Dreamstate Logic

Further down the Tunnel.



Dreamstate Logic and ‘Reflections of Reality’.



“The final receptor completing an observation must be something real, existing beyond physical quanta, capable of receiving and properly organizing the distinct impressions of form and structure relayed by the effects of the quanta of matter and energy that we perceive as existing in an objective physical world. Since the interpretation of form and structure as information with meaning is a function of the conscious observer, this something must be closely related to, if not the very substance of consciousness itself.

Every observation is an instance of reality, primary consciousness, observing itself. It is the completion of a self-referential loop. Structure and form, originating in primary consciousness, is projected as a spectrum of potentialities. The process is completed when one specific structure or form is selected by observation and confirmed again in the non local space of consciousness.

Without matter, consciousness has no reflection. All consciousness exists from one source…”


Waiting For a Train.




Precedents and His Story. Waiting for a train.

From History.com : The Assassination of President James A Garfield.

On the morning of July 2, 1881, James A. Garfield arrived at the Baltimore and Potomac train station for a much-needed holiday. Just four months had passed since the former Union general and Ohio congressman had been sworn in as the nation’s 20th president, but his term had already gotten off to a rocky start. He had clashed with Republican power brokers over patronage appointments to his administration, and had endured a brush with tragedy after his wife contracted a near-fatal case of malaria. With the first lady now on the mend, Garfield was eager to escape the sweltering capital for a summer trip to New England, where he planned to give a speech at his alma mater, Williams College. Along with his two teenaged sons and Secretary of State James G. Blaine, he had left the White House and taken a carriage ride to the station entrance near the National Mall. Like most presidents up to that point, he was not accompanied by bodyguards or a security detail.

As Garfield’s carriage pulled up outside the Baltimore and Potomac, Charles Guiteau paced the waiting room inside, ready to fulfill what he believed was a mission from God. For weeks, the 39-year-old had stalked the president across Washington, patiently waiting for a chance to gun him down. Family members and acquaintances had long suspected that Guiteau was insane, but he had planned the crime with chilling precision. He had conducted target practice with an ivory-handled .44 caliber pistol—specially purchased because Guiteau thought it would look nice in a museum one day—and had even tried to take a tour of the district jail, which he assumed would be his new home after he was arrested. In his pocket Guiteau carried a letter addressed to the White House. “The president’s tragic death was a sad necessity,” it read, “but it will unite the Republican Party and save the Republic. Life is a fleeting dream, and it matters little when one goes.”









“My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard”.





And just another example how nuts some of this is and the neural pathway. I took the pics of the tunnel and train earlier this morning and sent Jenny the pics. Jenny was listening to a YT stream by Jordan Maxwell.

‘And was just listening to a new Jordan Maxwell interview and he had two quotes in a row…

~ the first one reminded me of Ascension and balloons “Your mind is like a parachute – it doesn’t work if it’s not open”.

~and directly after that, he said “If you see a light at the end of the tunnel, a Train is coming.”

At 54:37 .






Don’t need no ticket.


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    1. El Alamo

      The Poplar Tree.

      ‘The definition of an alamo is a poplar tree from the southwest area of the United States. An example of an alamo is a cottonwood tree.’

  1. Libra-Y of Libra-rise

    1. 🛇 TESSLLA

          1. Jenny

            Thanks. That’s how I’m seeing it. Two worlds. One is real and the other is not !

            Weathering the Storms of Life. As the world falls down.


            ‘Allow yourself to BE…Be confused, Be out of alignment, BE out of your comfort zones, Be willing to just let it BE. That momentum of Allowing opens the portals to a new expanded perception.’



  2. And the Ocean.

    Something going on.

    Kazakhstan may ban dolphins and whales in captivity.

    “We are all connected to the ocean” – Jean-Michel Cousteau

    Shark fin soup.

    ‘So so stoked to share some amazing news – the U.K. petition to ban the importation of shark fin reached its goal of 100,000 signatures! This means it will go to Parliament to be decided on, which has already previously banned finning itself so the odds are hopeful.’

      1. Roob

        If anyone has wondered why I’ve put up a lot of submarine stuff recently. It was never really my thing but one night a couple of years ago I felt and heard the whales calling and since then I’ve been helping the best I can.

        Save the dolphin 🙂

        And more weird shit I’ve been meaning to post about Dallas.

        Ruth Paine. And Rain is Marina.


        And Jack Ruby .

        1. https://media.giphy.com/media/3ofT5zrXQ3uPcQjqrC/giphy.gif

          ‘Sutro Tower is a 977 ft (298 m) three-pronged TV and radio antenna tower in San Francisco, California. Rising from a hill between Twin Peaks and Mount Sutro near Clarendon Heights, it is a prominent feature of the city skyline and a landmark for city residents and visitors.’


          Situated between Twin Peaks and Mount Sutro, formally called ‘Mount Parnassus’. Cade and I remote viewed The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus at the we kenned…

          Doctor Parnassus did a deal with the devil for immortality… */thinks…* A doctor seeking immortality in San Francisco…



    1. related to plasma.
      of the blood, of the aether.

      we’re apparently due for ye ol plasma spasm soon. due by october. toctober.

          1. Frank

            The retrograde makes sense within the framework of memory. As in the appearance of backward motion.

            Dreams, memory and em ocean (emotion) are connected in the Tree of Life in the Limb ic System.

            jmo, we are so close we can just about see, hear, smell, taste and touch it. 🙂

            *So you know, the first video ends at about 2:40 *

        1. Weird Or What ?

          On Saturday Jen and I watched Zodiac which is set in San Francisco. I notice this video is from the San Francisco Chronicle which is the centre of the movie.

          Chronos and Time and Zodiac.

          ‘Chronos (/ˈkroʊnɒs/; Greek: Χρόνος, [kʰrónos] IPA: /ˈχrɔːnɒˌs/; Meaning – “time”), also spelled Khronos or Chronus, is the personification of time in pre-Socratic philosophy and later literature. He was depicted in Greco-Roman mosaics as a man turning the Zodiac Wheel.’


  3. The World Turned Upside Down.

    Pope Francis says sex is good. Weird or what ? And food.


    ‘Pope praises sex and good food as ‘divine’ pleasures that ‘come directly from God’.

    ‘Pope Francis has said that the pleasures of a well-cooked meal or loving sexual intercourse are ‘divine’ in a newly-published book of interviews.

    He believes they have unjustly fallen victim to ‘overzealousness’ on the part of the Catholic Church in the past.

    ‘Pleasure arrives directly from God, it is neither Catholic, nor Christian, nor anything else, it is simply divine,’ the Pope told Italian writer Carlo Petrini.’


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