Nature Abhors A Vacuum

Ill Be Your Mirror.



Well We’re The Band.



Just a few thoughts.

Nature abhors a vacuum. I empathise !




The DOC.




Nature abhors a Vax.

Horror Vacui.



The Restraining Order.



And a Wide Birth.


Loki Down.



The Mind of Busy Ness.

What Is Real. The Laws of Physics or the Law of Psychics ?



And it’s not a Numbers Game.



Hoping it will blow over.




But Wild is the Wind.



I really wouldn’t count on it.


45 thoughts on “Nature Abhors A Vacuum

      1. And the Vacuum was there when Jen and I went to Mineral Wells in October on a Saturday at about 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

        Supposedly it has a population of 17000 but there were very, very few people. Plenty of traffic through the town but the centre of the town was deserted.

        And an empty shop playing weird music.

        1. Also when I walked through Waterloo Station a couple of years ago in rush hour and everyone seemed semi solid.

  1. In the Garfield comic strip today Jon says…I love you Garfield…Wanna know why? Garfield says…Sure. As long as you don’t break into song.

    Jessye Norman later confessed she had no idea what power descended on Wembley Stadium that night.

    I think I know.

    The world thirsts for grace. When grace descends the world is in awe before it.

      1. Mal

        And it concluded: “We should therefore say Covid-19 since the nucleus is an equivalent of the French feminine noun maladie … The use of the feminine gender would be preferable and it may not be too late to return the acronym to its proper gender.”

          1. Liberty came up for me today too. I’ll try to remember why. It was heel interessant.

            1. Heard someone say today that the Trumper’s “Q” God is a Quantum (hive mind) computer. Then someone said they think it stands for “Qasar” as in Khazar- the fake Q and fam occupying the Leb nanny state.

              1. Someone else said it is “Christ Consciousness.” Lol. Imagine evolving toward a computer after supposedly evolving out of a chipped pansy.

                1. Christ in the consciousness. 🙂
                  The ‘debt’ and the ‘savior’.
                  No debt, no need for payment.
                  We sure seem anxious to get back to work, so we have money to pay our debts as we demand payment from our debtors. 🙂

                  ‘Who’ benefits?

        1. I keep hearing folks refer to this ubiquitous ‘they’. I do it myself all the time. Just from your perspective who is they?

          I’m seeing ‘we’. Oui?

          1. And I was being punny repeating the “they”. They will call it a they.
            Get it?

              1. I didn’t dodge it. I explained why I used “they” and answered it was referring to the “immortals” in your article.
                Plus I’ve asked that question here a million times as well as the question “who is “we””.
                It’s becoming more and more clear to me that I don’t want “we” speaking for me all the time.
                Like the “we” crying for vaccines and demanding that I wear a mask.
                Go ahead and vax and muzzle weself but leave me out of it.
                Perhaps because I was born on a Sunday and that’s sovereignty’s day of the week?
                Also been thinking maybe the whole mono-theism thing is what delivered he’ll on earth. Who cares if “we” all don’t have the same God or pair of Gods (Jesus/Satan). The world would probably be a healthier place if “we” hadn’t all had our consciousness funneled through that white hole.

                1. Thanks Anon <3

                  Sometimes it just helps to hear it from someone else.
                  I feel a little less insane now. 🙂

    1. Mercury, the child of Germes and Veinus.
      I bet they build a vax and call it a mer a cull curie and Qwe says where we go one we go all and we are all you too whether you like it or not so here take the shot of germes up your veinus because we said so and if you don’t you are a danger to “us” and it’s “for the greater good.” And I bet the curie makes them all queer and turns them into alphabet genders all rolled into One. Like alphabet soup.

  2. Australian COVID-19 results.
    This morning a banner across the TV News screen stated that there were 4 cases from 9,700 tests in NSW (yesterday 13/5).
    4 out of 9,700 tests? That = 0.00412% of those tested were shown to be positive (whatever that means!) How much did it cost to find those 4 cases?

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