Somewhere Down The Crazy River

Somewhere Down The Crazy River.

The Tsunami of Light.



As in the Rime of the Ancient Mariner, there is Water, Water, Everywhere.

A few examples from ‘Life’ over the last few weeks.

Pour out your heart.



Rainey St.



Dallas Love Field tornado.



Around the Bend.



Yesterday, I was approached by a lady asking for directions and I told her ‘You have to go round the bend’.



It’s Crazy Water.




And in the NEWS.

Philadelphia One Liberty Place water spout.



Atlanta, Georgia, USA.



Piccadilly Theatre, London,UK.



`He said that before the collapse there had been a steady drop of water “which turned progressively into a stream” – although it was not raining at the time – and said there was some panic when the ceiling fell in.’


And Trump has had problems with leaks over the UK Rain.

‘There will be no whitewash at the White House’. Watergate revisited.



And 3D, the Fifth Dimension and the Age of Aquarius.





Down the Rapids.

Fast as fuck.



And Oshun.





But what is an ocean but a multitude of drops ?


47 thoughts on “Somewhere Down The Crazy River

  1. About Zeus. I suppose there are many black cats out there but the timing seems to fit with the black cat in the NY Giants / Dallas Cowboys game.

    An hour or so go I left the house and in the front garden there was a black cat staring at me. The cat was a bit skittish and ran off when I approached . IDK.

    1. Frank

      That’s Zeus…on the loose.
      He was in my yard a few times last year.

      And I’m wondering about water and evaporation and vapor and vaporous, which is foggy or misty and transparent.

      A chemtrail is a vapor trail.

      And E cigarettes which have been around for awhile and are now being banned as they are suddenly being perceived as a ‘threat’.

      I’m vaping. I’m vaping. 😤

    2. I had a couple do some painting for me this week and they had a Pitt named Zeus. The next day a feline Zeus is on the field. “Pit” is a sporting term. In football a pit is the middle area of the defensive/offensive (D/O) lines.

  2. Today in History.

    Fall of the Berlin Wall and 9/11/1989.

    The Biblical storm.

    BBC News – England flooding: River warnings and rail delays continue

    And Mirage movie and Interdimensional Time storm connected with fall of Berlin Wall. Also 9/11. Parallel timelines and parallel realities.

      1. Rain

        Where are we meant to look ?

        Not surprised Iztaccihuatl shows up. Lots of Mexico connections recently.

        `The name “Iztaccíhuatl” is Nahuatl for “White woman”, reflecting the four individual snow-capped peaks which depict the head, chest, knees and feet of a sleeping female when seen from east or west.’

          1. I see what you are saying now. The lights are moving.

            Have a look at my comment about volcano in Mexico. These things suddenly pop up out of nowhere.

                  1. In the day light there is no movement I can see on the volcano but I saw the orb as a pinky purple. Looks like we saw same thing. Made me jump when it showed up. And flashing lights suddenly went from small to large.

                    Jenny saw orb as well.

                    Only God knows what we were looking at.

                    1. Jenny

                      Thanks to Rain.

                      I found the lights fascinating and then the orb appeared and I went ‘whoa’. Anyone’s guess what they are.

                      And about Mexico City. The water won’t be denied.

                      And Live Cam 🤔

    1. Roob

      We truly are somewhere down the Crazy River.

      Let’s say your pic syncs. I was sent an amazing mirror sync a few days ago but for personal reasons can’t show but is mind blowing.

      Yesterday, I passed Ruby’s Convenience Store. Next to it was another shop with my birthday in big letters.

      I went into Morrisons. And it showed a book by an author whose initials were MJ. Next to the books was a stand selling umbrellas. In big bold letters it said Rain.

      When I got in I watched a movie with Jen which included my daughter’s birthday and also Hugo. And this morning linking with Rain’s volcano in Mexico.

      And Piccadilly Circus Underground and Frank Pick. Its Crazy. We seem to be damn important.

        1. Anon

          Never heard of him before ! A question I’ve asked for more than a few years is can anything or anybody be said to exist before it comes into your consciousness. And even then is it real ?

          When you’ve worked it out 🙂

          1. Exit Realty

            ‘Two people were killed when a red Porsche flew into the second floor of a commercial building in New Jersey, cops say.

            The crash took place just after 6.30am Sunday morning where the sportscar flew into the second floor wall, more than 15 feet above ground, of the unoccupied Exit Realty building on Hooper Avenue in Toms River.’


    1. Loopy has has Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares playing in the background all weekend, whilst he’s been playing online.

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