Brain Storm

Since Saturday evening, I have been experiencing something which I can only describe as a Brain Storm. If I went to a doctor, the doctor would say it was a severe allergic reaction to pollen. On another level I believe it is something else as not only are there physical symptoms, I found myself in deep emotional waters as well.

And even this fits with the Kaleidoscope / Mirror in a bizarre way. Possibly all illness has the same cause.

SINusitis. It’s an Allergy.



And there is probably a connection with the Summer Solstice as well.






Welcome to the Mirror Verse. And a few personal examples. I’m sure if you examine your life, you will find the same. And also gives an insight into how some of this works.

The Magic Mask and Mystery Jigsaw and Rainbow Magic. Wear Flowers in your Hair.



Thanks to M for the song.

Francis Magalona and the Kaleidoscope World.



And Madonna has requested a meeting with Pope Francis.




It’s Brexit or CATastrophe.



The CATholic Church and Tiffany Trump.



Reveal very soon.


38 thoughts on “Brain Storm

    1. Rain

      I’ve had a horrible sinus headache linked with the hayfever for a few days. And the drugs don’t work !

      I normally get hayfever in June but never known anything like this.

  1. Same here on the sinusitis.
    And Houston, I got cats!
    And in Allentown north of Philly, they got foxes!
    And just read on Google, I forget where, they think they’ve found a species that is part cat and part fox!

    Calling all wild things!

  2. Mistaken identity.
    She’s lifeless. Wonder if that’s what the official photo will look like? Or is that the official photo? Taken when?

      1. Roob and Frank

        Now that’s orgasmic. I’m all the way north but felt the shudder. 😊

        Now here’s where it gets crazy. The refinery is on Passyunk Ave one of the streets referenced by Katy Perry on her ‘don’t miss the bus’ tweet.

        And ‘we will go to Mars (the God of war) by 2020’…pres Obama. Last night we almost did. Coitus interrupted.

          1. The mushroom cloud.

            ‘One resident who lives near the complex described the explosion as a “meteor”. “I thought it was a meteor or something” after seeing the mushroom cloud rising from the facility.”

            1. I remember when you first posted Katy’s tweet and thinking out loud, ‘why Passyunk?’.

              And flying orbs over Kansas City yesterday.

              About his failure to launch against Iran , the Sky God just said, “we were cocked and loaded”.
              And about the pollen bomb. I was thinking, pollen is a huge transfer of genetic material thru the air. Tree pollen is a fine yellow dust. Yellow cake is a radioactive material. Just rambling.
              A lot of sex talk and fertilization talk.
              Bombo genesis and it’s creating something new!

                1. And the artifacts.

                  Several people in the area now have metal objects probably pipe, laying in their yards.

      1. Clicky

        My comment below was supposed to be a reply to happy hump day, but Boris beat me to it. πŸ™‚

  3. This psychiatrist walked into a patient’s room. The patient had a table pilled way high with all kinds of nuts and he was banging away at the table.
    The psychiatrist said, “what are you doing, what’s wrong with you?”
    The patient said, “I’m fucking nuts”!

    And Congress is complaining about the almost attack on Iran. They didn’t get a ‘heads up’.

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