27 thoughts on “Sandy Shore

            1. He died on a hill in a burning bush. Last tweet was to King James who supplanted him.

              Right behind the Kardashian lairs.

            2. He patterned his game after MJ and soon surpassed SO’N.

              I guess when the matrix calls your number, no money and no plans can help.

            1. Surrounded by water.

                    1. Ricky Gervais on Golden Globe 2020….”Let’s go out with a bang, let’s have a laugh at your expense. Remember, they’re just jokes. We’re all gonna die soon and there’s no sequel, so remember that.

                  1. Mamba has a green color – It was a nickname of Kobe who was ritually sacrificed – Grammy awards Billie Eillis has a green color of mamba on her hair and dres, grammy was hosteed in LA Lakers stadium, In China began a year of RAT and it has a Corona virus pandemia…they said a source of infection was a Snake who ate a RAT. This couldnt be more strange. We already know how the satanic elites are working in their rituals.

                    Question is …W.H.O. IS THE RAT??? and who spread the virus?

                    1. Billie wore green and black. There are green and “black” Mambas. Her outfit even looked like it had scales on it. I think it was branded with the Gucci label. Gucci is “goo chi”. In one of her videos she has “black goo” coming out of her eyes and her chi reeks of death. I can’t even really look at her videos they are so gratuitously and stupidly “dark”. That parents allow their children to consume that crap is beyond me. The music and images are all about the rape and drugging and mental splitting of a minor. Very gross. I don’t believe for a second she is “a creative independent”

                    2. And the symbolism of a minor getting all those trophies from the satanic adults and suits in the audience who approve of her allowing herself to be used like a garbage bin —just what impressionable consumer-made kids need. Her fans are apparently called “Billie Goats”. Which alludes to that mythological bisexual beast character they show as well as “greatest of all time”- something the narcissistic collective is obsessed with measuring. Also baby goats are called “kids”.

                      I watched a bit of the Grammies because I was with people who wanted to and to listen to a bit of music after the constant news about Kobe. I didn’t see a wick of music- just a shitload of performances and trying so hard. Alicia Keys was the host again. Keys and CIA stand out. She sang an anthem for the “underdog” and was lifted on a throne that raised out of a pit to play her keys in the air.

              1. If sports games are rituals and avatars and the activities of idols on them are similar to the chess games in royal “courts”, (“baals on the court”) – what do you think of the symbolism that Jordan gave the torch to Bryant and Bryant passed it on the King James? The river Jordon recalls Moses again.

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