Stop !

Stop in the name of love.



I came across this on the pavement outside the Wellness Centre this morning.



The Power of Kindness.



It’s going global.





We’re multi facetted. To say the least.




Two drifters off to see the world.



Better together than apart.





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      1. Elena

        Probably not an easy day for you. Thinking of you. And at time of writing I’m off to Room 101 very soon. Bat shit scary. Super Tuesday.

        Atonement and the Ill U Sion.

        There’s all sorts of WW2 links to this. On The Beach and nuclear references.

        Atonement – Dunkirk. And Trinity has said this before but her surname is Kirk.

        Franklin and Eleanor.

        The dropping of Little Boy to end the war by Harry Truman. Etc, etc.

        It’s just another show. Leave them laughing as you go.

          1. Why post a link we can’t read unless we become card carrying members?

            I’m anticipating Democratic drama in Texas and Phoenix. Jestice k3nn3dy.

                1. Bezos’ grandfather was a founding member of the AEC. A brilliant disGISE.

                  “ Gise was a creature of government, specifically of the military-industrial complex. He also oversaw government work done with private contractors. In various capacities, he was involved in numerous projects, some of them covert. For example, he was a key member in secret meetings about the development of the hydrogen bomb. This guy had immense knowledge and experience about both technology and the workings of government. He was far beyond the standard bureaucrat, as his technical skill was not only theoretical but applied, with his career having been focused on space technology and missile defense systems. When he helped raise his grandson, Jeff Bezos received the full attention in being tutored and moulded for a life of privilege and ambition. Considering that, it’s not that Bezos as a corporate tycoon sold his soul to gain position and power in government, for he didn’t need to. He inherited the social connections, the access to private and public funding, and the open doors into government. “The question is what else came with that inheritance, whether it was all, so to speak, just on the receiving end” (National Notice, Interesting to Think That it All Began With BOOKS?).

                  Like his grandfather, Bezos always was a creature of government. His corporatist worldview, presumably, always leaned toward corporatocracy. And Bezos is likely being honest in his moral claim of corporate patriotism, self-serving as it is, since he undoubtedly doesn’t see a difference between his own interests and those of government. As a member of the ruling elite, he takes it for granted that government is there to serve and represent those born into privilege. The Gise-Bezos family is a variant of the Bush family and Musk family (John Thornhill, Shock: Elon Musk’s Grandfather Was Head Of Canada’s Technocracy Movement), in each case wealth and power passed from one generation to the next with a grandfather as the original patriarch who ensured the family’s legacy.

                  It’s unsurprising that Bezos developed a company like Amazon that has a shipping and information system of the kind one would expect from DARPA, as Bezos might have been modeling it on what he learned from listening to his grandfather. It’s even possible that with Gise’s connections, Bezos was able to hire former government workers and advisers who had experience in developing such systems. Either way, Bezos didn’t invent Amazon out of thin air. Amazon is a late product of the Cold War mindset, a distributed system built on the internet which itself was built on DARPA’s ARPANET.“


                  Did you say white sands?

                2. Peter Pandemic

                  From the same link:

                  “ As a side note, not only Bezos’ grandfather but also his stepfather, who he considers his real father, was a product of the Cold War. Again from the National Notice blog, an intriguing background is detailed:

                  “Although Mike Bezos worked as a petroleum engineer for Exxon, what’s more interesting about him is his status as a sort of quasi-orphan by virtue of how he arrived in this country alone in 1962 at the age of 15, something that would very likely contribute to a somewhat unusual mind set. He arrived from Cuba as part of what has been reported to be a CIA-run program: “Operation Pedro Pan” or “Operation Peter Pan.” A description of the secretly operated CIA program in Counterpunch says the goal of the program was to “separate elite children from parents (a Cuban brain drain) [ultimately 14,000 Cuban children] and generate political instability,”and according to one of the CIA recruits “to wage psychological war — to destabilize the government.” Evidence reportedly shows that this was done via the CIA working deceptively with a priest and the regional Catholic hierarchy to forge documents and spread lies to convince wealthy Cuban families that Castro’s government was going to take their children away.”

                  Lebenborn. Card carrying SS.

  1. When it comes from WHO unchartered means UN Chartered. Like Warren’s “I’ve got a plan for that,” the UN’s got a charter for every damn thing.

    Diana Ross brings up SS (another abbreviation of the country).

  2. It’s Batty.

    The UK Battle plan against the Germs.

    Part of the battle plan may include drafting in retired doctors and NHS staff.

    BBC News – Coronavirus: School closures and travel curbs in UK plans

    The Battle plan against the Germans.

    It’s Batty.

    1/1/2020 :

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