The Chain


Just thinking of ideas to help things along.

I had a thought earlier this morning that starting a global Chain email letter or text or however you want to send it would be a good idea.

Basically the message is I LOVE YOU and I’m including a pic from Jo’s Coffee in Austin, Texas of I LOVE YOU SO MUCH which I think sums it up. If you want to get involved please word it how you like it.

Jenny and I are starting the ball rolling and are sending a number of emails each to various people who are probably comfortable with it and asking them to forward it or create their own email chain letter and send it to whoever they want. Or don’t send it on. Some of them are individuals who inhabit these environs. I’ve sent my emails to those who I feel are comfortable with it. And there are others who I would like to send it to but don’t have email address.



i love you so much


43 thoughts on “The Chain

      1. Frank

        No problem. I never got into e-mailing, just texts. Which I sent out in the spirit of love to folks I know. Already got a couple of responses. One which said, ‘well, I love you too, even if it is only 11 am and you’re obviously already gassed’. πŸ™‚

        Good article, too. It’s gonna be rough learning just how out of sync our intellect and our hearts really are.

        Today is the first of the month when rents come due, with literally millions in the US not working and no way to pay the debt. Waiting to see what happens. Where is your heart? It was numero uno when I was born. πŸ™‚

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        1. Elena

          As soon as Lombardy in Italy went into quarantine my spidey senses started tingling about money and work.

          What are they going to do if you can’t pay. And do ‘they’ exist ?

          There is nothing to pay for.


  1. chains bind us .. going back a long way

    but who wants to be right all the time anyway?

    perhaps it’s the masochist in me but Iβ€˜ve grown quite fond of the cave

    all in good time

    love to all for all time

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    1. Dunning

      I get what you are saying. Not all bad but a lot of it was / is not a barrel of laughs.

      I’m seeing it as the equivalent of leaving school and going into adult world. Time to grow up.

      To everything there is a season. Etc, etc.


  2. There are no numbers.

    Lucy :

    “One plus one equals two. That’s all we’ve learned, but one plus one has never equaled two. There are, in fact, no numbers and no letters.’


    1. Background People, Governments, Companies, shops, banks, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings and Queens, and the rest.

      Bit of good news. I’ve noticed toilet rolls have made something of a comeback here though.

      The Background People will disappear at the Shift.


                    1. And the NHS and the video and Divine Comedy. Received letter saying my bone scan has been cancelled.

                      Well We’re The Band.


    1. Anon

      There are no numbers according to Lucy. And removed last part of comment. Don’t want the site to disappear again.

      Once bitten, twice shy.


  3. Breaking…

    … The chain…

    … of command…


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