Gypsies, Trumps And Thieves

Aka ‘The Game Of Thrones`.



On 22/2/2020 the Gypsy King, Tyson Fury claimed the throne in Las Vegas to win the WBC heavyweight boxing championship when the Gypsy King beat the Dark Knight, Deontay Wilder.

The Crown.

Maybe it was a Thrown fight.





And the Pi Key. Pikey is a slang term for travellers in Britain and Ireland.

After the fight Fury sang American Pi.




And the Fall Out from Harry and Meghan and Prince Andrew’s links with Epstein continues. Is the Crown in trouble ?

‘They’ve lost all perspective’.



Maybe they should have gone to Spec Savers.




The Taj Ma of Hal.



And Gypsies, Trumps and Thieves.

Trump and Melania are in India this week and a trip to the Taj Mahal is in the itinerary.



In 2020 the Game of Thrones has started in earnest in the USA.

Burning Up.



And the Crown Virus is highly infectious.

The Princess Diamond.




Etcetera Etcetera.



Shall We Dance ?


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          1. Rain

            Looks like a Sun Lion is how I see it.


            And REWE in Germany is a grocery chain.

            REWE (German pronunciation: [ˈʁeːvə]) is a supermarket chain in Germany and part of the Cologne-based REWE Group. The name originated from an abbreviation of the original name “Revisionsverband der Westkauf-Genossenschaften” (Audit union for Westkauf-Cooperatives).

            But also Rehue which is probably more of interest.


            ‘A Rehue (Mapudungun spelling Rewe) or kemukemu is a type of pillar-like sacred altar used by the Mapuche of Chile in many of their ceremonies.

            Altar/Axis mundi

            The rehue is a carved tree trunk set in the ground, surrounded by a hedge of colihue (a Chilean native bamboo) and adorned with white, blue or yellow flags and branches of coihue, maitén, lengas and other trees native to the Mapuche homeland. In form it recalls both a ladder and the human spine, having a series of steps (sometimes a mystical seven in number) cut into it, rising up from the earth toward a summit sometimes bearing a carving of a human face. It is a Mapuche representation of the axis mundi[1]or shamanic world tree symbolising connection with the various levels of the cosmos and utilised as such by the machi (Mapuche shamans). The rehue is a symbol of great importance that is used in important celebrations or ceremonies like the Machitún, Guillatún, We Tripantu (Mapuche New Year ) and others.’

            Looks like a variation on the chakras to me.



  1. Dream, thanks for the sports link on the other page. We live in a tiktok world.
    Even sports are courts and rings.
    Basketball court tennis court baseball diamond boxing ring football field. Courts diamonds rings energy fields.

    1. Brilliant! Courts and RINGS! And, FIELDs. The f137d.
      It’s the POLAR play. The game is fixed. Somebody wants to “speak” for the ‘other’ side. Here’s a clue.
      the wall at the wall. The two pitted against each other. Now to the bookies…place the bet. Who wins? The UNDERDOG? Or the champion.
      It’s Venus against Mars. Either way, it feels like an imposed extraction of energy.
      Why don’t we just have a party instead of a “game”?

    1. Roob

      Great song !

      TTN brought up vampires on previous article. Reminds me of the Dr Who Venice episode. Surrounded by water.

      George and Amal Clooney’s mansion surrounded by water.

      BBC News – Shrewsbury flooding: ‘Highest ever’ peak could be recorded

      1. Bang on cue.

        Carnival (n.)

        1540s, “time of merrymaking before Lent,” from French carnaval, from Italian carnevale “Shrove Tuesday,” from older Italian forms such as Milanese *carnelevale, Old Pisan carnelevare “to remove meat,” literally “raising flesh,” from Latin caro “flesh” (originally “a piece of flesh,” from PIE root *sker- (1) “to cut”) + levare “lighten, raise, remove” (from PIE root *legwh- “not heavy, having little weight”).

        There you go. Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Day is tomorrow. Or maybe pandemic day.

        Love above all is belle of the ball.

        1. hello Frank. things certainly seem to be hotting up at the moment so thought i’d drop by & see how the merovee crew is doing. i have long held a fascination for the word carnival (the veil of flesh) to me it connects to the words canal / carnal / carnival / channel / charnel.

          Pi son Fury – he’s been “confessing his sins” ….
          don’t forget .. he has a secret potion … sorry .. lotion .. 🙂

          1. Dunning

            Good timing. We are still here. Just about. Not sure how but we are !

            The other thing that has been playing around my mind is its link to Ka and how Cars seem to reflect some sort of internal energy. The internal combustion engine. The Ka crashed into the Carnival parade.

            And about Pi Son and Ka. A car with a number plate Pi Son was parked outside where I live a few weeks ago. And Pi Day is not far away – 3/14.

            1. Frank .. yes .. that kind of makes sense – quite Gnostic in nature. spirit trapped in matter etc. don’t know if it’s relevant (hopefully not) but if u search “pison” – a sight called Pison Technology pops up at the top of search results (just missing the “r” ? ) I.T. sounds a bit macabre to me – in fact the more i think of it .. it sounds terrifying! sometimes i can’t help but wonder wtf is wrong with these people? they’ve won awards apparently! unbelievable!

                1. sorry Frank didn’t mean to “post & run” yesterday – in Pluto’s Cave everyone’s a little bit uneasy becoming incrementally … diseased ..… … until like Grendel would wish, we cease & desist … completely … deceased.

                  it seems to me that one message being propagated by the msm regarding the supposed pandemic is that we all must keep our masks on & firmly in place. 🙂

                  M.A.D scientists or alien technology?

                  1. Dunning

                    ‘Keep your mask on’ is on repeat. Back in November I was in Detroit Airport and I saw four Chinese girls in the airport wearing face masks and I thought there’s something going on with this. The signs have been there for a while.

                    And had same thought about Pandemonium and pandemic. London 2012.

                    Be not afeared.




          1. Ken

            Carn and Caro.

            carnivorous (adj.)
            “eating or feeding on flesh,” 1640s, from Latin carnivorus “flesh-eating, feeding on flesh,” from caro (genitive carnis) “flesh” (originally “a piece of flesh,” from PIE root *sker- (1) “to cut”) + vorare “to devour” (from PIE root *gwora- “food, devouring”). Related: Carnivorously; carnivorousness;

            And Carnival.

            Today is Shrove Tuesday.

            Carnival (n.)

            ‘1540s, “time of merrymaking before Lent,” from French carnaval, from Italian carnevale “Shrove Tuesday,” from older Italian forms such as Milanese *carnelevale, Old Pisan carnelevare “to remove meat,” literally “raising flesh,” from Latin caro “flesh” (originally “a piece of flesh,” from PIE root *sker- (1) “to cut”) + levare “lighten, raise, remove” (from PIE root *legwh- “not heavy, having little weight”).’

            And Radio Caroline. You may remember Radio Caroline ! The ship was in international waters.


            ‘Unlicensed by any government for most of its early life, it was a pirate radio station that never actually became illegal, although after the Marine Offences Act (1967) it became illegal for a British subject to associate with it.’

            All On The Board

      1. MJ

        You may like this. I’ve worked out I’m surrounded by water on the female side – Jenny is Pisces, Claire is Pisces, you are Aquarius, Rain is Marina and Lisa is Jordan. And probably more. Bit scary !

        Ironbridge yesterday.

        And double speak. I’m off to have a scan later today with the Fracture Liaison Service.

        ‘The DEXA scanner on the ground floor of the light green (green light) zone at East Surrey Hospital next to the Extremity MRI scanner and closest to the East Entrance’.

        I am being seen by A Carmen.

        Room 237 and Scanners. ‘237 are Scanners’.

        1. Mission Impossible and Cruise Control in Gritti (Grid) Palace Hotel. Doesn’t matter if it’s Diamond Princess or in Gritti Palace – the ongoing theme is Royal treatment usually ends under quarantine.

          And Lockdown and Lock Step…maybe?

          1. Jenny

            Tom Cruise is holed up in the Gritti Palace ? 🤔🤔🤔

            And Princess Di. It is my ex wife’s birthday today. Happy Birthday through the ether.

              1. And just another hint. He has been criticised in the media for promoting Yorkshire Tea.

                And the person at Yorkshire Tea who deals with their tweets asks everyone To Be Kind. And Arthur Brand again.

                1. Okay!

                  I watched this video before logging on to Merovee, and was thinking the same doppleganger thing about Anand Giridharadas and the Master.
                  Maybe there’s three or more of everything. And why are their names so anagramish. 🙂

                  1. Elena

                    He’s described as a TIME editor at large 🤔 .

                    It’s the same process I think. I’m hoping at some point we will come to a Ting moment and go ‘Yes. It was obvious all along’ !

                    I was also thinking about anagrams and mirrors in Dr Who. Bad Wolf = Flow and The Master = The Stream. Surrounded by water.

          1. The Leaning Tower of Dallas. There’s more than one of everything.


            And ‘If not, vote for the other Biden.’

            Democratic voters can vote for Biden x 2. This one is running for the Senate.


            “You’re the ones who sent Barack Obama the presidency. And I have a simple proposition here: I’m here to ask you for your help,” Biden pleaded to Democratic voters. “Where I come from, you don’t go very far unless you ask. My name’s Joe Biden. I’m a Democratic candidate for the United State’s Senate. Look me over. If you like what you see, help out. If not, vote for the other Biden. Give me a look though, okay?”

  2. US Stock Market closes down 1,031.61 due to Coronavirus fears!
    Interestingly this is 666+365.61 points.
    ie 666 points plus a point for every day of this Leap Year of 366 days when rounded up.
    And 6+6+6+3+6+5+6+1 = 13+13+13.
    In the Bible the number 13 stands for sin and rebellion against God.
    And if you want to round it up to 366 points/days then 6+6+6+3+6+6 = 33 where there are 33 degrees in Freemasonry.

  3. And remembering.

    All On Board.

    Memorialis : serving as a reminder.

    All On The Board.

      1. Frank i am writing about San Fran and boats in my new post and this just in 33 and 88 born in Auroara ILL he was a deep sea diver and mariner. Roob was talking about the Titanic which was built in Belfast.

        In his lifetime, Cussler was known for his books about underwater shipwreck discoveries — both fiction and nonfiction.

        He published more than 50 during his career, two of which were later made into movies — “Raise the Titanic,” released in 1980, and “Sahara,” in 2005. His books were published in more than 40 languages in over 100 countries, according to his website.

        But Cussler wasn’t just a novelist. He was so passionate about maritime discoveries, he even started a nonprofit dedicated to them — National Underwater and Marine Agency — a volunteer foundation dedicated to “preserving our maritime heritage through the discovery, archaeological survey and conservation of shipwreck artifacts,

        1. Remote viewed Depeche Mode 101 movie this evening, TNT…

          ‘101 is a live album and documentary film by English electronic music band Depeche Mode. It was released on 13 March 1989 by Mute Records. It chronicles the final leg of the band’s Music for the Masses Tour and the final show on 18 June 1988 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.’

      1. Jenny

        All On Board that’s going aboard.

        I thought I would post David Grey’s ‘Sail Away’ video in reply. As is the way of things it starts with a man saying ‘I’m not contagious’.

  4. Starting in 2014, Diamond Princess undertook cruises from Yokohama for Tokyo or KOBE in the northern summer season

    Princess line seems to have been one of its boat as LOVE BOAT in TV
    And owned Carnival corporation.

    On 9 April 2013, it was announced that The Duchess of Cambridge would name Royal Princess in a naming ceremony in Southampton on 13 June 2013

  5. Are these boats like real princesses…?

    On 9 April 2013, it was announced that The Duchess of Cambridge would name Royal Princess in a naming ceremony in Southampton on 13 June 2013

    Diamond Princess oberated in KOBE

    Pacific Princess was LOVE BOAT in TV

    Princess line owned by CARNIVAL corporation..


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