Frying Tonight

The Cure : Pictures Of You.




Apocalypse Now. Signs and portents.

Two mouth trout from Lake Champlain on the US / Canada border.

Gone Fission.



The Magnetosphere is startled.



And Alien related events.



Frying tonight.

The Amazon is on fire.







Everything Burns. What’s the Matter with you ?


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    1. Hippocampus and Seahorse.


      ‘The hippocampus is a small, curved formation in the brain that plays an important role in the limbic system. The hippocampus is involved in the formation of new memories and is also associated with learning and emotions.’


        1. Rain 🙂

          From Neon.

          ‘Tomorrow is Rain’s birthday. Happy Birthday.

          Rain’s name is Marina and since I came across ‘Marina and the Diamonds’ I have linked the two Marinas which may not be as mad as it seems.

          It’s difficult to show all the links but Rain is another example of how we are supposedly separated by thousands of miles but the evidence would suggest we are not.’

            1. Fire from within. Chapter 4. The luminosity of awareness.
              To quote
              They say that perception is a setting. Perception occurs when the emanations inside the cocoon are tuned to their corresponding external emanations. Tuning is what allows any living thing to cultivate its awareness. This statement of the seers is based on the fact that they see any living creature in its true appearance – in the form of a whitish bubble.

              To quote
              We are energy producing organisms. We are bubbles of energy. Is there anything unnatural that one bubble of energy sinks into another?

              To quote
              Human beings are formed by the emanations of the Eagle and are, in fact, luminous bubbles of energy.

              From these quotes, in my opinion, it is clear that the bubble on the one hand is a model of perception on the other hand, the whole organism
              Our perception is trying to fit the world into a limited space – the bubble of perception – regardless of whether it is reality or a dream.
              Have you ever tried to track reference points in your route when you go somewhere or even go? Most likely, each movement is divided into several limited areas, and each overflows into neighboring ones, while there are clear and not very boundaries between them.

              Consider the phenomenon when a person goes for some reason to the next room, but as soon as he crosses the doorway, forgets what he wanted. This is due to the fact that when passing through the doorway, the context changes, and part of the reality remains in the previous area, a kind of bubble. If you quickly go back, there is a chance to remember what was needed beyond the boundaries of the bubble. In this case, we can say that there is one large bubble that restricts the apartment or house, and somewhat smaller for each of the rooms, but in general they are quite strongly connected.

              For the street, the bubbles are much larger, but often have boundaries that coincide with the lines of houses or roads. Think about what landmarks you use on the ground. Most likely, it is reference points, which are easy to protect a simple geometric figure.

              Different events in memory are tied to a specific place. If you concentrate on a specific place for a long time, various scenes associated with this particular place will pop up from your memory. Each event is also a separate bubble, we can say that it is multidimensional, which is limited by the space and time of the scene.
              In reality, the objects of the physical world are closely connected with each other and rarely mix, otherwise our collective perception would not be consistent and the physical world as we know it could hardly exist.

              In a dream, there are only copies of real objects and events, so the bubbles can not only mix with each other, but also flow into one another. Remember dreams about school if you studied in several. This is a hybrid of all schools. The same goes for college, work, and so on. An abstract bubble is taken, which is responsible for some concept, and merges into the plot of the dream.

              If only one of the concrete bubbles in reality is important for the plot, these bubbles are easily placed next to each other. Therefore, it is easy, having left a house in a dream, to be, say, on the beach, while in reality all the same surroundings will be there.

              Sometimes there is nothing outside the bubble, so when you exit behind them there is literally a void or some minimal decoration. In this case, usually it is either thrown out of sleep altogether, or there is a quick jump to another story, or the rendering of the dream itself “pulls off the face” and you are already in a bubble from reality, but still in a dream.
              Bubbles of perception

              1. Substantial evidence of holographic universe.


                ‘UK, Canadian and Italian study has provided what researchers believe is the first observational evidence that our universe could be a vast and complex hologram. Theoretical physicists and astrophysicists, investigating irregularities in the cosmic microwave background (the ‘afterglow’ of the Big Bang), have found there is substantial evidence supporting a holographic explanation of the universe — in fact, as much as there is for the traditional explanation of these irregularities using the theory of cosmic inflation.’

                Holographic Quantum Physics

              2. Rain

                About the Bubble or Portal, I read somewhere that said, for addiction sometimes simply leaving the scene of the addiction can stop it.

                In the Vietnam War, it was said that many GIs who were taking heroin in SE Asia as soon as they returned home, gave it up without too much effort.

                Obviously doesn’t always work.

    1. Maybe it’s was a good plan by the evil genius! Damn shame it didn’t work! We’d be one step closer to a green utopia if all Walmart stores spontaneously combusted.

      1. Jenny


        Walmart has a belief system.

        ‘Walmart was founded on three basic beliefs: service to our customers, respect for the individual and striving for excellence.’

      2. The first time I went to a Walmart, I entered through the “garden center” and I was floored that there even was one. Then I was overwhelmed by the absurdity of a store selling PLANTS! for freck sakes! and the particular weirdness of a store stuffed with shit whose manufacture requires the wholesale destruction of plants selling plants! Freckin incredible. Humans are weird.

    1. The Rain Forest.

      ‘The etymology of the name of Brazil stems from the brazilwood tree, which was its earliest commercially exploited product. In Portuguese brazilwood is called pau-brasil, with the word brasil commonly given the etymology “red like an ember”, formed from Latin brasa (“ember”) and the suffix -il (from -iculum or -ilium).’

      ‘The name Rio Amazonas was given after native warriors attacked a 16th-century expedition by Francisco de Orellana. The warriors were led by women, reminding de Orellana of the Amazon warriors, a tribe of women warriors related to Iranian Scythians and Sarmatians mentioned in Greek mythology.’

  1. I can’t breathe.

    Frinton on Sea, Essex, England.

    BBC News – Frinton-on-Sea: Police called as beachgoers left ‘struggling to breathe’

    I visited Frinton once with my brother. Strange place.

    Within the Gates.

    ‘For a long time, Frinton was described as “the town of temperance” because of its refusal – largely due to the strident activism of its resident’s association – to allow a pub to open “within the gates”. “The gates” refers to the level crossing that separates Frinton’s main stretch from the rest of the world. Inside “the gates” exist rows of monied avenues reaching towards the golf and tennis club – where you’ll find “the Happy Valley set”, as one resident describes them – and, at its other extreme, a peppering of exquisite art deco houses so picturesque they warranted a feature in Country Life in the 1930s. These were to be the first of many similar properties, intended to transform the neighbourhood into a monument to that mode of architecture. The plans were thwarted by the war.’

  2. Anyway, I walked into the local chip shop earlier just in time to hear the closing chords of this song by the Genetic/Fanatic/Lunatic Monkeys.

  3. Oh Hallelujah! Sister Ann (a truly devoted member of the Church of Venus-Isis) knows fuck all about absolutely everything, but she has purchased a Walmart chemistry set and is having a dabble.

    Let us beseech the Divine MU-TH-UR prayerfully in the hope that our Beloved Sister does not blow herself to Mister Smithereens until the appointed time. Hymen, Brothers and Sisters!

  4. $40 million in profit made but WalMart per day
    $43 spent for a “royal wedding”
    $790 million pledged to rebuild Notre Dame
    $20 “pledged” for the Amazon fires

    The world is satanic.

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