40 thoughts on “Holes

                  1. And about the Chef and knife. I was putting a Jamie Oliver knife and chalk and cheeseboard back into its box a few hours ago.

                    Mirrors or kaleidoscope or diamond facets or god only knows.

                    1. The queen was “saddened”. What a deflated statement.

                      Usman Khan with a hoax strap-on (bomb).

                      “Con us, man with a hoax bombshell.”

                  2. house of cards is falling down, falling down

                    “The Cook, the Applogist and the Butler”


                    The assailant purportedly used a “butcher knife”. He was a “cook”? The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker….

                    The bomb was a hoax. House of Cards (HOC). Two houses of cards are HOCS, long o. Hōcs.

    1. Roob

      It’s a Holy Day in the US. All About You but We Are You. Something along those lines.

      I remember a pub I used to frequent had smoke removal vents which sucked the smoke out. Not sure how effective they were.

      And another example of the bizarre nature of some of this.

      Yesterday celebrity Chef, Gary Rhodes died. Yesterday was Wednesday.

      Today David Duckenfield has been cleared of manslaughter charges in relation to the Hillsborough disaster. Hillsborough is the football stadium for Chef field Wednesday.

      BBC News – Hillsborough police chief David Duckenfield cleared of manslaughter


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