Dad’s Army


Apologies for those outside the UK who may have not watched Dad’s Army. In short it was a BBC comedy which depicted a group of mainly elderly men not fit enough or too old to fight in the proper army but enlisted to protect the cities and towns and villages in the UK during World War 2.

The Wars with Germany. ‘Your Country Needs You’.

And the War with Germs. One of the theories playing around my head is that the Coronavirus is a cleansing of the World Wars and maybe all war. And the War is in the Mind.

Volunteers needed. That’s You, You and You.



Dad’s Army.

Don’t Panic.






From The Spectator.

Planet Corona.



‘Eyes Wide Shut’ and Trump.



The Mask.



It’s getting very weird at times. A couple of days ago I chanced upon this pic of Silvio Berlusconi. Plastic melts.



These are testing times. We’re going through the Mill at present in our own different way. I am very positive about this and see things as a sign of Kundalini Rising.

As I was told before my recent operation there will probably be some confusion as you wake up.



It’s in the Memory Bank somewhere.


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  1. So I have to watch it truly because I was in the other room just listening when it aired but the “first face” concept is about who you and you and you and I were before memories.
    Pre memorial.

  2. I see the corona virus as both positive and negative depending on one’s reaction and the collective reaction. Which seed gets watered.
    But MMEGS and/or the bot is wickedly punny.

    1. Looking at that again, MMEGS is just missing an R to make “germs”. Hadn’t seen or planned that.

      R for Rachel

  3. Hotel is derived from the same place as hospital and hostel. Hostel is like a host for EL. Or a host for a virus. Cruise ships are hotels on water.

      1. Frank

        I had a glitchy thing with that video. Instead of self isolate, I read self immolate.

        And the first face.

              1. The Blindside

                ‘The US has reported more than 607 coronavirus cases and 24 deaths. President Donald Trump said it had “blindsided” the world’.

                BBC News – Coronavirus: Cruise ship Grand Princess docks in California

                The I Test. Testing times.


                Didn’t know how it would manifest but knew it was coming. d/d 24th Dec. Hindsight is 2020.


                  1. Elena

                    This was the other mirror wordplay which occurred to me.

                    Self Isolation and Self Osilation.



                    ‘Oscillation is the repetitive variation, typically in time, of some measure about a central value (often a point of equilibrium) or between two or more different states. The term vibration is precisely used to describe mechanical oscillation. Familiar examples of oscillation include a swinging pendulum and alternating current.’

                    And World In Motion. Leave nothing on the pitch.

                    ‘ Loves got the world in motion
                    And I know what we can do
                    Loves got the world in motion
                    And I can’t believe it’s true’.

    1. On 9/3 the ASX 200 closed at 5760.6
      5760 = 24x24x10 or (8+8+8)x(8+8+8)x10
      5+7+6+6 = 8+8+8.
      -455.6 points = 4x5x5x6 = 600 = (8+8+8)x(5+5+5+5+5)
      -7.33% = 63 = (7+7+7)+(7+7+7)+(7+7+7)
      7+3+3 = 13.
      63+36 = 99 = 33+33+33.

      From worst drop on 10/10/2008 to 2nd worst drop, 9/3/2020 = 4,169 days or inclusive counting.
      4,169 = 64×64+73 days or (8×8)x(8×8)+73 days
      Or 137 months = 64+64+9 months = (8×8)+(8×8)+(3×3) months.

    1. Dunning

      Don’t panic.

      Utter Carnage.

      ‘The day has already been dubbed “Black Monday” by analysts who described the market reaction as “utter carnage”.

      And thanks for song. In the last month or so old ‘folk’ bands have been popping up. I rediscovered Fairport Convention and was listening to an old Pentangle song yesterday.

      1. No worries It’s a great song – i love FC & Pentangle too Incidentally did you notice it’s The Carnival Band? and the dad’s army episode which the YT al gore -ri threw up (purely by chance i am sure 🙂 is called High Finance? i watched it late last night & it seemed strangely relevant. crazy times indeed .. sometimes i wish we could put back the clock so just for old time’s sake

        1. When all was said and done, the costa the carnival Concordia crash exceeded a billion. Plus many lives you can’t put a figure on.

          The bloat sunk off the Isola de Giglio in the Province of Grosseto. The wreckage and carnage was gross and gorey. When they make a movie of it (as they did the titanic) the theme song is sure to be a grosseto. (sic)

        2. Dunning

          Trading was suspended on NYSE for short period. Down 1700 pts at start.

          Don’t Panic.

          And Dad’s Army. At the time it was shown it was very good. Now it looks like a work of genius. Wonderful programme.

      1. Frank,

        6th anniversary (8/3/2020) = 6 yrs or 3+3 years or 72 months or 2192 days.
        72 mths = 36+36 mths or (6×6)+(6×6) mths.
        2192 days = 137x(8+8) days.

      2. Last night I was listening to the story of the Costa Concordia carnival cruise ship crash off the coast of Italy after it hit iraq near the Isola del Giglio (oil gig). When it happened I didn’t focus on the story just picked up vague scraps of news here and there. I didn’t realize it was so bad! Like the titanic they said it was unsinkable, the greatest boat of all time.

        …Just now I looked up the word “giglio” and see that it means “little goat.”
        Whatever floats your bloat.
        Whatever sinks your gloat.
        Little greatest of all time.

        Turns out the captain, Francesco Schettini, was a little gigilo and ejaculated (sic) himself from the vessel prematurely after discovering the ship was a piece of schett (sic). 😂

        Boohoo the stock market.
        Seems the very first banks must have used livestock as currency -cows, sheep, goats, chickens- and from there onto heavy metals, oil, trinkets, bonds, bytes and fiat. But the latter is not more advanced, authentic or useful that livestock. One certainly can’t hide the condition of a sick animal (and it’s in your interest to keep it well) but Invisible things like numbers… those you can hide. Until boom.

        Pyramid schemes.
        The greatest bloat of all time.

        The bytes are crashing. The oil gig is up. The vempyras are going down.

        Let’s all stay home and make art.

        1. Concordia

          Speaking of hotels, hospitals, hostels, hosts, pimps, pirates, livestock, dead stock and oil gigs, I wonder if those cruise ship quarantines are a form of hostage taking. “Pay me or else.” Ransom notes.

            1. Dream

              When I saw Lombardy was going into quarantine my first thought was this is about money. And cheques and balances.

              ‘Lombard banking was a mount of piety style of pawn shop in the Middle Ages, a type of banking that originated in prosperous Northern Italy, called Lombardy as a whole during the Middle Ages. The term was sometimes used in a derogatory sense, and some were accused of usury.’

    1. I dunno why you mention that .. it’s not like anything of significance happened on the last full moon – certainly nothing remarkable in the U.K. anyway. it’s not like we all went out & made a votive offering or anything –

      thankfully here in the UK we are a highly secular & scientific country where sanity prevails & this is the 21st Century- enough of this superstitious medieval lunacy 🙂 You’ll be claiming they faked the moon landings next! 🙂

  4. “Super Worm” Super Full Moon TO-NIGHT!!!

    Get out your popcorn, the show’s about to begin!

    Almost as scary as the “Corona” Virus! (Sorry, Corona Beer, I always LOVED you…. 🙁 )

    Well, the REASON it’s being called the “Super WORM” Full Moon has to do with…. yeah, um, my parasite cleanse.

    And did you know….

    that there’s a Hidden Truth underlying the “phenomenon” of big, scary “werewolves” who stalk the land on the night of a Full Moon. Also the reason why cops notice much more “activity” on the night of a Full Moon….?

    It’s because the parasites that live in the guts of the majority of the population are most active during a Full Moon.


    It’s the simple truth Satan keeps hidden behind scary stories and fake science called “super” moons…… also behind the resulting mockery by brainwashed and brain-dead “people” who make fun of people like me who try to do a “cleanse” privately …..but everybody knows!!! snicker snicker, ‘Let’s have the septic truck roar by her house when she’s on the throne…haw haw…. and THEN let’s have someone call her from the septic company and tell her she’s their “best customer”!!! Haw haw haw) and yada yada yada…..

    Satan HIDES the simple, honest truth lest EVERYONE run out and get a cleanse formula and started fasting and praying to be finally rid of them, because, believe you me, the scary part is that “they” can live in your body it seems anywhere without you having a clue….. and when you do wake up to their “mind control” (um, yeah, food addiction and alcohol addiction) you find that….they’re quite quite elusive, hard to “spot,” INVISIBLE….. and ALMOST impossible to kill.

    That’s WHY we love this video and this song so much!

    We IDENTIFY…..

    And we don’t even know it.


    1. Trinity

      Worm originally meant serpent or dragon.

      Super Serpent full moon.

      ‘Although more usually used to describe the common earthworm, the English language word “worm” derives from Old Norse orm and Anglo-Saxon wyrm, meaning “serpent” or “dragon”.The synonymous usage of worm and dragon in English lessened during the following centuries. Samuel Johnson’s dictionary drew a distinction between worms and dragons (while retaining the word serpent as a definition of worm) and the last synonymous usage of worm and dragon as noted in the Oxford English Dictionary dates to the 17th century.’

      Just believe.
      Mark 5:36

      Reading the headlines of stocks plunging, with the “dumb” president looking on “unconcerned” …..

      And not-icing the framed Bible quote I picked up at the Dollar store as I was washing my juicing machine from its LOVE-ly red-pink beet juice (the color of uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh, the “Sacred Heart” of Jesus! It’s quite beautiful!)

      I like these Holy Scripture quotes because they re-MIND me…. they break for a second the brainwashing of the world to Be afraid!!! for just a moment, for that little break of light in the darkness….

      But, from the “Dollar” store? Really?

      Yes, and I’ve pondered this and while I’m sure that “they,” the owners of these dollar-store chains, like where I found my beloved white copy of the KJV Bible (or was it a plant? I never know….. that’s Satan), have only the best of intentions, these single, Reader’s Digest versions of the Word taken out of context are, Yeeessss, Satan, mis-leading the flock…. Leading us astray, and away and out of the oversight and PROTECTION of our Good Shepherd.

      What? How can that be….

      Because the difference from these “adulterated” versions (yes, like The New American version or The New International version (there’s a million “Versions”! LOL! a version to fit (i.e. justify) your every desire!) and the “original” translation of The King James Version…. is sooo SUBTLE you will miss it …

      AND you will miss what JESUS is/was/and ever shall be … trying to tell you.

      Just looking now for the quote that tells you WHY Satan has such a hold on our minds, but of course.

      It’s Genesis 3:1
      “The Fall”

      Genesis 3:1
      New International Version (NIV)
      The Fall
      3 Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made. He said to the woman, “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?

      Genesis 3:1 King James Version (KJV)
      3 Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?

      (Interesting: I just noticed the misspelling of “subtle” and the KJV word “subtil” is not in the MW dictionary. lol)

      First of all, the tone? I mean, Hell-o, way to make pedestrian the most Holy of Scripture, just sayin’

      It’s an ever so SUBTLE twist that leaches from the WORD its saving Grace…. and POWER.

      Like the framed Bible quote I put up in my living room that I bought at the Flea Market in Stormville 20 years ago when I first moved into this haunted blue house of mine:

      With a pretty young girl angel in blue robes flying thru clouds in a blue sky (well now I know God’s “angels,” like the mighty General Archangel Michael, are more closely depicted as POWERFUL MALE WARRIORS), it read from Psalm 91:11:
      “For He will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways”

      Oh good!, I thought and gave thanks to God.

      But only in the last couple years did I read it IN CONTEXT, and in the KJV:

      9 Because you have the Lord for your refuge
      and have made the Most High your stronghold,
      10 No evil shall befall you,
      no affliction come near your tent.
      11 For he commands his angels with regard to you,
      to guard you wherever you go.

      Important distinction, don’t you think? You must FIRST make “the Most High your stronghold” to receive such powerful, “otherworldly” protection that

      12 With their hands they shall support you,
      lest you strike your foot against a stone.
      13 You can tread upon the asp and the viper,
      trample the lion and the dragon.

      It’s not as Aleister Crowley (A-Lie-ing Crow who called himself “the Beast”) LIED to his followers by teaching his Satanic VERSION of the “Path to Salvation” with his commandment “DO WHAT THOU WILT.”

      It’s “Love God, the MOST HIGH God” ….THEN, and only then, “Do what thou wilt”….because of course, it must be prefaced with God’s FIRST Commandment, with the addendum “And you shall have no other “strange gods” before Me.

      READ THE BIBLE for the real meaning when you get your Bible quote from the Dollar Tree or from the Dollar GENERAL!

      To sum up, I find a supreme difference from the quote I look to every day above my kitchen sink, “Do not be afraid. Just believe.”….. and….

      “Be not afraid,
      ONLY believe.”

      1. 9/3/2020, Dow Jones opens about 1,884.88 points down!!
        That’s about 5,000 points down since closing 21/2.

        Time to trust in Jesus!

        1. Even if it opened higher than its ever been, there was never any reason to put ones trust in that hellhole.

        1. “The Exorcist” is pretty inspired, if you ask me. See this opening scene of the archaeological dig in Iraq that sets the stage for CHAOS, with Satan’s “X” (in the creepy Iraqi guard’s robes) and, ahem, the Serpent in plain sight.

              1. “A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a young boy’s shoulders to let him know that the world hadn’t ended.”

  5. Coronaviris main countries of infection – China, South Korea, Italy, Iran = SIICK.
    Or, if you don’t repeat the I = SICK.
    Yes, THEY are SICK!

        1. When talking about the current death toll in Italy, Brian Williams, a talking head on MSNBC, literally just said that a certain number of “souls” were killed so far. Souls were killed in Italy? Didn’t they tell us souls cannot be killed?

  6. In keeping with the exoteric, synthetic usury of the realities of dharma, chi, gold, crowns, etc (that is to say ‘pharma’, ‘faux chi’, ‘faux pence’, jewelry, etc), perhaps the DOW stock market is a high jacking of the word Tao, pronounced like Dao.

    “Tao (/daʊ/, /taʊ/) or Dao (/daʊ/ DOW; from Chinese: 道; pinyin: Dào [tâu] (About this soundlisten)) is a Chinese word signifying “way”, “path”, “route”, “road” or sometimes more loosely “doctrine”, “principle” or “holistic beliefs”.[1] In the context of East Asian philosophy and East Asian religions, Tao is the natural order of the universe whose character one’s human intuition must discern in order to realize the potential for individual wisdom. This intuitive knowing of “life” cannot be grasped as a concept; it is known through actual living experience of one’s everyday being.“

  7. Anon

    Continuing the Fire and Nuclear angle in the Mirror.

    All sorts in the Bible about being tested by fire.

    Corinthians 3:13

    Every man’s work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall test every man’s work of what sort it is.

    And alchemy :

    ‘So that the tested genuineness of your faith—more precious than gold that perishes though it is tested by fire—may be found to result in praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ.’

    1. Yeah that seems to be the kind of “test” in store.
      A reSPIRITory test.
      How well one breathes.

      Breathing in, breathing out; 吸進來,呼出去
      breathing in, breathing out; 吸進來,呼出去
      I am blooming as a flower; 好似盛開 一朵蓮花
      I am fresh as the dew. 我清涼如 一滴露
      I am solid as a mountain, 如高山 屹立不移
      I am firm as the earth; 像大地 一般穩厚
      I am free. 我自在
      Breathing in, breathing out; 吸進來,呼出去
      breathing in, breathing out; 吸進來,呼出去
      I am water, reflecting 我是淨水 反照著
      what is real, what is true. 什麼是真 什麼是實
      And I feel there is space 在我覺得 心裡深處
      deep inside of me; 空間滿溢 在其中
      I am free, I am free

      -Thich Nhat Hahn
      In the news clip, that thing about pensions. The elderly are going to get hit hard. The banks don’t want to keep paying social security or pensions. I wonder if we will take care of our elders.

      Friday the 13th.
      Fry day.
      Fire day.

      1. That’s lovely.
        I was just thinking Pope Francis might walk away from it all. He may be the last pope.

        1. Anon

          Interesting meeting.

          At first he was guarded when I went over to say hello and introduce myself but may have good reason not to do with me. Once we had got past that we shook hands. That’s banned now !

          1. So you’re getting married in Texas?

            You know… I think about the mindset that created the Vatican and the ruins and regulations of the Brutish Empire and even the bloat and gloat of US…and it seems like a psychological virus. Why everything has to be so convoluted is beyond me. ACommonwealth at odds with common sense, a Vat icant full of embellished pimps, and an Americant dream imitating the two….why have we done this to ourselves? Whatever happened to a simple life?

      2. I once lived on a boat in Eu rope and floated through canals of France, Belgium and the Netherlands. My industrial bones kicked in and I fell in love with the metal and doors of the lock system. In France, the boat’s cooking plate exploded and I ran through the cabin and jumped into the water believing my legs were on fire. I didn’t look where I was going. I just went. On the way up I saw that I’d entered the water at a place where there were silos -the sort that flare out at the bottom like a nuclear plant- and that the water was green. Haven’t been the same since. Lol. But never was the same before either so that’s a wash. Anyway, to comfort me a boatmate treated me to a movie in Charleroi. It was “Wall Street” with Michael Douglas. Five years too late but that’s eu rope.

        I tried to learn single point perspective on that boat but my drawings kept coming out wonky because while the rules may dictate stasis, the water keeps changing the angles. If you truly draw what you see in the moment, the drawing can’t be confined to a single point of banishment (sic).

        I hope we’re all invited to your wedding. 🌞

        1. Anln

          To be decided where we are to be married. And haven’t got as far as invitations either. We both have big family but if we can fit everyone in if they want to come, we will we think.

          1. There are at least two of everything.
            You can have a real family wedding and a faux family wedding (MV).

            1. We’ll see.

              And checked out etymology of Infect.


              Etymology :
              From Middle French infect, from Latin infectus, perfect passive participle of inficiō (“dye, taint”).

  8. Congrats to you both Frank & Jen. had a sneaking suspicion that it was on the cards.

    incidentally re the article I picked up on or made a connection between the “immolation” thing too – also “infect / inject” suddenly seems suspiciously similar too (mandatory vax?) just a bit of gallows humour :

    what did O.S.Iris say to Horus his son?
    “when you’ve worked all life out – you’ll re-member you’re dad”

    1. Dunning

      Thank you for the congrats 🙂 And the My Fair Lady video.

      I’ve been playing with the nursery rhyme ‘It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring. He went to bed and knocked his head and never got up in the morning’. And yesterday as I was in town, it started raining and a man looked at me and said ‘Here comes the rain again’.

      ‘The crown chakra is the seventh chakra and it is at the top of the “chakra ladder” which starts from the root chakra that grounds us on the Earth and progresses upward to the Sahasrara which connects us with the universe and the Divine source of creation.’

      One of Us.

        1. Dad’s Army (Dharma-Y) and Mother Mary (MM). A power couple. The first LOTUS of the United States of US.


        2. Frank .. we’re doomed? do we live under a dome?

          the atom is at home in a tomb or so eye read once upon an ancient tome some wear – if the sons of Adam are damned to stop a flood yew build a dam – The Crown a virus is fuckin’ scary

          none of us getting any younger & the cost of living it seems … well ..
          buckle up it could be a bumpy ride. birthing pains are never easy

    1. i’ve come to understand that there is much profundity within profanity
      if life bargains with a big cock up don’t be in a hurry to work out your sentience just enjoy the ride -savour every moment and take it slowly for the climax of a lifetime 🙂

      one of the things i love about Merovee is all the great music that gets posted here but more than that … all the wonderful fellowship over the years. Thanks Frank for creating something so unique & special

      1. Dunning

        Thank you 🙂

        At times it has been a Labour of Love but on the other hand it has been an incredible journey with some wonderful people.

  9. Right now at 11:06 AM NY time the Dow Jones is at 23,999.66 points or down about 1,000 points.
    11:06 AM= 666 mins into the day at 23,999.66 points!

        1. DK,

          They do just about everything by the numbers so it really is worth paying attention. For instance 9/11 was plastered with numbers (11) just as the 9/11 light memorial was. In fact I predicted the 9/11 event 9 months earlier after a major fireworks event in Perth Western Australia.
          Now, I,Pet Goat II is predicting the sequel to 9/11 which is said to be on a much grander scale. But for the time being we have the US Stock Market going crazy and Coronavirus spreading concerns across the globe.
          On this blog there have already been two major events listed from the past – The Madrid bombing and the Japan Tsunami that happened on March 11th not to mention 9/11 of course.

          1. And I Pet Goat II starts with I and ends with II 😉


            “The Anglo-Saxon k in Magick, like most of Crowley’s conceits, is a means of indicating the kind of magic which he performed. K is the eleventh letter of several alphabets, and eleven is the principal number of magick, because it is the number attributed to the Qliphoth – the underworld of demonic and chaotic forces that have to be conquered before magick can be performed. K has other magical implications: it corresponds to the power or shakti aspect of creative energy, for k is the ancient Egyptian khu, the magical power. Specifically, it stands for kteis (vagina), the complement to the wand (or phallus) which is used by the Magician in certain aspects of the Great Work.”


              1. Yesterday I kept thinking “don’t poke the bear, don’t poke the bear.” The bear doesn’t like to be poKed.

          2. “…in the end times a “strong” leader of the west, whom Daniel identified as “king” with the character of a Billy goat will be known for his stubborn personality. The prophet wrote that this king of the west calling him in parable a he goat who will be moved with “choler.” Webster’s defines choler as “a ready disposition to irritation. 2) Irascible marked by a hot temper and easily provoked to anger.” Oxford dictionary defines “being moved with choler” as “a peevish temperament easily provoked to anger.” Daniel forecast that “at the time of the end” this king of the west will “be moved with choler” with his ire stirred against Persia, called Iran since 1936 (Daniel 8:5). “

      1. Well the ‘999’ when flipped is a ‘666’ and there is a further ’66’ at the end.
        That number just happened to be on the Finance website for the Dow Jones when I logged on.
        Earlier I had parked my car along the Rockingham foreshore to go for my walk and when I came back there was a car parked next to mine with an ‘888’ rego!
        In the New Testament Greek 888 is the gematria for Jesus.
        888 = 37x(8+8+8).
        The Greek gematria of several of his titles are also divisible by both 37 and 8.
        37, the most sublime number of all!
        Not surprising then that our bodies so brilliantly made by God have a normal temperature of 37 degrees C.
        888 is divisible by 37.
        So are ALL triple numbers – 222, 333 etc etc.
        37, that unifying number!

          1. FRANK,

            Ok, and the Dow Jones is down 1,288.19 at 1:43 NY time.
            Will they close down the Stock Exchange?

            1. Ken

              We’ll see but interested to see Trumps reply. Most of the politicians have money in stocks and shares and bonds.

              I’m wondering what will happen in Gilts .

            2. This is where the homes we own get confiscated when bank backed mortgages can’t be paid and the land under them is claimed under martial law. We have been living a maritime line (lien) and forgetting about the land and our one true hOMe.

              I don’t understand why people would lose their marbles when they lose their money if we’re all in the same boat together. Money only works when it’s relative- one person has more than the next who has more than the next. When that disappears money has no meaning.

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