scan at the Dexa dept and this time I was told to take off my jeans. The female nurse said the buckle on my belt for my jeans may interfere with the machine and told me to lower my jeans. And then after the scan I made my way to the Bone dept and I then had an insane conversation about the density of my bone. To cut a long story short the Doctor said she was happy with my bone density.

To be honest, even though I can see the underlying joke, I’m also relieved I don’t have to go back to East Surrey Hospital and left in light hearted mood. But that didn’t last very long as I found myself on yet another trip. I see these journeys as trips into the subconscious and a ‘Reflection of Reality’ and hope this may make sense of people’s peculiar journeys from time to time. This time into Madness. Opposite East Surrey Hospital are the grounds of the old Royal Earlswood hospital. This is an old asylum which has been converted into expensive housing.

What initially caught my attention was the white tree in the distance and I wandered over to take a closer look at the tree but also read the Royal Earlswood Park sign.




I didn’t go further at this point and walked my normal way back along the A23. About halfway along I came across a neural pathway and I can’t resist a neural pathway.



Into Madness.



And another tunnel. Can’t resist a tunnel either.



And the Writing is on the Walls of the World.




After the tunnel I found myself going down another pathway and then I looked up and through the trees I could see some of the building from the old hospital. I popped up a small slope and walked into someone’s garden but took a pic of the old Royal Earlswood Hospital first before scarpering in case someone asked what I was up to.





Madness, Crazy and Insanity is a theme that keeps repeating and is in the mix. The Shining seemed to be making a point with Jack Torrance and also movies like Shutter Island and Girl Interrupted and One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest are worth watching. And in the area where I live I think there were five big asylums within a five mile area before they were closed so it’s something that has always been there in the background for me.

However the Royal Earlswood Hospital adds another angle. It was the hospital where the British Queen Mother’s family had incarcerated the Queen’s first cousins.



The Hidden Cousins.

From Daily Mail :

‘The date was 29 July, 1981, Prince Charles and Lady Di’s wedding day, and as the Queen arrived at St Paul’s Cathedral and waved to the crowds, two women in late middle-age, in shapeless, baggy dresses, shuffled with clumsy gait up to the television and waved and saluted back to her, unable to articulate speech but making excited noises.

It was a poignant moment, recalls Onelle Braithwaite, one of the nurses who cared for them. ‘I remember pondering with my colleague how, if things had been different, they would surely have been guests at the wedding.’

The two women were Nerissa and Katherine Bowes-Lyon – nieces of the Queen Mother and first cousins to the Queen – who had been incarcerated since 1941 in the Royal Earlswood Asylum for Mental Defectives, at Redhill in Surrey. Katherine Bowes-Lyon was placed in the hospital, in Asylum Arch Road, Earlswood Common, along with her sister Nerissa and three of their cousins – Idonea, Ethelreda and Rosemary Fane – during the Second World War. ‘


Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother with Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret .


Reading the story and looking at the different pics of Elizabeth and Margaret and Nerissa and Katherine, my mind turned to ‘There’s More Than One Of Everything’ and Two Rivers and that maybe one of the rivers has been shut down and we only occasionally get glimpses into its existence. And the hidden river maybe the real river.

‘Somewhere down the crazy river.’


Nerissa and Katherine Bowes Lyon


The ‘Lost Girls’ is another repeat pattern that keeps showing itself. And Katherine and Nerissa Bowes Lyon manage to combine The Lost Girls and Girl Interrupted neatly.




And ‘Out Of Nowhere’ glitches. After visiting the Madhouse I discovered that a few things had changed. I think this probably happens all the time and it’s whether you notice it or not.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I had walked along the pavement to East Surrey hospital but on the way back I found that a wicker sofa had materialised on the pavement.



And a bit further along a drinking fountain had appeared where before it was just a grassy area. God only knows how many times I’ve walked past the area.



In Memoriam. Here is a pic of the Reigate and Redhill war memorial. It has changed just like that. If my memory is correct I think the statue was previously of two soldiers.



Also the First World War may no longer be 1914-1918 but now 1914-1919. You read it here first.

And ‘There’s More Than One Of Everything’. Interesting phrasing .

‘Who gave their lives in the Two World wars’.




Just a Little Batts.


146 thoughts on “Still Crazy After All These Years

  1. Fascinating article, Frank. I’m glad you humerus: laughter is important during these nutty times. And generally. Glad your body checks out.

    I came to post this about a ”glitch out of nowhere”:

    Wicker seems to align with the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker.

    I will email you a story about madness in a few days after the coast is clear.

    Stay well!

    1. Anon

      Thank you. Joaquin aside, the bone scan again seemed to speak of something else. Scanned the spinal column.

      ‘Chakras are the energy centers of the body. They are located in the astral body along the spine, starting at the base of the spine and running upwards to the crown of the head. The Chakras coincide with a gland in the physical body and each radiate a specific color and energy.’

      And this is crazy. 1914 – 1919. You want a sign !

      And it is a totally different statue to the last time I looked at it. Look forward to email.


          Glitches and there’s more than one of everything ? And it’s only History that says he ever existed. Like all history. 9/11 Never Happened.

          ‘Charles Ignatius Sancho (c. 1729? – 14 December 1780) was a British composer, actor, and writer. He is the only Briton of African heritage known to have been eligible and voted in an 18th-century general election through property qualifications. He gained fame in his time as “the extraordinary Negro”, and to 18th-century British abolitionists he became a symbol of the humanity of Africans and immorality of the slave trade. The Letters of the Late Ignatius Sancho, an African, edited and published two years after his death, is one of the earliest accounts of African slavery written in English by a former enslaved person.’

          1. Two birth certificates.

            ‘Life is like a node which is born within the flow of information. As a species of life that carries DNA as its memory system… man gains his individuality from the memories he carries. While memories may as well be the same as fantasy… it is by these memories that mankind exists.”




              Harvest Full Moon later.

              From CNN :

              ‘As if 2020 isn’t weird enough, it’s a year with 13 full moons rather than 12 — and two of these will occur in October.

              October’s first full moon is the harvest moon on October 1, and the second full moon will occur on October 31. That’s right: a full moon on Halloween.
              The full harvest moon will rise at 5:05 pm ET on October 1. The name is given to the full moon that occurs closest to the autumnal equinox.’

              1. That bluish purplish hue they use at duh, bait, is the same color shown in your chakra image at the point of the brow. More evidence of the uniparty’s UNI-brow brow-baiting.

                I’m deregistering to vote.

      1. I’m not understanding your message about these numbers on the monument. But I will offer something totally offish topic in keeping with the dominant memes.

        “WW1′” and “WW2” are misnomers. This was white-on-white crime that spilled over into white-on-non-white crime. Please make these corrections. Thanks.

        1. Anon

          The official date for the First World War has always been 1914 – 1918. Suddenly changed to 1914 – 1919. Nobody ever refers to it as 1919.

          And interesting phrasing – The First World and the Second World. The point I’m trying to make is that it may refer to something different than history says. May not refer to this planet / plane. Whether there is a Past in reality is another story.

          Also the statue has totally changed since the last time I noticed it and I pass it regularly.

            1. Roob


              It’s not the statue that was at Shaw’s Cor(o) na six months ago. Probably less. Don’t notice it until it changes.

              Here’s a clue that things aren’t what they seem. According to the link the sculpture was created by Dick Golden which I think you saw with the video.


              And the Dick.

              Intellectual here.

              Fuck Copse.


    1. Elena

      Nothing is too weird these days. Also about mirrors. The two hospitals face each other from a distance.

      Both in Shutter Island and Fractured the main character sees himself as a hero and both set in hospitals. Actually he is living in an imaginary reality he has created to block out guilty memories. But both movies end leaving it open ended to the Observer ( the film viewer) to decide which was the real reality. Or maybe both.

      1. Interesting parallel between the involvement of the Dept. of Defense and the body’s immune system to identify and destroy the intruder.

        We’ve talked a lot here about the threat real or imagined. And the different ways the threat manifests. Like the solar flare or emp attack that knocks out the grid. Or some poison is released and works itself through the water supply. A few years ago there was mild panic when bee populations were collapsing. Without bees to pollinate plants the food supply collapses.

        Why manifest as a virus? I think because virus connects directly to the latent illness in the person. Shame, blame, guilt, regret, remorse. But the virus doesn’t kill, the immune over reaction kills. The threat doesn’t kill, the response does. Like the little girl in the video with the fast moving clouds and her panic to go inside.
        Exposure and response. Signals to and from the brain.
        Anyway, this showed up in my Google feed the other day.

        1. Elena

          The CiC is sick – Commander in Chief.

          ‘The Constitution provides: “The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States . . . .”

          Gives him a chance to recharge his batteries 🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇.

          About the Cube.

          After my scan in the hospital I had to walk through three colour zones to the consultation with the doctor.

          A few days ago I posted a video of a trailer from Cube movie. ‘We haven’t been moving in circles. The rooms have’.

          And as if in confirmation. ‘This room is green.’

          1. Frank

            The hospital is located in Bethesda, Maryland.
            Bethesda means ‘house of mercy or grace’.

            The Green Zone makes me think of the International Zone in Baghdad. And it’s proximity to the Biblical Garden of Eden.
            The Garden Party and ‘you can’t please everyone so you gotta please yourself’.

            1. Elena

              Thanks. Good thinking ! I had seen the International Zone link with Iraq but hadn’t made the Eden link.

              Going back to the Garden but don’t think we ever left it.

              And four Rivers .

              You must be Joaquin.

          2. Of course there’s another possibility. Which is, that he’s not really sick and this is all just grand theater.

            This is basically a showman and why I keep comparing him to the human concept of the sky god, which appeared in the Garden and attempted to pull the biggest con of all time and failed. He exists in the human imagination and is behaving exactly as he should.

            And if that doesn’t quite make sense, just keep in mind this is October of 2020. 😊

              1. When I was in school, teachers seemed to be offended when someone asked an obvious question, to which there was an obvious answer. 🥰
                Look out here comes an emoji storm!

                🎃 Halloween is coming. Get your costume, mask included, and get ready to party.

  2. I was at the park yesterday and randomly a metal detector enthusiast showed me a coin he had just found. It was a Queen Victoria silver shilling from 1853.

    1. Swim

      Maybe worth some money depending on condition.

      And the Crown.

      A Sole Corporation.

      ‘A corporation sole, the Crown is the legal embodiment of executive, legislative, and judicial governance in the monarchy of each country. These monarchies are united by the personal union of their monarch, but they are independent states.’,government%20and%20the%20civil%20service.

      1. It wasn’t in very good way. The guy said it would be worth around £15. Seems like it would be difficult to make a living from it! Unless one is incredibly lucky. Quite an interesting hobby though.

  3. This account calls it ”In-Glitch” (ie English) yep! traps the mind in a falsifEYEd world. and U thought the printing press was for ”advancement”


    1. why in-glitch was made the ”official” language of contracts (binds) and is imposed on others

  4. The AI and cAIn line of actors and actresses put out a story yesterday(?) about J. Legend and her husband’s latest baby. Apparently it was ”still” born and the narcs couldn’t miss the chance to use it as a photo opp. I won’t post the photos here but you can find them ‘trending’ on project bluebird….Anyhoo, one of the featured photos is of tiegen sitting on a hospital bed “crying.” The bed is a super duper power ranger type made by a company named Hillrom (They were sure to broadcast the brand.) “Hillrom” not only looks like a combo of Trump’s fake archnemeses on both sides of the AI sle –Hillary and Mitt– it also just so happens to have been founded in a town called…badabingbadaboom…Batesville in Indiana [”in dhyana”] ….which again just so happens to be located in a pair of counties called ….badabingbadaboom…Franklin and RIPley. Bates also codes in madmen and ”psychos”.

    crazy story….

    1. Chrissy Teigen scrambles to ”Christ eye sign” which floats up the Legend of the socalled “eye of providence”.

      This symbol is used across organizations. Just a coincidence that Kenosha, Wi, uses it as its seal, as does the federal ”info awareness office” (ministry of surveillance)?

      Kenosha ~~~~ kenosis….

    2. Anon

      About Hillrom – Trumpf Medical. And Psycho and Sicko. This always sticks in my mind. The night before Whitney Houston’s death I had watched Psycho. Actually I didn’t watch it. It was on the TV in the background as I did something else. Shortly before there had been the weird Madonna Superbowl Halftime show and I had said a few days before if past history was anything to go by, I thought a big female name was just about to leave the scene. And it was Whitney.

      ‘Before its rebrand, Hillrom also developed and produced medical equipment under the names of its previous acquisitions: Welch Allyn, Mortara, Trumpf Medical, Allen Medical, and Liko.’

            1. SAItan’s elect trick clouds. It’s biblical.

  5. With the ”news” today, hopefully Trump wallygags finally see there is only one party and they ain’t even invited.

  6. Question to the aether: why do those who preach unconditional love the most and the loudest not love unconditionally? The contradiction/hypocrisy is glaring.

  7. I am myself. I define myself. My life is between me and my ancestors and Creator. I am good I am love I am balance I am strong I am compassionate I am whole. The Divine is with me. Full stop.

    Blissings to us all. To all of humanity, animals, mer-ine life, plants, Creation. Full blissings, full joy, eternally.

        1. The Illusion.

          We Will Get Through This Together.

          And the Crown. Queen cancels all events at Buck House and Windsor Castle for the rest of year.

          And Let It Ripleys.

          Going Beyond the Bizarre.

                    1. she doesn’t exist. that avatar exists to outrage and disgust you and to confirm your biases so that you use your free will against yourself and others. Crusade style. Trump and Biden and Pillosi don’t exist either. At least not in the way we think.


                    2. go to youtube and do your best to sit through all the ”cure for cancer” and ”children’s hospital” please for money and blood. those people don’t exist either. ”invisible children.” the filmers don’t want to pay real people to act anymore when their ai will do it for free. and they want your blood and money for free. the logical conclusion of slavery.

                    3. speaking of EMP Errors —”truthers” are leaning into the eye-deo that a natural cataclysm in the plasma is not only coming but is also inevitable. this is asTROLLogy, an inception of its own kind.

                      animals are hear to help us and us them. plants are here to help us and us them. planets are hear to help us, not hurt us. saying such and such alignment necessitates pain is false teaching imo.

                      note to the aether and all malevolent hearts: if you hate humanity, leave. humanity and animals and plants are part of the whole.

                    4. pandemic
                      d’ cain EMP (error)
                      pen a(n) mic

                      D(onald) Cain Emperor

                      China virus
                      H- Cain virus

                      (didn’t MVpeeps deduce long ago that H is simbolic of DNA?)

                      Here’s another D’Cain:


                      “Let them seize the day, we are seizing the future.” ~ Daniel Cain

                      fake future built on fake past


                      funny herman was EGO of ”Godfather’s Pizza”

                    5. thinking any emp storm will be artificially induced to ”get ahead of the curve”. a C section.
                      not an inevitability. not an inevitable natural event.
                      induced by caesar.

                    6. hole-y shit!!!!

                      scroll down on that cain site- the one posted between the %’s….

                      holey crap. i hadn’t seen the two ”characters” they list under their ”history” tab. one is trump!!! trump AIn’t real, folks. he does not exist.

                      also look under their ”services” tab….humans are obsolete…..and ”defense” is necessary…..WOW!

                      voting for windmills. voting for apparitions on both sides of the AIsle.

                    7. donald trump – DT
                      pandemic – D cain emp
                      D cain emp – D cain EMP Terror
                      Donald Trump Cain Emp Error

                      he is from the line of cAIn. he can’t let go.

    1. Full blissings, full joy to animals, plants, planets, viruses, bacteria, merine life, birds, rocks, minerals, water, soil, sky, ALL.

      Blissings, blissings, blissings to us!

  8. OMG I cannot believe the number of comments on here…..

    yeah still crazy after all these years!

    Frank, the tree in your opening looks just like the tree in the 300 clip of dead bodies I posted I think the day after?

    I don’t know.

    Satan wants us to mistrust each other.
    And a la Iago, make you believe the worst in each other (Othello)

    This is Satan’s modus operandi.

    And he works it in every close relationship you have, including for me mother and son.


    Jus sayin

      1. Well guess what?

        I got a new job and it includes working some sort of loader.

        I have to be capable of lifting 50 lbs.

        Yup yup yup

        I CAN
        And I WILL

          1. Ha ha! And just now, pulling into my driveway after out to get my beers, I looked to my “SIRIUS” radio screen with the little dog icon nest to it, to see the name of the mournful Spa “song” that was playing, curious before I shut it down: “And So It Goes”

            [just read your exact comment here somewhere….]

            And I laughed.



    1. It’s pretty clear from the screen shot above that “Greta Garbo” was a man. (many many Conspiracy Theorists have argued the same…..)

      The Greatest “Femme Fatale” (“Dead Woman”??? lol….) Movie Star of All Time!

      Ha, and just noticing (1) how fake her name is….. “Garb-O!” [it’s all in the CLOTHES. It’s FASHION!!!] and thinking that my personal infatuation with Holly Wood movies began with On the Waterfront and “Marlon Brando.”

      Garbo ( a man playing a women)
      Brando (a woman playing a man….)


      That’s Satan’s kingdom!

      It’s ALL upside down.

      The “Apocalypse” MEANS “lifting of the veil”…..

      WE can SEE it all so CLEARLY now …. when before we were “cast under some spell.”

      Holly Wood’s SPELL.

      I mean, you all WERE shocked as I was rewatching the ending of The Titanic, how CLEAR it was the “Leonardo” the hero was very feminine looking, SAVING the very manly, strong looking “Rose.”

      At the end: “I can’t do it!!!”

      “I’ll help you!” as “the male hero” can BARELY pull her big ass up over that railing.

      I mean, C’mon!

      WE CAN SEE!
      WE CAN SEE NOW!…..

      How come?

      Is it the approaching Power of the Christ that is making the scales fall from our eyes???

      So we can SEE the Serpent and all his demons now, formerly hidden, but now plain as DAY?


      1. A comment below this article I JUST read!

        Kaitlyn says

        August 24, 2020 at 1:58 pm
        Hi, I’m in middle school, but I do know that God will protect us. He says that He will be by our side our whole lives if we let Him and I intend to do that. I know that He loves us so very much and He will not let His sheep run blindfolded straight to the wolf. He would at least take off the blindfold so the sheep could see. So I think that if we pray with all our heart and truly believe we will get an answer we will. This goes for the people going through other things right now too, not just COVID. One thing my mom told me that I will never forget it this and I hope you never forget it either. Bless you all:

        People say show me and I’ll trust you but, God says trust me and I’ll show you.

        They are two very different things and I pray for all of you reading through these comments and this article that you are not afraid because Jesus is always with you. I love you my brothers and sisters in Christ and may much wisdom and blessing pour over you for all the days of your life. Bye

        1. OK, now here’s a “Deep Dive” for you all…..

          I feel God is showing me that Trump IS a “man of his word,” because I’m asking.

          I think Trump knows HOW to PLAY the GAME because you CANNOT be a “man of your word” in a DEADLY SWAMP.

          You’ll get taken out IMMEDIATELY.


          I just watched this vid, which argues that Trump is just “one of them,” that would mean a “close friend” of the Deep State, and its “Satanic pedo-vores” i.e. the Clintons, “et al.”

          Now WATCH the final clip at the congressional luncheon immediately preceding the inauguration of our great president.

          Go ahead, and I will “come back” to comment.

          It’s on Bitchute:

          “Trump and Crooked Hillary Are Friends”

          1. Hmmm, I thought the above didn’t post.

            K, to quickly argue my point without “naming names”….

            (1) That Trump is um….. SMART

            Way smarter than basically everyone around him, and WAY smarter than the stupid MSM gives him credit for. It borders on “cool,” but then I’d be afraid he’s the anti-Christ.

            (2) He’s not a [secret] friend of Hillary, PERIOD.

            These um, “elite.” They all know the hand signs and practice them REGULARLY.

            Just watch the “hand sign” the soon-to-be-inaugurated “President” Trump THROWS at Hillary.

            Whoa, and the WHOLE ROOM goes silent…sitting on eggshells!


            I never said Trump was a “good person.”

            I just said…. if it’s him or the Biden/Clintons and their Satanic pedovores who are STILL maintaining the “grounds” on Epstein’s Island:
            with its children-from Haiti-or WHEREVER-enslaved-in-cages-underground…

            awaiting their SACRIFICE at the FULL MOON or WHATEVER….

            I said, I’ll vote Trump.

            Who I PRAY is going after these MONSTERS.

            1. But I also DO believe Trump is a good man.

              A “Man of his Word”

              In that he TRULY wants to …

              “Make America Great Again”

              And I’m with him, baby, all the Way.

              WE CAN DO THIS…..



  9. In the Harlequin.

    No Time To Die.

    You Only Live Twice.

    I have a nephew whose initials are MDT. When he went to elementary school probably in the early 1990s, he surprised his parents by saying on the first day at the school his new best friend was MDT. Not only the same initials but exactly the same names. There was an article written about it in the local paper. Tremayne is not a common name.

    After his wedding last year, my brothers and I and families went our separate ways for the night. We all stayed in villages which had a pub called The Swan.

      1. thinking ”lucifer” the ”lightbringer” is the ”elect trick” shit stirrer
        literally artificial light.
        throws off and tries to usurp natural circadian rhythms
        replaced w faaaaaaaaaikkke alogorhythms telling us what to do when and how to think. a totally false ”god.”
        i dont know why electric gods like elon and perry and the rest are even used as ”signs” on this page.

        1. i hope the grid goes down and no real person gets hurt.
          it’s a useless prosthetic
          true healing, true life, true power, true divinity is just behind that fake ”resonance” wall

      2. haha! fitting name.

        goo and iron grid

        1. giving him so much airtime because jives with my intuition

          The ”UNI-VERSE all lists”. damn tyrants

    1. what human being even navigates by right angles? bloody unnatural and a consciousness dumb down

    1. I LOVE this clip! Sorry, I guess I see a little of myself in that puppy…. 🙂

      I tried to “LIKE” it and the “system” wouldn’t let me!

      Just like last night I tried to post…..

      Oh forget it.

  10. So now you know why I LOVE President Trump…..


    He’s the world’s greatest troll.

    1. It was a lot funnier to watch on CNN LIVE today with them all so sanctimonious (“President Trump has tested POSITIVE for COVID…..” OMG!!!! The sky is falling….. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!!)

      Yeah? So what? WE WILL ALL TEST POSITIVE FOR COVID if we let these psychopaths get elected via Biden!)….

      “Oh my Lord, the president is SO irresponsible for not wearing the mask, and now look, he’s got the COVID!” Aaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!

      But I couldn’t get the right clip…..

      This Twitter one? OBVIOUSLY Bloomberg (LOSER!) making fun of the president…..

      But here we have IN YOUR FACE…..

      the “president” making fun of YOU!!!

      Classic, OMG…..

      Too funny.

      I hope you “get it.”


      1. Now let me re-Mind you, lest it seem “Trinity” is “anti-semitic” or has some sort of “grudge” on, ahem, her former employers, in the MEDIA.

        Remember….. that the first “Christians” were Jews who believed in Jesus and that he was the Messiah.

        The first martyred “Christians” were Jews.

        “Jews for Jesus.”

        Ya know….

        There’s some people out there who think Trump is Jewish.

        He might very WELL be.


            1. “Trump in the hospital” reminds me of….

              Mark Twain!

              Who wrote in “Concerning the Jews,” a short essay after living in Austria around 1896:

              “All things are mortal but the Jew; all other forces pass, but he remains. What is the secret of his immortality?”…

              No answer……

              Well there you have it:


              You can’t kill them….

              Try, and you will die.

              Maybe you just have to…..

              Out SMART them.

              1. There is only one thing that makes a man “great,” no matter their “race”:

                Belief in God

                    1. I posted the above because how ANYONE can watch CNN, or ANY MSM NEWS NETWORK in these days…..

                      you’re not “woke”

                      you’re at this point “tares”

                      And they (mainstream media!) can only be watched as a form of entertainment.

                      Sad, sad entertainment to see, OMG, “Wolf Blitzer” get worked up and start spouting about some arggh uh idk SOMETHING.

                      And I honestly remember saying, back when I was under its spell at the time of the Hurricane Katrina deadly devastation of New Orleans, and just how WONDERFUL “Anderson Cooper” was, and HOW MUCH I LOVED HIM.


                      I’m sorry, Anderson! But you look like…um, not human anymore. Like a vampire who never sees the light of day. Like a um, well, idk, reptile creepazoid.

                      God love ya.

                      Because I can’t.

  11. the snAIke eating it’s tale. new AIge ouroboros. It only ”started in Africa”’ if it’s bad and evil. Anything deemed benevolent that is found in Africa is attributed to aliens or conquerers. I get her general thrust but, man, the anti-Africa programming runs deeeeeep, even among the ”enlightened, white indigenous”

  12. Bottom line (I would know, right?)

    This WHOLE PAN demic….. is a DIVERSION

    A diversion for you not to SEE what others are pointing out.

    It’s “FE”

    What the hell is “FE” you say?

    It’s the AWAKENING foretold….

    to the REALITY of Our Father’s Creation.


    It’s NOT what THEY told you.

    It’s something we need to DISCOVER for ourselves…….



    That’s all you need do!

    to SEE…..

    with faith in God.

    There IS no “Space”


    The “world” you know is CRASHING.

    (P.S. It’s a “good thing.”)

    1. I won’t subject Frank and you all with a ton of scenes from this movie.

      I loved it too, it’s great, I love me my Sandra and my George…..



      It’s almost enjoyable to WATCH the fakery….once you DIVORCE yourself from the emotional narrative….

      But that’s just ME.

      1. The Earth is flat.

        “Ant-arctic-a” is the ice wall that surrounds us……

        That’s why there is no “Antarctica” on the United Nations “map of the world” emblem.

        Just a grid (hmm, 33 quadrants!) over all the continents…. with laurels of VICTORY surrounding it all…..

        Our PRISON.

          1. Yeah, you better “get out of there”… ASS-tro-NOTs

            Hahaha, yeah. Get outta there! Get OUTTA “FREE MASON-ry”!

            Get OUT!


            YOU WILL….

            CRASH and idk…..

            “not make it.”


            Just say no, people, whenever Satan offers you the “joys” of taking his hand, like these heroic “astro-knots.”

            Ach, no….

            “I can’t go for THAT.”

            Ahem, JUST SAY NO….. WHILE YOU STILL CAN….

            The DAY is SHORT.

            1. “I can’t go for” lying to my fellow human beings about our WORLD.

              I can’t go for LYING … that there is “SPACE” or gonna be a possible “SPACE WAR”

              I can’t go on with the LIE that there was a “moon” landing….

              I can’t join NASA and not say the TRUTH:

              That WE LIE TO YOU (the “WORLD”) ALL THE TIME.


              NASA’s Astronaut REJECTS

              1. “Freemasons” low and high have ACTIVELY destroyed our “democracy.”

                ANY “secret society” SHOULD BE OUTLAWED in the United States of America.




                I spit on you

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