The Life Of Bryant


Thanks to Anon and Roob.

Nine people, including basketball legend Kobe Bryant, died in a helicopter crash yesterday in California.



With particular reference to Kobe Bryant in the first part of the article – The Man Who Fell To Earth.





Last week Monty Python member Terry Jones and director of ‘The Life Of Brian’ died. Click LOL.



The Life of Brian – The Man Who Fell To Earth.




And snakes on a plane. Kobe Bryant’s nickname was ‘Black Mamba’.




The Corona Virus may have come from snakes. It’s a Mystery Virus.




And the Fallen Man and Woman. Curiosity Killed the Cat.



The Sandy Shore.




Nine people died in the crash.

The Ennead.



From Wiki :

‘The Ennead or Great Ennead was a group of nine deities in Egyptian mythology worshiped at Heliopolis: the sun god Atum; his children Shu and Tefnut; their children Geb and Nut; and their children Osiris, Isis, Seth, and Nephthys. The Ennead sometimes includes the son of Osiris and Isis, Horus. It rose to importance in Dynasties V and VI and remained prominent in Egypt into its occupation by the Macedonian Ptolemaic dynasty established by Alexander the Great’s successor in the area, Ptolemy I.’

And Sunday was the first day of Shu in the Chinese calendar for 2020. Rat translates as Shu.



Wiki :

‘The earliest written Chinese character for “rat” (shu) appears on a thirteenth-century-B.C. oracle bone. In the Chinese classics, rats figure prominently in political satires, such as the poem “Big Rat” in the Book of Songs, which dates from the eleventh to the seventh century B.C.’

Shu : The Risen Man and the Void.



‘Shu (Egyptian for “emptiness” and “he who rises up”) was one of the primordial Egyptian gods, spouse and brother to goddess Tefnut, and one of the nine deities of the Ennead of the Heliopolis cosmogony.. He was the god of peace, lions, air, and wind.’


The Life of Brian : The Shu is the sign.



And finally The Aeneid.

The Journey.




So It Goes.


85 thoughts on “The Life Of Bryant

    1. Frank

      Our pain.

      The shoe and ‘follow the gourd’.
      The chopper crashed in Calabasas from the Spanish calabaza meaning pumpkin, squash or ‘gourd’. Which is also slang for head. You’re outta your gourd. 🙂

      And speaking of which, His Tweetness has promised to unveil this week the ‘Deal of the Century’ for Jerusalem. I smell another quid pro quo. 🙂
      After issuing a veiled threat over the weekend that ‘He, Adam 😉 has not paid the price, yet’. That’s his story and he’s sticking to it.

      But, there is no threat, there was no trespass and “It’s not your fault.”

      1. Elena

        ‘He, Adam, has not paid the price yet’. Sums it up neatly !

        We were talking about the pain of the Fall and I wondered whether something like the helicopter crash would show up ‘out there’.

        Deep pain.

        ‘To say I love you right out loud’

        1. Don’t forget Adam’s wife is named Eve.
          I see “the Garden” as the guard den with warrens and wardens – essentially “the Court”.

          Last week Trump’s lawyer said “this is not an appellate Court” and Adam said “you got that right!” Court of Apples. Court of Apple peals.

          Pealing away the layers, uncovering grief.

          1. Anon

            Weird, I was thinking about Lilith, Adam’s first wife. Lilith meaning ‘of the night’. The dark matter who refused to yield to the bright and was replaced by Eve.

            And Paradise, the walled garden, the courtyard.

        2. Insight…and the crash being caused by the fog.
          Brain fog is the inability to have a sharp memory or to lack a sharp focus.
          And today was the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the death camp.
          I remember, it was us.

  1. Heli-copter
    Helios (Sun God)
    Heliofant (I, Pet Goat II)

    The Laker’s Basketball team wore predominantly gold-coloured uniforms. (with some purple!)

    1. And the Grammies were swept by Billie Eillish and her Billie Goats (baby kids). She is celebrated as “the youngest ever”.

      Keys opened the ritual by preying for Kobe and Nipsey Hustle. Lizzo followed suit. I can’t help but go back to Kobe’s relationship with “King James”, “Jordan”, “SON” (Shaquille O Neil) especially. In this context there’s something about “Grammies” and “Lizzo” and “grandmama” and “Lizzie” (Queen Elizabeth) that stands out. Kobe had a crown tattooed on his arm (he wore his crown on his sleeve) and he died behind the lair of the Kourt-ney. It was so weird to see all those glittering celebrities holding a musical theatre funeral for those guys.

      1. Anon

        Kobe Bryant is going to be enshrined. Into the Hall of Fame.

        ‘Honored the way he should be’.

        1. Earth shattering.

          Japan 2020.Hindsight is 2020. IDK.

          The Kobe Earthquake.

          ‘The Great Hanshin earthquake (阪神・淡路大震災, Hanshin Awaji daishinsai), or Kobe earthquake, occurred on January 17, 1995 at 05:46:53 JST (January 16 at 20:46:53 UTC) in the southern part of Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan, including the region known as Hanshin. It measured 6.9 on the moment magnitude scale and had a maximum intensity of 7 on the JMA Seismic Intensity Scale (X on the Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale).[4] The tremors lasted for approximately 20 seconds. The focus of the earthquake was located 17 km beneath its epicenter, on the northern end of Awaji Island, 20 km away from the center of the city of Kobe.’

          1. Did you see how Kobe is said to have gone to Catholic Church in the morning and taken Communion? A spokesperson for his Church revealed the details. Her/his name is “Hermès”. Hermès, of course, was the secretary/messenger of Saturn and is symbolized by snakes wrapped around his wings.

    2. Ken

      The etymology of Helios is the Sun as you correctly said 🙂 .

      The etymology of Helicopter is a combination of Spiral and Wing. The Healix.

      ‘1861, from French hélicoptère “device for enabling airplanes to rise perpendicularly,” thus “flying machine propelled by screws.” From a Latinized combining form of Greek helix (genitive helikos) “spiral” (see helix) + pteron “wing” (from PIE root *pet- “to rush, to fly”).’

      1. Last Monday night, Cade and I remote viewed a doc about the fundamental recurring shapes in nature. The helix is one of them. We had quite a lengthy convo afterward about the helix and Generational Theory…

    1. Did you see how “bron” in Dutch means “source” and “fountainhead” as in water?

      Le bron. The bron. The Source.
      Kobe Bryant. Lebron James.
      King James Living Bible

      My guess is Kobe’s funeral will be full of water quotes. “The living water” and what not.

      Just this week I was looking up a theory about the black whole sun that exists at the pole underneath the plane of earth out of which the “green snakes” (The aurora borealis) exits and returns. It’s a trending theory about “blood over intent.” People give theories so much power.

      1. I have written a story called ‘Fountainhead’. It was in Underdog Anthology IX:

        No helicopter but it does involve vertical flight.

      2. Anon

        Slight tangent and not sure how it is connected but a British actress called Eleanor Bron popped into my head on Friday night I think. She was known as ‘The Thinking Man’ s Crumpet’ which is a term for a nice looking lady. She is probably best well known for her role in The Beatles movie ‘Help’.

        1. I got “lost” on a drive today so just wandered around in my car stopping and turning randomly. I randomly pulled into a parking lot and in front of me was a sign that said Jesus is All. I drove away and another sign appeared reading “Living Water” with a 🚰 symbol beside it. At one point I past Street “Tangent” and laughed.

    1. In that video he talks about the 2 ball symbolism (as in tubal Cain). Did anyone else wonder why a baseball coach was going to a basketball camp? I know there’s spillover (no pun intended) with sports but wondering if the burning bush was a sacrifice of or to tubal games.


    1. Not to mention a Kardashian apparently used that same pilot and helicopter a few weeks before. God knows what kinda chi she left in there.

  2. There was a SONday night service for Kobe near the Kardashian lair. I think it was performed in the Church of Franklin.

    “Kirk Franklin gave praise to “Jesus the King, because it is all about Him” after bagging the award for Best Gospel Performance for his song “Love Theory” at the 62nd annual Grammy Awards on Sunday in Los Angeles.”

    Frank is a black man who does go spells. 😆

    Will we be ok? Will we BE OK? (KOBE)

  3. In the article I mention the Year of the Rat. It’s the year of the metal Rat. I’m a Metal Rat – born in 1960.

    I went to Fracture clinic for follow up about my broken humerus. It’s not healing correctly and I will be having shoulder surgery. I will have a metal plate put in.

    Five Elements of Chinese medicine.

    Metal, Wood, Fire, Earth and Water.

        1. Nan Lu he say :

          “Everything that appears in the physical realm is always connected with energy flow at the invisible level.” – Nan Lu


    “ I thought the Wisconsin band’s impressive new album, i,i, provocatively addressed “the towers in New York” and being “young and gay then” until I read the lyrics about “the towers and the oar” and being “young when you were gave it.” The nonsense track titles—“Yi,” “Jelmore”—appear to refer to certain mouth-sounds, not their corresponding words (yeah, angel more) in the songs. Bon Iver advertised the album with the slogan “Keep it restaurant,” which is a joke on the delivery of the lyric “Keep it rational,” which shows up in the new song “Sh’Diah,” whose title abbreviates “Shittiest Day in American History,” which refers to the Wednesday after Donald Trump’s election.”

    1. Wouldn’t be surprised if they were harvesting organs bigly and moving everyone out of the way so that they could in those brand new hospitals that were somehow just laying there empty. Maybe harvesting “corona glands” (pineals, etc). Interesting that the virus was announced right after the latest trade deal between Trump and China. Quid pro quo.


      1. Didn’t we say here many moons ago that the word “sin” actually developed from the word sino, the Chinese word for “moon”? “Born into sino.” “Born under sino”.

        What are they birthing there?

        Wuhan. Huwan (human).

  5. 2/2/2020 is Superbowl Day which is 7 days after the Bryants died on 26/1/2020 and also the 33rd day of the year with 333 days remaining.
    2+2+2+2 = 8.
    2x2x2x2 = 8+8.
    2/23/2020 (US date style) also has 322 both forward and in reverse for Skull and Bones.
    From 11/9/2001 (9/11) to 2/2/2020 =
    18 years and 18+18+18+18+18+18+18+18 days.
    Convert that to triple 6’s (9 of them) =
    6+6+6yrs + (6+6+6)+(6+6+6)+(6+6+6)+(6+6+6)+(6+6+6)+(6+6+6)+(6+6+6)+(6+6+6) days.

    1. From 11/9/2001 (9/11) to 2/2/2020 is also –
      22+22+22+22+22+22+22+22+22+22 months and 22 days, or,
      11+11+11+11+11+11+11+11+11+11+11+11+11+11+11+11+11+11+11+11 months and 11+11 days.
      Yes, 220 months and 22 days.
      So, not only multiple 18’s but also multiple 22’s and multiple 11’s (which is what 9/11 was all about).
      Is 2/2/2020 going to be the big day then have their much worse sequel to 9/11?

      1. Ken, have you heard of the theory that this world revolves around the number 44? Like 44-0 hz and so forth. 0202 2020 will be 44 44. I think we may be in the exact center of the loop 8. Right in the middle. Where past and present, front and back, here and gone merge. It’s bizzare that the Grammys were held in the home stadium of Kobe’s team.

        I’m thinking guarding one’s sight is especially important including not looking back and not looking at the phantasmagora being generated ruthlessly. Like that stuff supposedly out of China- don’t click on it.

        1. Sorry I meant that date will be 44. Not sure why WordPress added a hyperlink to it. My advice is don’t click. Don’t open it.

          Speaking of sight, Trump’s new deal with Net******* calls for “tunnel vision”. If you read between the lines.

        2. ANON,

          Your observations are most interesting!
          I have not heard that the world revolves around the number 44 but I know that when they had the light memorial for the twin towers in NYC they had 44+44 xenon lights shining up into the sky forming a giant numeral 11 from 11am to 11pm very day for 33 days.
          Similarly, on Australia Day after the Bali Bombing 1yr 1moth and 1 day after 9/11, they had 88 (44+44) light beacons drop down to the Swan River before the fireworks in memory of the supposed 88 Australians killed in Bali.

          1. Very interesting, Ken!
            Kobe’s last tweet was to “King James” (Bible code imo)nand included the text
            33 is “CC or ‘Christ Consciousness’ or a level of fr33masonry, depending on how you spin it.
            44 is the principle operating this world
            Not sure about the 6
            I’m seeing 666+2 though not sure if that’s here or there.

            The corona thing started in Chi-na. It crossed over to US and landed in Kobe’s county and Chi-cago and some other places (following only loosely). His daughters nickname was Gigi which sounds like chichi. At the Grammys the host announced they were in “the house that Kobe built” and the big winner of the night was a silly girl plastered with the scales of “Gucci” – goo chi- in a black and neon ensemble resembling the colors of the serpent-like auroras at the pole as well as black and green mambas.

            Seems to be all about chi.

            1. Forgot to mention that just before corona and Kobe there was the Exodus of h&m and Archie. Our chi.

              These things consume and drain collective chi.

              Look but don’t stare or don’t look at all.

          2. I’ve been wondering who the “pillars” (pallbearers) will be at the funeral or if they’ll just cremate him further. I know that sounds rough. Apologies. Your post about Trumps tunnel vision for dividing Jerusalem makes me think of the word Cleveland which always makes me think of cleaving land -dividing it. King James plays for Cleveland no surprise there. A few b-ball games on the night of Kobe’s death finished with the numbers of 44.

          3. Ken, I think Trump is one of the “trumpets” in the Book of Revelations. Imo trumpets is “TrumpPence”. Pence is from Indiana. Columbus, in fact, and he went to District of Columbus as a VPer while Trump’s tower is on Columbus Circle (CC) in NYC. This is pure babble but Wuhan is located at the conFLUence of the Han and Yang-tze Rivers and is a consolidation of three former cities known as the Han cities, namely Hankou, Hanyang, and Wuchang. Pence went to a college named HANover. If everything is a fractal, I guess it’s not far fetched to find patterns between a Christian evangelical from the Midwest and a region in China no one ever heard of before last weeks.

    1. Those two are gross. Gates isn’t just in the computer business. He’s doing something altogether different. They’ve been injecting people with all kinds of sh** in Africa for way too long. Testing things out. And all those “flu” shots medical people shove down everyone’s throats…that’s more groundwork imo

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