Only The Lonely

Only the Lonely.

Every Mother’s Son.



You are not a Loan.

‘A sense of separation from God is the only lack you really need correct.’



And Self Help and loving the Self. Easier said than done. There is resistance within.



Every Father’s Daughter.



The shops have started reopening here. I thought I would take a look around in the local Belfry Mall. Stragglers are returning.

It seriously felt like a scene from the Dawn of the Dead when a character asks why the Zombies are still coming to the mall.

But we all have our own methods of filling the whole.

In Them All.




Francine: What are they doing? Why do they come here?

Stephen: Some kind of instinct. Memory, of what they used to do. This was an important place in their lives.


And Free Key. It maybe something or nothing. Perusing the Belfry pic later, I thought that reminds me of somewhere. When Jen and I visited the Congress building in Austin, Texas I took this pic.




It’s Bats in the Belfry.






Stranger than you could imagine.


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    1. TTN

      Took the pic yesterday morning. Didn’t know about earthquake until you posted link.

      I remember that 😊. Good result and a shock. We were on a good run of results against Liverpool at the time. Steven Gerrard played his last home game at Anfield and we stuffed them 4-1. Unfortunately, the good results against Liverpool came to an end shortly after.

        1. One of the things I hoped was that at least Football had some form of reality. Probably not !

          I picked up on that a few years ago at Selhurst Park when we played Norwich. Felt semi real is the best description.

          When does the season end and new season begin ?

            1. Things might be quiet with you Frank and it used to be the same here.

              Bournemouth is the home of the pine cone, the train to the town used to be called the Pine Express.

              And I really enjoyed walking round on my own during lockdown with no cars and no people when I had the beach to myself because everyone believed in the fear.


              Now it appears we have had an alien invasion just when it hits 33 degrees 500,000 people many from London leave 33 tonnes of rubbish and take part in mass brawls and three people were stabbed right in front of everyone on the beach….a major incident was declared…seems to happen a lot around me.

              Welcome to Happy Land A muse ments.


              and guess what was in the middle of the brawl/earthquake in Happy Land only the last train to lone pine …….transcentral.


              Don’t ask me how it works apart from it certainly looks like the dream/matrix is collapsing.

                1. If he ever existed !

                  I was thinking about sync conversations yesterday. Bit like a conversation with my brother.

                  It can start with the Corona Virus and somehow morph into the quality of Tim Henman’s volley and Evonne Goolagong’s backhand and end up talking about Anne of Cleves.

          1. Or when the Old World Ends and the New World begins. There is something going on with the UK/US link as with the footie last night with Chelsea winning with the help of the Christian Captain America.

            And No 9 Peter Oz good told me a story once of Raquel Welch coming to the Bridge with Jimmy Hill….to see him.. I thought he was making it up.


            He was known as the King of the Bridge….still is.

            He was a true friend I miss him and not just for giving me cup final tickets. Or was it all just another echo or a mirage the days of future past.


  1. I’ve often wondered…..

    When did I get targeted?

    And I’m thinking it goes way back, to when I gave birth to my son and was committed to breast-feeding him, and I didn’t LIKE the way they sent new mothers home with ready-made bottles of what, Similac? So if you FAILED to breast-feed your baby…. you could just be sure he was safe with those bottles of fake breastmilk!


    You were are warrior if you breast-fed your child beyond what, a few weeks….

    When real scientists have ALWAYS KNOWN…..

    A child receives all the benefits of being BREAST=FED only if they are done so up to a YEAR.


    Because of the mother’s anti-bodies that protect the child and because the child’s BRAIN is still developing …that first year… and beyond.

    Just sayin”


    is never done

    1. Haha, OK Frank

      “Welcome to the Program”!

      I’ll stop posting, because I get blocked with my most important posts and my posts also come out wrong…

      Love you!

      Via con Dios!

      1. No, not “Love’s Holiday”!!!

        “Serpentine FIRE”……

        THAT”S what I danced to in high school….

        I finally REMEMBERED

        1. Yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah
          When I see your face like the morning sun you spark to shine
          Tell all the world my need is fulfilled and that’s a new design
          Oh as long as you’re near there is no fear of a victory
          But when I’m away influences stray my mind to disagree
          Ah wanna see your face in the morning sun ignite my energy
          The cause and effect of you has brought new meaning in my life to me
          Gonna tell the story morning glory all about the serpentine fire
          Gonna tell the story morning glory all about the serpentine fire
          Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah, oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
          I need to see your face in the morning sun ignite my energy
          The cause and effect of you has brought new meaning in my life to me
          The moment I find when I’m inclined to do my best
          Negative wins when I give in then I lose the test, not this time hahaha
          Gonna tell the story morning glory all about the serpentine fire
          Surely as life begun, you will as one, battle with the serpentine fire
          Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah, oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
          Surely as life begun, you will as One, battle with the serpentine fire
          Surely as life begun, you will as One, battle with the serpentine fire
          Gonna tell the story morning glory all about the serpentine fire
          Gonna tell the story morning glory all about the serpentine fire

          1. Point is….

            “They” are trying to exterminate us!

            And the only way to survive?

            Is to get up to the morning sun to IGNITE YOUR ENERGY.

            And live this one day at a time, until Messiah returns.

            It’s a struggle, and “the Negative” is boring down on us like a mf!

            Don’t give in.

            “Early to be and early to rise makes a man wealthy and wise.”

            Truth! That THEY don’t want you to HEAR….. Because THEY can’t beat us when we’re united with Our Maker! Following the simple laws of health from God! You know what?

            THEY don’t UNDERSTAND them, because?

            THEY are vampires.



            1. Amend: Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote:

              “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”.

              1. Only the Lonely all right…..

                And WELL, NOW?

                I EMBRACE IT

                Let me just say to you “MEN” out there who have trashed me….. all these YEARS in Pawling, NY…. before my own son……

                You’re not men.


                You will not achieve entrance…..

                Into the New Kingdom.


                Done and done.

                You’re ALL done.

                Via con Dios

                1. You hear me,

                  “Mr. ahahah, Bellucci”?


                  HE may not know it….. But I KNOW ….

                  you are not my son’s “friends”…..


                  1. Hi Jon and Stephen!

                    Jon appears on “Stephen’s Late Night” the DAY after my post about how I think he’s “in love with me” 🙂
                    and I could point out the “KEY” words: calling himself a “white guy”…. [Oh, you’re just a billionaire “white guy,” um RIGHT….] Referring to those “But” people…. [wow, comedy genius at its BEST] OMG, those “butt people” who are losers and resort to pulling out their “AK-47’s” …..

                    Um yeah….

                    This from the BIGGEST LATE NIGHT ICON (I’ll give you that….) who is now revealed as the BIGGEST SELLOUT of the AMERICAN PEOPLE of ALL TIME….

                    This man was famous for having only “white guys” (lol, and um, he likes to include the “Jewish” with the “white”…..) writing for his show, and was widely criticized for being sexist and racist because of it.

                    The EXECUTIVE PRODUCER of “Stephen’s” Late Night Show.

                    Watch his proselytizing about “RACISM” on poor poor Stephen’s latest “SHOW”


                    LUV YOU!!!

                    [Sarah Conner pointing her SHOTGUN at you ….



                    1. Excuse me, I should call you by your birth name, since I don’t even know you:

                      Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz


                    2. Why are people so afraid to call our um, Serpent seed, “Joo” masters out?

                      Well, “GOOD LUCK” finding a JOB if you do……

                      Yeah, that’s pretty scary…. I have to admit.

                      I’ve learned threatening to SUE them um, seems to be effective, but WE WILL SEE, won’t we……

                      But the thing about the Serpent Seed is?

                      If you want to “Fight the Power”! i.e. “THEM”?

                      You can’t, because they are like the “Predator”

                      INVISIBLE, with MASKS on, and fake names that hide their true identity.

                      They’re LIARS, not “Warriors.”

                      They will shoot you in the back, trick you out of your job, because they are


                      Sorry, just the TRUTH, Ruth!

                    3. Serpent’s Seed LIVE by that thrill of “Duper’s Delight”

                      They love their deceptions.

                      They get giddy about it….

                    4. So um to FOLLOW UP…. on me and the “sheriff”….

                      Why would I call him out on his incestuous “marriage”?

                      Well maybe….

                      because he’s been stalking me.

                      I don’t know him AT ALL…..

                      I um, thought I “liked” what I “connected” with EVER SO BRIEFLY when he came into my home….. 18 years ago…..

                      But the sad thing is, I think…..

                      “Power corrupts….
                      Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

                      Which is just to say……

                      “The road to hell is paved with ‘good intentions.””

                      But um, enough is enough!

                      I want to be FREE.


                      And ….

                      I AM!

                      I’m FREE

                      Doing the WILL OF GOD makes me free…..

                    1. I’m watching “The Chosen” and I watched Episode 5 tonight so I’ll link it here for you to get to it, I’m not “in love” with all the “hoopla” ” so I’d just fast forward if I were you…..

                      But this is a BEAUTIFUL retelling of Jesus’ first miracle of turning water into wine…..

                      For his mother


      1. TTN

        Funny you should mention Charlie Drake and Peter Osgood. The signs for me over last few weeks are saying a trip down memory lane is on the cards whatever that means and plays out.

        And got an email from my brother yesterday who said he had been in a Zoom meeting in NY with a school friend from Hogwarts days who I haven’t seen since about 1980.

        1. You should look up the name of Sam Tyler’s orange cat Frank he lived at number 23 back in 73.

          The truth was he just vani shed.

          I received an email yesterday saying time is running out tik tok and I got an invitation to return to the stone circle on Independence Day….should I stay (present) or should I duck duck go (past).

          It will go like a blink of an eye…..see you yesterday.

          Not looking forward to wearing the flares and the dodgy jumpers though.

    1. The Circle game is it real or was it brought to you from the wonderful world of Disney.

      “I was approached and contracted to Disney to provide data and a number of photographs of crop circles for the movie ‘Signs’ and its publicity. Disney PR people I was in regular contact with well ahead of the planning for the movie release told me that the team were considering hiring some people to create some amazing crop circles which they hoped would hype the interest in crop circles and in turn the movie. Other dramatic plans were also being considered. I voiced my disapproval and had nothing to do with their idea.

      I agreed to provide my research data and a number of crop circle photographs to be used as back drops for TV interviews with the actors and the Director, also at a number of pop festivals to promote it.

      It’s a sign

      The movie Signs was released on August 2, 2002 in the USA and 13 September 2002 in UK.

      The Crabwood ‘ET Face with Disc’ crop circle was ‘discovered’ 15, August, 2002.

      15th August eh 🤔

    2. It’s so stupid how they name these things after individuals who supposedly *discovered* or *invented* them even when they are known to have been known of by previous people’s -appearing in the art, songs, myths, etc.- but here goes …Planck’s constant.

      Btw did I tell you N.Tesla is a disney fake too, to help set certain so-called bloodlines up to steal more?

    3. “Beautiful”!

      But not “natural,” or “organic”…..

      Not from the Creator…..but clearly “created”!


      “Super natural”

      And if it’s not from God…..

      It’s from Satan….

      And his “fallen angels”…..

      You know, “aliens”!

      It’s therefore?


      What for?

      For sheep to be deceived into believing it comes from “above,” because it is “beautiful.”

      And into “believing” in Lucifer, as an Angel of “Light.”

      Not the darkness in the CENTER of this very pretty “butt” hole.


      The Abyss

      The “BLACK HOLE” he’s intending to drag us “Children of God” into when “his day” finally comes.


    1. Sew interesting, MJ 😀

      Another parallel:

      Mosquitoes – Malaria – Quinine – Hydroxychloroquine – Lancet…

      A personal exploration of my surroundings via the LoL:

      Beecroft – Silk River – Quinine – Purple…

      Gin – Fever Tree – Braintree – twins…

      Aten’s hun…

      Stretch Black and White…

      What’s the frequency knoweth? 😉

    2. “Depletion therapy” —seems in same spectrum as mortification of the flesh and anti-body phila-sophies that treat the body as “too much” and irrelevant at the same time. In fact, it’s a quantum vessel the likes of which little comes close. Just haven’t been taught/given the right OM (owners manual) for it.

      I thought malaria was a bad song.
      Smoking is gross. You have to be a smoker to insist it’s a breath of fresh air.

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