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  1. Excerpt from The Hangman

    Into our town the Hangman came,
    Smelling of gold and blood and fame.
    And he paced our bricks with a diffident air,
    And built his fame on the courthouse square.

    And innocent though we were, with dread,
    We passed those eyes of buckshot lead;
    Till one cried: “Hangman, who is he
    For whom you raise the gallows-tree?”

    Then a twinkle grew in the buckshot eye,
    And he gave us a riddle instead of reply:
    “He who serves me best”, said he,
    “Shall earn the rope on the gallows-tree.”

    ICE is expected to begin operation on Sunday targeting 2000 illegal immigrant families.
    The ‘aliens’ in our midst.

    The sky God says, “they don’t belong in this country, they have to go”.

    Do you mind? 😕

  2. If you don’t Mind, it doesn’t Matter. Wait. What? If you Mind, it Matters. Wait. What? I’m so confused!!! What if you do Mind but it doesn’t seem to Matter? What if you don’t Mind but it does Matter? What type of Matter Matters? Don’t Mind me…I’m still Brainstorming some of this stuff and you’re out of the office.

    And btw Dear Pollen Bomb Gods…please do Your thing and help our Dear Sweet Frank in the feels department. Amen. 🙂 <3 <3


        1. MJ

          Thanks !

          The Universe likes it’s shock tactics. You’ve mentioned storms many times. I think it may have been Interdimensional hay fever and Interdimensional pollen if there’s such a thing !

          Everything going totally out of my control. Known nothing like it. The brainstorm was a suicide headache. Felt like I was in a scene from Driller Killer and weird facial stuff going on. And nothing you can do really but go with it. Extreme to the max.

          1. Celestis DNA

            Remains of 152 people are set to be blasted into orbit aboard Elon Musk’s SpaceX Falcon Heavy after loved ones pay $5,000 to place the human ashes on the rocket

            The families of the 152 deceased have organized the unique send-off through Celestis DNA – a company that works to place human remains on board various spacecrafts.


          2. Yikes. Unfortunately, I know what you are talking about. And yes, it is something inter dimensional. Its as if your head is going to explode because we really are in some point where exactly ‘what’ or ‘who’ we are is a bit blurry.
            If it helps, you’re not the only one who is feeling the tipping point…

            1. MJ

              I’ve been thinking about shocks and not surprised that this links in its normal weird way.

              I noticed about your link to crop circle on Roob’s site. It’s at Sparticles Wood, Surrey. It’s about a ten minute drive from here.

              Crop Circle Connector calls it Sparticles Wood, Netherme. That should read Netherne. Or maybe not and an ‘on purpose’ mistake. It is within the borough of Reigate and Banstead.



              About shocks. My friend ‘Bob’ whenever I bump into him will sometimes tell me about a horrific set of shock treatment he was given at a psychiatric hospital called Netherne Hospital which was in the same area as the crop circle . They closed the hospital a few years ago and built a posh housing estate called Netherne on the Hill.


              1. The Super Partner and Sparticle.

                ‘In particle physics, a superpartner (also sparticle) is a class of hypothetical elementary particles. Supersymmetry is one of the synergistic theories in current high-energy physics that predicts the existence of these “shadow” particles.

                When considering extensions of the Standard Model, the s- prefix from sparticle is used to form names of superpartners of the Standard Model fermions (sfermions), e.g. the stop squark. The superpartners of Standard Model bosons have an -ino (bosinos)appended to their name, e.g. gluino, the set of all gauge superpartners are called the gauginos.’


                Where is Everybody ? The Sparticle Mystery.



                1. About Mid Summers Day as well.

                  I used to play for a Sunday morning football team. One of the teams used a football pitch within the grounds of Netherne Hospital. They were called The Mid Day Sun. They used the name from a local pub.

                  Looks like it’s owned by The Hungry Horse now.

                  ‘Whatever you’re hungry for, come hungry’.


                2. https://rollickrealm.home.blog/2019/06/24/year-of-the-gip/

                  Frank, it hits a nerve.

                  “As morning was approaching, the angel knew that he had to act fast, for soon the night—the time when he has power—would be gone, and he would be powerless. He therefore struck Jacob’s thigh, the Zohar explains, which is the place from which all sexual desire extends. And there, he was able to wound him.

                  The Zohar teaches us that in every struggle we are powerful, and can overcome our evil urges if we so desire. There is only one place where the lust is so strong that even great men are powerless—the gid hanasheh. Its very name means “to forget,”2 because once it has been aroused, all rational thinking and religious scruples are left far behind.

                  The only way to win that war is to stay far away in the first place, for once the first flirt his been thrown out, there is no knowing where things can lead. For this reason, the gid is not eaten at all but utterly avoided.”


              2. Frank and everyone. ❤
                (((Group hug.)))

                Nether me?

                The nether region is the lowest, most distant part of a place.
                It also refers to the reproductive region.
                And hell.

                And in PA right now there is a big argument over whether or not to tear down the Pennsylvania State Mental Hospital.

    1. Roob

      ‘The real purpose of the mission is classified, as apparently is the reason why DARPA decided to make the balloons look like giant alien spaceships.’

  3. And good to see dignity is being retained in American politics.

    ‘Trump’s former campaign spokesperson Jason Miller wrote: ‘You’re fat and nasty. Don’t harass Hope and then try to play nice. You’re gross, you fat f***’
    He later tweeted ‘fat f****’s gonna fat f***’ and suggested calling Nadler ‘Mr MuffinTop’ before deleting his Twtter account’



      1. Sunday evening’s episode of Pointless with Hong Kong Kitchen Chow Mein was only 20 minutes long – our Virgin Media system hadn’t recorded the full show. And I don’t know when it was broadcast – a few weeks ago at least. Anyway, in that 20 minutes, we watched the first round which was ‘English words in the dictionary that originated from Spain’. The description of the first word, on the first board was for…


        Today in the Blue universe…

        ‘The war on smoking in some ways resembles the Vietnam war, in which a well-paid, well-equipped, professional US army fought against an ill-paid, under-equipped, volunteer Viet Cong army – and lost. It’s an asymmetrical war.’


    1. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ahlbach#Geschichte

      ‘The name “Ahlbach” probably goes back to the name “Ahl” for a hedged area on the outskirts, where cattle was housed.’


      Different kinda ‘crop’ circle suddenly appearing overnight 😉

      ‘With up, “to sprout, appear apparently without design from below the surface” is from 1844, said by OED to be from an earlier use in mining in reference to veins of ore or strata of rock, “come to the surface, become visible on the ground” (1660s). Related: Cropped; cropping.’


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