Feline It

Tomorrow – 15/11 – is Cade’s birthday. Cade normally comments as CF Apollyon for anyone who doesn’t know. Happy Birthday !

On This Day in History.

15th November 1492.



Are you Feline it ?




Black cat scores touchdown at New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys NFL game.



Fire and Rain.

The Fire Lion at the Estudiantes de la Plata stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Lion was part of a show to celebrate the opening of a new football stadium and the use of the lion is connected with the nickname for the football club – El León.




The Fireball over St Louis, Missouri, US.



And Rain.

Apocalypse Now.




The Writing’s on the Wall.



And Angels.

Fort Worth, Texas.





Down the Waterfall.



Remember your water wings.


91 thoughts on “Feline It

  1. https://i.redd.it/b4u7b4kbymt31.gif
    Was told by a friend, who shall remain nameless, that I got a mention, so I dropped by.
    Thanks dude. 🙂

    I’m assuming this song is the appropriate response. Or at least, “a” appropriate response.

    ^’Feline Good’ – Aristocats jazz/dance/funk/breakbeat remix^

    At the behest of a friend, I did my astrological birth chart for the first time ever earlier this year, and the results were basically 19 pages of “you’re an asshole”. Reminded me of why I never could get into reading Horoscopes; Scorpio(s) = Astrological Asshole(s), end of story. Pretty easy to remember, no need to keep reading.

    Levity aside, I guess the Zodiac and Astrology make a bit more sense to me now, Weird that I had to apply more practical concepts (like sciencey stuff) for it start making sense. And I’m only rambling about it because because I was raised in a divided world of science and religion with me stuck in the middle. Being raised in a Christian home, Astrology was strictly taboo. Now that I think about it, pretty sure everything except Jesus/God (in that order) was taboo. No idea what any of that means.
    /public astrology reflection ends here

    Thanks again for the HBD.

    ^Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World – Black Sheep [HD]^

    1. Cade

      One of the things that I picked up quickly was how much the Church is embedded into Texan life. Churches with weird names everywhere. You can’t miss it. Becoming a Pastor is probably a good a career move as joining the Army or becoming a nurse or finance.

      At home when I was young we didn’t talk about religion or science. Not clever enough for science and no one interested in religion but lots of politics.

      And neither astrology nor numerology really speaks to me but I like to think I’m good at seeing pattern and I believe there is something to both.

      Anyway, have a good birthday tomorrow :-).

          1. Jenny

            With 11:11 and Mercury in Transit across the sun and astrologically Mercury in retrograde as well as Full Moon, its a Perfect Storm. Everything is energy. IDK. Maybe.

            1. Frank

              I hear the Sky God is asking the tv networks for air time to have a fireside chat with all of US.

              And my fav moment from the first day of the impeachment hearings was when the Republican lawyer said, ‘it can’t get more outlandish, can it?’.

              Get ready, it’s about to get more out land ish. 😉

                1. Frank

                  About ‘James’ I’m thinking Childhoods End.
                  And the great revealing of the Overlord of Earth.
                  Karellan, the serpent in the tree, the whistleblower.
                  The accuser, the Sky God says he has a right to confront.

                  All the actors are on stage for the final act, which is essentially a replay of the first act with a difference. We are no longer ignorant.

                  Thanks to Eve who chose to eat from the tree of knowledge, we now can make an ‘educated’ choice. There is no more blind faith.

                  Eternal paradise. No suffering no pain, complete peace and security under the watchful care of the Sky God, conditioned of course, on our total obedience to him, or…Childhood’s End?

                  When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man/woman, I put away childish things. 1 Cor 13:11

                  The Multiverse awaits. 🙂

                  1. 1 COR 13:11 is from the False Apostle “Paul”

                    “The Mutliverse awaits”…..

                    “Elena,” I won’t insult you other to say, read the Bible (ha, excluding Paul’s Letters/ ie.Saul)…..

                    I’m not trying to be mean, but reading the above, you have totally BOUGHT into Satan’s lie just like Eve! And as such…. well, it’s just Scripture….

                    The only thing that “awaits” you?

                    Is the Lake of Fire.

                    Our Father laments at some point, my children perish “for lack of knowledge”!

                    Not for any “sin.”

                    For lack of knowledge and being DUPED by the god of this world!

                    Well, the “god” of this world is on death row!

                    Along with any of his subjects who are still found with him when Christ comes a’calling.

                    Following Our Father’s command:

                    To judge the living and the dead

                    And thereby FINALL put an END to this NIGHTMARE.

      1. Can relate a bit. My first attempt at numerology revealed that I am “an 11”, which it would appear is not good. Kinda just confirmed what astrology had already told me…asshole. 😛

        And you’re right about the churches. I once tried to explain the phenomenon of churches everyfuckingwhere to Roob, but I guess you just gotta see it to believe it.

  2. ‘Only a few weeks after Christopher Columbus reached the New World in October 1492, another foreign explorer—this time an errant space rock—touched down on firm ground following its own protracted journey across an inhospitable expanse.

    ‘This extraterrestrial visitor came to be known the Ensisheim meteorite, named for the Alsatian town adjacent to the wheat field where it impacted on the morning of November 7, 1492 (according to the Julian calendar). It is the oldest meteorite impact with a confirmed date on record, and has become famous for its dramatic fall from the heavens, an event that was witnessed by onlookers and recorded for posterity by writers like the Italian priest Sigismondo Tizio.’


            1. Appreciated, but I think the lady across the street from me could use your prayers more than I. She’s dying. 🙁

              No fanfare, no worldwide lamenting, no horror in the headlines, no outrage in the halls of government(s), just some average someone laying in bed a few hundred feet from me, in a town no one has ever heard of, and breathing her last breaths. Doing so in a world that doesn’t know that she even exists, will never know that she existed, nor will “they” care.

              If there is a God, I can only hope that they’ve got their eye on her, and pray that whatever journey and journeys await her are some good ones + that her time here was reasonably worthwhile.

              So yeah, maybe in lieu of prayers for me, pray for her. Not gonna give her name, but have a feeling that God will know who you mean.

              ^The Cure – Pictures of You [Extended Version]^

              1. That’s about the loveliest thing I’ve read, Cade.
                I sometimes pass a hospice to and from my studio and I have similar feel lines. I wonder in which wing and in which room have the lights been dimmed and the weeping started. On which side of the great big building is there someone who has lived and will die alone? And how much do those rooms cost per month and do you have to be rich to get into one and is it cold dying in the winter and how strange it must feel to know you will not be here on Christmas.

                The hospice is beside a retirement community and a graveyard that’s next to funeral homes across from a very tidy chocolate and candy gift shop that just barely misses the poor side of town.

                This experience we have is so bizarre. I don’t think I’ll choose it again.

                Happy birthday, Cade.

                1. To all you robots…..

                  I guess I struck a nerve.


                  It’s one thing for a “living” person to fear dying…. like me.

                  It’s quite another for a non-living “person” to fear the bright white light of Christ’s second coming, because it will surely kill you.

                  But for me?

                  It will raise me up even if you are right, and I am “dying.”


                  I WIN, either way!

                  Hallelu JAH!

                  1. John Connor was killed off (WHAT??? No wonder “Dark Fate” is bombing) and now poor ol’ mama Sarah Connor looks like an old MAN…. SCARY.

                    Praise be that I have been given “John Wick” to save us.


                    1. Jake the Snake smashed my beautiful son’s FACE…..

                      You think a mother can ever forget that?

                    2. I search my brain for movie scenes of a powerful woman, a “good” witch, calling all her children to come flee under her skirts amid a violent storm and wind surrounding them….

                      But it’s just my imagination!

                      Never been made…..

                      in Holly Wood

    1. That’s Crazy! Got a flashback of Mark Zuckerberg drinking subhuman sips of water at the House hearings. Zuckerberg in Germ-in is ‘sugar mountain’. The aliens in MIB couldn’t drink their water without sugar.

      Drink your water.

      1. Jen

        It’s like being in the womb.

        Wet your whistle…blower.
        And keep your eyes open so you can see. 😳

          1. Jen

            It’s happening in a lot of places and as I said to Frank, it has everything to do with accumulating knowledge.
            Not sure of the exact quotation but something like, governments deriving their powers from the ‘consent’ of the governed.
            And keep thinking of Obama’s comment, ‘we will go to Mars/War by 2020’.

          1. Total Recall.

            Water holds memory. Maybe needs some jogging.

            Trump has no recollection :

            ‘I know nothing about that, first time I’ve heard it. The one thing I’ve seen that Sondland said was that – he did speak to me for a brief moment and I said no quid pro quo under any circumstances. And that’s true,’ Trump said.

            ‘The other, I’ve never heard this. In any event it’s more second-hand information but I’ve never heard it. I don’t recall – no, not at all, not even a little bit. The only thing, and I guess Sondland has stayed with his testimony that there was no quid pro quo, pure and simple,’ Trump said.


            And neither does Prince Andrew.

            ‘ The prince replied: “I have no recollection of ever meeting this lady, none whatsoever.”

            Instead the prince says he has “no recollection of ever meeting” Ms Giuffre. It’s odd because for years the Palace has issued a straightforward denial that the Prince has any relationship or sexual contact with her.

            Now the prince says he simply can’t remember. ‘

            BBC News – Prince Andrew interview: I let the side down by staying with Jeffrey Epstein


              1. Roob

                I assume you are talking about Trump impeachment hearing rather than interview. Interview is being shown tomorrow at 9pm.

                I haven’t. Looks a farce though and full of high weirdness.

                1. Yeah, I have and it is. It’s also got a river called James 😉

                    1. Roob

                      My problem with that approach is that none of those Reps. were on the phone call either. Yet they are totally willing to accept Trump’s account of what was said. On faith, which is what he demands.

                      And I think Ambassador Yovanovitch was quite right to wonder out loud, not so much about Trump’s right to remove her from her position, but why it was necessary for him to “smear my reputation as well”.

                      What is with the sky god and his need to make every woman who challenges him into a ‘fallen woman’ ?

                      You know, I just wonder what the message of the grand performance is really all about. 🙂

                    2. Does Reps. mean ‘Republicans’ or ‘Representatives’, because if it’s the latter, Elena, then I agree: the whole thing is a nonsensical farce. It’s certainly trumped up but not instigated by Trump.

                      As for the message to women, seriously, what do you make of the Chairman’s behaviour? He’s appears to into gagging women…

                      Is the Chairman the sky god, too?


                    3. Roob

                      Representatives, interesting word. Representatives of what? 🙂

                      Trump is not instigating anything. He’s an actor playing a part in the script. A representation.

                      The instigation is coming from the ‘deep state’. In other words US.
                      Water holds memory and memory is rising, flooding the landscape.
                      This may not make any sense to you or anyone else, but what we’re watching and experiencing is the memory.

                      The chairman seemed to me to be gaveling everyone who tried to be heard. Drown em out. No wonder folks take to the streets.

                    4. Representatives of what? Do you mean now? Re: present? That would be:

                      ‘”holding the place of the people in the government, having citizens represented by chosen persons”‘


                      They’re symbols, though, so can represent anything at any time, I hear ya 😀


                      Representative ‘marks’ of the Deep State beast?

                      ‘The meaning “something which stands for something else” first recorded 1590 (in “Faerie Queene”).’

                      Cade and I remote viewed the following vid earlier this week. The Sumerians believed that humans were created out of the body of the Great Dragon, Tiamat. She was the primordial goddess representative of salt water; her husband Apsu was the primordial god representative of fresh water…

                      ‘Wah tour…wah tour…Avree Wear®…
                      Butt gnaw…tuh duh rawp…Treblinka.’


                      It’s funny, Adam Schiff was born in Framingham, when Trump is such a pig 😉


                    5. Jenny and me watched a Garden of Eden allegory movie yesterday.

                      Mother ! The House Represented the Self. Maybe. Bit confusing.

                      And suspect there is some sort of mirror with the Capitol building in Austin.

                      House of Representatives.



                      And the Orb.

                      Roy Orbison was spotted on Capitol Hill recently.


                      And the Orb showed up for Jenny yesterday as well as a Sun Dog. Third orb in a week.


                    6. Who was the first wife ? Pre History.

                      The Mummy Returns


                      ‘Lilith is an extremely controversial figure within Jewish folklore. Lilith’s name is not included in the creation story of the Torah but she appears in several midrashic texts. Her symbolism, history and literature are debated among Jewish scholars, feminists and other intellectuals. There are multiple origin stories for Lilith but the most popular history told views Lilith as the first wife of Adam. According to the “first Eve” story Lilith was created by God from dust and placed to live in the garden with Adam until problems arose between Adam and Lilith when Adam tried to exercise dominance over Lilith. One story tells that Lilith refused to lay beneath Adam during sex. She believed they were created equal, both from the dust of the earth, thus she should not have to lay beneath him. After Adam disagreed, Lilith fled the Garden of Eden to gain her independence.’


                    7. Elena, which ever side you think you’re on, there’s a performance and actors, rules and a set of laws for your liking. They’re all in one house, under one roof, working for the same $od. Why people fight over them is beyond me.

                  1. It would do 😊. Also I have a good friend whose surname is Jordan. I am surrounded by water.

                    Somewhere Down The Crazy River.

                    And about Capitol. ‘Glitches are memory.’

  3. Frank

    The only thing that saves me is when I remember to not take it all too siriusly……

    Because I do….


    1. You will always find what you’re looking for.
      Humans have a way of shoe-horning.
      Politricks aids and a bets

  4. The Cube has gone up in flames.

    ‘Two people have been injured in a large blaze at a student accommodation building in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

    Images posted on social media showed firefighters tackling the blaze on the top floors of a six-storey building known as The Cube on Bradshawgate at around 8.30pm on Friday night.’


      1. number 4 described with cloned helix

        Watching that makes me think that no matter how much we overcome, and how much our forebearers overcame, we still doubt our ability and abilities to overcome.

        One a side note, was looking through that playlist, decided I was gonna save it to my own playlists, but noticed that it was already saved to my playlists. Weird.

        ^Apocalypse – Cigarettes After Sex^

        As I was writing this comment, Roob sent me a DM, and she says that a completely different song is showing up for her. “Ezio Bosso: Rain, In Your Black Eyes” is showing up for me, but I guess “Röyksopp – Something In My Heart feat. Jamie Irrepressibles” is showing up for her.

        Strangeness all around.

        ^M83 – “Wait” (Official Video)^

        1. Cade

          I’ve got Rain video here which makes sense. This happens occasionally. No idea why.

          It looks like Rain has her own YT channel and the Royksopp sing is in her playlist. Maybe they get mixed up in some way.

          1. Yeah Frank, its been an ongoing thing for a while now with WordPress, and was just sitting here chatting a bit with Roob about this latest “aberration”. I’ve followed it for quite a while and have noticed some interesting peculiarities here and there. Prolly a lot of dynamics/metrics that I’m unaware of tho.

        2. interesting. I really put Röyksopp on Something In My Heart feat. Jamie irrepressibles
          but now I see that it is Ezio Bosso: Rain, In Your Black Eyes
          I’m subscribed to YouTube but I don’t have a channel there

            1. Yep, that’s what I see Rain. I just figured it was a clever “Rain” and “Rain” reference. 🙂

              The Enzo vid is “rVpMluGD4Sc”
              The Röyksopp vid is “fOk_3lQaTLY”
              The playlist is “PLg6bByU8VbukgtByGnZAr88P9tJEEUgrl”
              Enzo is indexed as “1” and Röyksopp is indexed as “20”, so I guess it might depend on the link/URL you actually posted in the comment seeing as how the YT URL can and will change depending on whether you watch the embedded video here via WordPress, or click on the YouTube logo to load the video in/at YouTube. YT appears to transpose the video and playlist tokens in the URL at some point, so it’s possible that WordPress is getting confused in the implementation of whatever wrapper they are using to embed videos in their pages.

              Would also depend on how WordPress are handling errors and/or faults internally. They may have a policy of “loading something is better than loading nothing”, even if it’s the wrong video they are loading.

              That’s just some guesses tho.

              Quite a ride. 🙂

              ^Still Corners – The Trip^

  5. Total Recall. Real or false memory ?

    Woking Pizza Express. What a memory.

    Great place for an alibi – 10/3/2001. 10th March.

    BBC News – Prince Andrew ‘CATegorically’ denies sex claims. Feline It ?


    And Tenth of the Third. All the threes.

    .33 times x 0.10 = 0.033 and divided = 3.3.Not sure which is correct.

    And 10/3 is 3/10 in US 🤔

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