Facade :

‘The word comes from the French foreign loan word façade, which in turn comes from the Italian facciata, from faccia meaning face, ultimately from post-classical Latin facia.’




Who Are You ?







Eyes Wide Shut.



# Dream Team.



And the Plague Doctor from Norwich.



Facing What’s Inside.



Stay Indoors 🙄.



Confusion He Says.




We are faced with the most bizarre and surreal landscape at present. Attempting to make sense of it befuddles the mind and maybe that’s the idea.

I take the view that in extreme circumstances when we experience the feeling of ‘This is not happening and not real’ that is the genuine state of play and we see reality.

At the heart of the virus is the ‘Self’ going to where it wants to go I believe and we are being led to a new understanding of exactly who we are and how reality works.

And the Universe seems to be saying we live in a Topsy Turvy world and it is the internal Self which creates the external reality. By facing the external world, we face what’s inside sort of thing and vice versa. And much of what we value and think important are substitutes for the real thing. Possibly the entire world is a substitute.

It’s Free Key. From a key cutting shop. At times some of this is very subtle and you have to smile when you see it. And how does the Universe keep speaking when nobody is minding the shop ?

‘The most important things in life… aren’t things!’.

Does it matter ?




What’s the Cure ?



Continue the Research.


60 thoughts on “Facades

  1. Lots to think about with this one, Frank… Facade/Fuck Hard to start with…

    1. Roob

      I had picked that up with Face but for some reason not with Facade. Thank you !

      The Virus Modeler. Facade has a meaning for buildings. And model.

      ‘MODEL Meaning: “likeness made to scale; architect’s set of designs,” from Middle French modelle.’

      About the Mask. One of the things that I find frustrating when chatting about things with ‘normal people’ for want of a better description is I play ‘normal Frank’. Really I would like to get into a deeper discussion but experience has shown me unless someone shows interest it’s probably a waste of time and energy.

      I suppose if I take the ‘Reflection’ idea to the nth degree, that’s the part of me that is not interested in all this.

        1. ‘Rubin’s vase (sometimes referred to as “The Two Face, One Vase Illusion”) depicts the silhouette of a vase in black and the profiles of two inward-looking faces in white. The figure-ground distinction made by the brain during visual perception determines which image is seen. Ittelson, W. H. (1969). Visual Space Perception, Springer Publishing Company, LOCCCN 60-15818’


          1. I’ve no idea what any of this means, but.
            He wants the ‘facade’ painted black. Because black is too hot to handle.
            “The White House has not yet chosen a grade of paint, but Trump has insisted for years that the barrier should be black to discourage climbers. He has favored a shade known as ‘flat black’ or ‘matte black’ because of it’s heat absorbent properties.”

            That would be ‘blackface’?
            And I always wondered why Homey the Clown didn’t appear in whiteface.

            “Homey don’t play that.”

                1. Roob

                  That film reminds me of John Lennon’s quote, ‘Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans’. 🙂

            1. Elena

              One of the things that has shown itself is that many of the news stories seem to be based on song or movie titles.

              I’ve noticed with Trump’s tweets and headlines since he became President is they are full of song titles.

              Paint It Black. And Kubrick and Full Metal Jacket.

                  1. I know, right? Weird or what…

              1. Frank

                The plague’s the thing. 🙂
                The persona was the word the Greeks used to describe the role an actor played in a show. I guess the question is, where does the actor end and the play begin or when did we become so engrossed in the play itself that we forgot who we are?

                And I posted another comment which vanished so I’ll tack it on here.
                Pete Townshend said, “The Who don’t exist anymore”. It’s just the songwriter and the singer but the banned is gone.

              2. Frank

                The plague’s the thing. 🙂
                The persona is the word the Greeks used to describe the role the actor takes on in the play. So I guess the question is where does the act end or where did we become so invested in the drama we forgot it was all an act?

                Maybe that’s the process of creation.

  2. On June 14th (7+7) President Trump will be 74 years old or 888 months old.
    74 = 37+37 years.
    37, the most sublime number in the Bible!

    These 888 months or 74 years equate to 27,029 days = 151×179 and 1+5+1+1+7+9 = 8+8+8.
    179-151 = 28 = 7+7+7+7.

    From Mother’s Day 10/5/2020 to 14/6/2020, Trump’s 888 month birthday = 35 days.
    3+5 = 8
    35+53 = 88.

    1. ken apparently the universe is an intelligence test. accept off course i could be wrong.

  3. “Love of the world, shine on me, LOVE is the answer.”

    Thanks Frank! So true….

    I “approve” of this post (lol)


    "LOVE," dont'cha know, has a NAME.

    Just as the "Our Father" was corrupted by Satan to end with "and deliver us from evil…"

    Like "evil" is just this "THING" but as the Youtube vid I posted here [The Devil and You] and its wonderful idk, MAN, revealed: "Evil" is a PERSON.

    With a capital "E."

    And this PERSON, Satan, has corrupted our idea of "LOVE" to be also without a name, like a "generic drug." Available to all, CHEAP…..

    But "LOVE" is not generic at all, it's a BRAND NAME.

    By "Prescription" ONLY.

    It's the Narrow Gate, and few are those who FIND it.

      1. To President Trump, from a Super-Tough Lady: Dr. Judy Mikovits, a WOMAN, a scientist, and a loving wife Yah-WHO-ah knows:

        “Repeal the Bayh-Dole Act”

      2. Revelation 3:11

        “I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown.”

        1. Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight Trilogy,” starting with “Batman Begins” has been, welp…..

          ….my “Journey.”

          Satan seduced me (i.e. my ego) with the romantic idea of me playing “the Batman” and seeing myself in his struggle, then later as “the Catwoman,” helping “her Man” save the world…. I’d say now, a dark version of the Jesus + Mary story in “The Da Vinci Code.”

          It’s hard to see thru the Devil’s deceptions and seductions…. but if you pray for the Father’s help and for Jesus His Son to Walk with you, the confusion GRADUALLY begins to clear……

          SO what I’m saying is, the Dark Knight rises from the pit.

          Hell-o…. from the PIT.

          No secret there!

          Who is “Bruce Wayne” but a broken soul avenging his parents’ deaths.

          An orphan.

          All ALONE in the world.

          He avenges the wrongs committed by the mob against his father’s city, crimes against his “people” in Gotham …. in SECRET.

          With a MASK.

          You don’t see the Dark Knight in the final scene without his mask…. until we see him in Heaven (looks like a Florence, Italy, cafe to me, with yeah…. me! hahaha! “Catwoman”).

          The Bible tells us the Return of Christ will not be “dark,” nor will He come in “secret”

          (From https://www.bibleinfo.com/en/topics/second-coming-jesus-christ)

          Will Jesus come back secretly?
          King Of Kings

          Many people ask, how many people will see Jesus when He returns?

          “Christ’s Second Coming will be bright, loud, and GLORIOUS. This event cannot be hidden, every human on planet earth will see Jesus. He will come back personally and literally.
          Revelation 1:7 says, “Behold, He is coming with clouds, and every eye will see Him.” There will not be a person on earth who is unaware of Jesus’ return. Jesus Himself describes the manner of His coming. Matthew 24:27 states that the return of Christ will be like the brightness of lightning illuminating the entire sky from the east to the west. Verses 30 and 31 of the same chapter describe Jesus coming with power and great glory and with the sound of a great trumpet, that awakens the righteous dead who are then gathered from the ends of the earth.”

          “….the righteous dead….”

          WHAT ABOUT US?

          Oh, heheheh, that IS us!

          So in other words, I won’t be playing a clip from my beloved “Dark Knight Trilogy” to show our rescue…..

          I don’t think it’s a movie that has ever been made in Hollywood….except for maybe “Ben Hur.”

          This is the closest I can “imagine,” but from what the Bible describes, it doesn’t even come close.

          So, since we really don’t know what “the End” will look like?

          We are told to pray.

          In joy! Not “PAN-ic.”

          In joyful hope and expectation for our coming RESURRECTION.

          1. The “Man-dolor-ian” i.e. the “Man of Sorrows,” here also wears a mask.

            But his mask, his helmet (Hell Met?) is…

            the shining sign of the CROSS.

            The Cross.

            The Point of Crossing Over.

            The Way Out


            1. Frank,

              Yes, thanks. Bane’s mask as well…..

              But the one who wears the MASK is Satan. He is BEHIND this whole “world” of duality.

              He is the PRINCE of this world.

              I have the image of a faceoff between the Black Wolf and the White Wolf, and realizing {AGAIN, lol} that Satan is hiding behind BOTH.

              That’s WHY the VICTORY at the end of “The Lord of Rings” rings hollow…. empty….. seems…. like no victory at all.

              Because it was just one more installment of the “”MOVIE” series!
              The “Battle Between GOOD and Evil” is ETERNAL.

              It’s the MATRIX.

              Satan deludes us into believing His Adversary is Jesus Christ, and that he, the Fallen Angel Lucifer, Satan…. is the “Enemy” Jesus needs to finally CONQUER.

              No, Jesus came INTO The Matrix to TELL US entrapped within it, that Satan is not HIS “Enemy”…..

              but that we need to AWAKEN to the REALITY that Satan is OUR “Enemy.”

              NOT HIS!

              And Jesus showed us the Way OUT on the CROSS.

              The Way HOME to Our Father in the MOST HIGH HEAVEN, which is ABOVE this world of “good vs evil.”

              Jesus “took Satan very seriously,” for example during his 40 days in the desert of his Temptation, and Jesus NEVER MOCKED him, but it was out of compassion for the SERIOUSNESS of OUR condition here under Satan’s rule…. in this matrix, this prison, NOT out of “fear” of the Devil nor for his own safety.

              When he addressed Satan, it was in simple and powerful dismissal, much like Father Merrin in “The Exorcist”: “BE SILENT!”

              “Satan, get thee behind me.”

              Jesus knew BETTER than to taunt or mock the Devil with his “Fall” from Heavenly Grace and with the fact that THE FATHER has sentenced him to death in the Lake of Fire….because Jesus knew it would be US who would and DO suffer Lucifer’s WRATH.

              Now THAT’s love!

              And still, Lucifer has deluded us, seduced us, and finally BULLIED us into worshiping HIM.

              1. I know from being a student of “A Course in Miracles” that it mentions the “possibility” of never waking up.

                And I think that’s when I said goodbye to ACIM.

                And put my trust in the Bible and in most importantly, the Gospel, and ULTIMATELY, in my LORD and SAVIOR, Jesus Christ.

                Because we HAVE NO IDEA what we are doing, where we are going, and where we came from!

                The Course got that much right!

                But JESUS taught that YES! It’s true! YOU ARE LOST.

                And You must become like little children!

                Pray CONSTANTLY and ask for God, the Father’s, GUIDANCE!

                As well as HIs Son’s!

                The GOOD Shepherd

                Or you COULD become lost……


                1. Trinity

                  I’ve found ACIM to be pretty much on the ball. I think the Mask ultimately covers up the good stuff rather than the bad.

                  But it is the experience we seek.

                  1. Frank,

                    I hear you, and um…. I of course don’t mean to denigrate or try to TRASH The Course, which you quote and has led you to this point in your AWAKENING.

                    I don’t know, I really DON’T KNOW if the “Voice” in ACIM is that of Jesus, which it clearly suggests it IS, or is the trickster Satan, wearing the mask of Our Savior.

                    I just don’t know!

                    I will say that having “done” the Course for YEARS, and got through the Workbook TWICE, I do believe….. Not sure, because the thing about the Course is the text is VERY LONG and VERY repetitive in saying nothing you can get your hands on…. kinda mesmerizing in its lack of SUBSTANCE.

                    That said, Did it help break the chains in my own mind?

                    It does say at the END of your LONG LONG YEAR of “STUDY”…. in the “Manual” for “Teachers” that it is “just the beginning” of your JOURNEY HOME.

                    And it says basically to throw it out now…..

                    And rely ONLY on the “Voice” within.

                    And I can only PRAY to the Most High Yah-who-ah….


                    ….that the “Voice” within I HEAR is the “Good Shepherd’s” (“Holy Spirit”) and NOT the “Enemy’s” (“Ego”)

                    1. So I just came across my white hoodie with its “dip” stains on its sleeves… and thought, Hey, didn’t I buy stain remover?

                      Also wondering if I’m on the “right path” with my continued “posting” here on Merovee…..

                      Is it a drug like alcohol? Me going “online”?

                      Or am I MEANT to do this?

                      So I found it…..

                      It’s “SHOUT”….

                      And it’s “Triple-Acting”!

                      And I sprayed the stains and put my white hoodie in the wash for it to become CLEAN again.


                      Psalm 146

                      Shout Praises to the Lord

                      1 Shout praises to the Lord!
                      With all that I am,
                      I will shout his praises.
                      2 I will sing
                      and praise
                      the Lord God
                      for as long as I live.

                      3 You can’t depend on anyone,
                      not even a great leader.
                      4 Once they die and are buried,
                      that will be the end
                      of all their plans.

                      5 The Lord God of Jacob blesses
                      who trusts him
                      and depends on him.
                      6 God made heaven and earth;
                      he created the sea
                      and everything else.
                      God always keeps his word.
                      7 He gives justice to the poor
                      and food to the hungry.

                      The Lord sets prisoners free
                      8 and heals blind eyes.
                      He gives a helping hand
                      to everyone who falls.
                      The Lord loves good people
                      9 and looks after strangers.
                      He defends the rights
                      of orphans and widows,
                      but destroys the wicked.

                      10 The Lord God of Zion
                      will rule forever!
                      Shout praises to the Lord!

                    2. So yeah!

                      I EXULT in my “role” here as ….

                      The “WATCH” LADY

                      Let’s dance!

                      (I give you the “Extended Mix”)

                      I guess that MEANS?

                      I won’t be “going away” soon…..


                    3. TRINITY,

                      WE has this discussion here years ago about The Course in Miracles.
                      Here is one explanation from Women of Grace on 21/8/2015 –

                      We’ve been asked about the content of the book, A Course in Miracles, and whether or not this is appropriate reading for Catholics. The answer to this question is an emphatic “no”!

                      For those who have never heard of it, the Course, more popularly known as “the New Age Bible,” is a program designed to eradicate the Judeo-Christian worldview in the reader and impose a philosophy that is utterly contrary to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

                      For example, the Course teaches that there is no sin and that guilt and suffering have no purpose. It is also riddled with heretical treatments of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the entire doctrine of salvation.

                      The Course originated in 1965 with a prominent clinical and research psychologist and Associate Professor of Medical Psychology at the College of Physicians and Surgeons at the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City named Helen Schucman, Ph.D. Schucman claimed to have “channeled” Jesus Christ who dictated the Course to her over a period of seven years. She claims Jesus Christ began speaking to her very unexpectedly one day, saying “This is a course in miracles. Please take notes.” The dictation, which came in the form of an intellectual locution, went on for the next seven years.

                      Essentially, the Course teaches that we all live in heaven with God and that our lives on earth are just a bad dream.

                      “We don’t have to die in order to go Heaven. We just have to wake up,” explains former New Age practitioner and author, Moira Noonan in her book, Ransomed from Darkness.

                      “Each of us is exactly and entirely the way God created us to be: sinless and wholly innocent. The Course is adamant about this. There is no sin.”

                      This means that people never need to act responsibly and can murder anyone they like – even their children and people like Hitler and Mao and Stalin and Pol Pot and Idi Amin and Jim Jones will not be judged for their mass killings. So you can do as you like folks and there’s no comeback! No morals and no ethics required. No need to trust in Jesus Christ for Salvation. And I can say that if you think like that then you have been tricked by the devil himself.
                      A bit like this “virus” scamdemic which has deceived the whole world as the whole idea of germ (virus) theory is proven to be a gigantic lie.
                      “Biochemistry Debunks Corona”

  4. dance merkabah?

    Siriusly is someone’s having a laugh? they do say laughter is the best medicine but wtf?

    1. Dunning

      I started the article on Wednesday night. First thing Thursday I got a phone call from a MSK physiotherapist nurse at my local hospital.

      And Memory.

      In the article I included a pic of Mr Snob. At the end of last year I lost a set of keys. Absolutely no idea how. They were just gone.

      Anyhow I went to Mr Snob to have another set cut. I went into the shop and left them to be cut. I went back about 45 mins later and the man asked to see my ticket. And I replied I can’t remember you giving me a ticket. I looked in my wallet and there it was.

      And he said ‘No one ever remembers’. Another example of the double speak that goes on.


    2. All this dancing is just repeating what was happening at the Opening Ceremony at the London Olympics with all the beds and the black “virus” clowns infecting the place. Predictive programming. Several YouTubers have already exposed this.

  5. Vera Lynn is Viralling. And the war against Germany.

    ‘Dame Vera Lynn is to join the nation in singing her famous song We’ll Meet Again to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day. The 103-year-old singer will sing the tune alongside her family from her home in East Sussex after the Queen’s speech at 9pm.’

    1. Interesting discussions being had on “the loosh” factor. Go loosh? Very ghoulish.
      Not surprising virology is trending along with vril-ology.
      Recycling through the anglish alphabeta.

      Someone described vril as “false light.” That resonates. When someone calls themselves a “lightworker,” run like hell? Anyhoo, according to theory, the vril occupy souled our bodies like actors and politicians. Or maybe those guys have never been human to begin with which is why they all just do everything on Q. Like the dancing metacal staff. Never any room for error or straying from the script. Very bound and confined. I can’t imagine that is how “God” works. If it’s true the vril is false light, I bet it’s voracious— can never get enough. Are there such things as white holes? Wouldn’t it be a bitch to be real yet let a vril convince you you and everything around you is not to the point where you have zero intuition anymore. Totally ungrounded.


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