As Above

Following on from Time In A Tree, a Pre History forest in Wales has been revealed.

The Sunken Hundred.



BBC News :

‘A prehistoric forest which was buried under water and sand more than 4,500 years ago has been uncovered by Storm Hannah.

The petrified trees lie between Ynyslas and Borth in Ceredigion county.

The forest has become associated with a 17th Century myth of a sunken civilization known as ‘Cantre’r Gwaelod’, or the ‘Sunken Hundred’.

It is believed the area was a once-fertile land and township protected by floodgates .

The remains of the forest’s trees, preserved in the local peat, have been exposed by low tides and high winds.’



And Oaklahoma.



As Above.




So Below.


Time runs out finally for May in June.



The Brexit Earthquake.



Bricks It. It’s a Man Hunt and the Big Lego Event.



And I’ve been Dared. Maybe we all have.

‘Baby. Do you dare to do this ?’



The Human Tri Angle or Tree Angle. Or Who Man Tri Angel or Tree Angel. Hue Man. Etc, etc.

What does it mean ? No idea at present. It’s a Mystery Tour.

This is how it speaks me. ‘Is it Evil ?’ or purely a form of communication through the fog of this reality. Or the fog of the Mind.

We Darey Lea You. Make A Human Triangle.






Sitting in a Tree. K I S S I N G.


50 thoughts on “As Above

    1. Borth is a Petrified Forest. About 5000 years old and Alabama is over 50,000 years old. Scientists say so must be true.

      1: So frightened that one is unable to move; terrified.
      “the petrified child clung to her mother”

      2: (of organic matter) changed into a stony substance; ossified.

    1. From :

      (LIMA, Peru) — A powerful magnitude 8.0 earthquake struck the Amazon jungle in north-central Peru early Sunday, the U.S. Geological survey reported, collapsing buildings and knocking out power to some areas.

      The quake struck at 2:41 a.m. and was centered 47 miles (75 kilometers) south-southeast of the village of Lagunas and 57 miles (92 kilometers) east of the larger town of Yurimaguas. The epicenter was 68 miles (110 kilometers) below the surface.

      In a tweet, President Martín Vizcarra called for calm and said that authorities were checking the affected areas.

          1. Frank

            I’m not surprised by the Amazon being shaken.

            Idk, I’m probably overanalyzing this but…I’m wondering about the deep state. The sky God has ordered it opened so the secrets can emerge and be looked at. He wants to know who’s watching who and why. I’d like to know that myself. 🙂

            The Amazon jungle is like that deep dark secluded place people go into and explore and emerge changed. It affects you. Chang e and the dark side of the moon.

            History Channel is about to air a new version of The Hot Zone which is about nasty things that emerge from jungles.
            And also next month the Dark Phoenix premieres. All of this after the black hole opened up in the sanctuary.

            I’m getting a very strong ‘opening up’ vibe, ever since the blue flower moon. Might be the lotus opening. But ‘exposure’ is the object. 🌸

            1. Elena

              We’ve Trump coming here in a few weeks. Going to be interesting I think.

              Again Royalty and Game of Thrones. He’s in Japan in connection with the new Japanese emperor. And the UK visit is at the invitation of the Queen I think. Not too sure of the protocol.

              1. Of course our presidents aren’t royalty. They just live in a fashion to which royalty is accustomed. 😎

                It’s all ‘tribal’, the law of the jungle. All on a day when many European countries abandoned the political center and pulled harder to the right and left.
                Holding on to the separation. Or maybe just seeing it more clearly.

                And further about opening up. A man in Hawaii was attacked by a shark over the weekend. A witness said ‘his skin had been ripped off’.

                That’s a painfully hard Brexit. 🐍

                  1. For me it’s about Atlantis rising from under the waters.

                    And we have a saying in the US that all the nuts roll down to Florida. 😊

  1. A rare “wet” meteorite fell on a dog house. The dog has not suffered

    A unique case occurred in Costa Rica. There on the booth, in which the dog named Rocky was dozing, a fragment of a meteorite fell. He broke through the iron roof, while the dog, fortunately, did not suffer.
    It is noteworthy that initially the space object was the size of a washing machine, but after entering the atmosphere it fell apart, one of which broke through the dog house, reports TASS,
    The uniqueness of the stone is that it turned out to be carbonaceous chondrite, which contains water-rich minerals of extraterrestrial origin.
    Now American scientists are going to Costa Rica: the host Rocky To donated a stone for the needs of science.
    The researchers hope to find a way to extract water from the asteroids so that in the future it can be turned into drinking water or used as a component for rocket fuel.
    As a member of the American research group Lawrence Garvey told portal, the meteorite formed in a lifeless environment, and then stayed in airless space and cold for 4.56 billion years before falling into Costa Rica.
    True, such meteorites are in terrestrial conditions: extremely short-lived: for example, if it rains, they fall apart.

  2. so above so below
    Nakhla is a Martian meteorite which fell in Egypt in 1911. It was the first meteorite reported from Egypt, the first one to suggest signs of aqueous processes on Mars, and the prototype for Nakhlite type of meteorites.
    The Nakhla meteorite fell to Earth on June 28, 1911, at approximately 09:00, in the Abu Hommos district, Alexandria Governorate, Khedivate of Egypt (now Abu Hummus, Beheira Governorate), in the area of the village of El Nakhla El Bahariya. The stones were collected near hamlets of Ezbet Abdalla Zeid, Ezbet Abdel Malek, Ezbet el Askar, and Ezbet Saber Mahdi.[1][2][3] Many people witnessed the meteorite approaching from the north-west, inclination about 30°, along with the track marked with a column of white smoke. Several explosions were heard before it fell to Earth in an area of 4.5 kilometres (2.8 mi) in diameter, and about forty pieces were recovered;[4] the fragments were buried in the ground up to a meter deep. From an estimated original weight of 10 kilograms (22 lb), recovered fragments ranged in weight from 20 grams (0.71 oz) to 1,813 grams (64.0 oz).[1][2]
    Two fragments, found near Ezbet Abdel Malek, were presented by the Egyptian Government to the British Museum.[1]
    Nakhla dog
    One fragment of the meteorite was said to have landed on a dog, as observed by a farmer named Mohammed Ali Effendi Hakim in the village of Denshal supposedly vaporizing the animal instantly. Since no remains of the dog were recovered and there was no other eyewitness to the dog’s demise, this story remains apocryphal.[2] However, the story of the Nakhla dog has become something of a legend among astronomers.[5

  3. ‘No one in the Defense Department is saying that the objects were extraterrestrial, and experts emphasize that earthly explanations can generally be found for such incidents. Lieutenant Graves and four other Navy pilots, who said in interviews with The New York Times that they saw the objects in 2014 and 2015 in training maneuvers from Virginia to Florida off the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, make no assertions of their provenance.’

    1. Roob

      And just saying. Personally I had a bit of an alien weekend.

      On Friday my ‘alien’ friend popped in for a chat. And Starlink. We talked about the Internet.

      Ten minutes after we partied, a notification showed up on my phone saying there had been a ‘Sirius’ incident. And on Saturday, Frank the Pug showed up. The alien Dog Star.

      On a Sirius note, my conclusion is that ‘alien’ is a mirror inter dimensional Us. Whatever dimensions are exactly. I’m seeing them as segmented parts of the Mind.

      And the man in your pic is looking Sirius. Every picture tells a story.

          1. And Starlink.

            ‘Starlink is a satellite constellation development project underway by American company SpaceX, to develop a low-cost, high-performance satellite bus and requisite customer ground transceivers to implement a new space-based Internet communication system.SpaceX also plans to sell satellites that use a satellite bus that may be used for military, scientific or exploratory purposes.’


            And Contact and Jodie Foster.


      1. What you seek is seeking you.

        And seems to be the very thing that frightens us most. The monster.

        I watched the first episode of The Hot Zone last night ironically entitled Arrival.
        The weapon/tool that opens up time.
        And the universal language, the DNA.

  4. June 6th is the 75th anniversary of D-Day on June 6th, 1944 and Operation Overlord when thousands were sacrificed..
    75 years is 300+300+300 months.
    Trump is visiting the UK and QEII on June 3, 4 and 5.
    Theresa May officially resigns on June 7th.
    All this in week# 23 where June 6th is the centre day and has numerology of 6+6+6+6! (6+6+2+1+9)
    Also 6+6+2+1+9 = 8+8+8.
    6/6/1944 = 6+6+6+6+6 (6+6+1+9+4+4).
    In total (6+6+6)+(6+6+6)+(6+6+6). Ominous!
    On 10th June it will be 88+88+88+88 days since the Thai boys soccer team got trapped in the cave in Thailand on 23/6/2018.
    From 23/6/2018 Thai Cave Flood to 22/5/2019 Biblical Flood anniversary = 333 days!!!
    In I Pet Goat II the antichrist comes out of a flooded cave in a boat.
    Can we expect a major event on June 6th?

    Bo Polny on YT is predicting a massive Stock Market Crash made up of two crashes in June and another in July and going on till the end of the year.
    The message that goes with that is that everything will be changed!

      1. I see dead people

        Miss Greer, 80, added: ‘I remember the first time I saw the Mona Lisa. I had come all the way from Australia, go to the Louvre, get to the room, and see the most wonderful painting. Which is the Raphael portrait of Bald ass are Castiglione…

        ‘But no one was looking at it. They were all staring at this half-dead woman.’

        It Lives back from the dead behold Mystery Babylon

        The enigmatic, painted smile of the “Mona Lisa” is known around the world, but that famous face recently displayed a startling new range of expressions, courtesy of artificial intelligence (AI).

        In a video shared to YouTube on May 21, three video clips show disconcerting examples of the Mona Lisa as she moves her lips and turns her head. She was created by a convolutional neural network — a type of AI that processes information much as a human brain does, to analyze and process images.

        1. TTN,

          June 6th is the 75th anniversary of D-Day or Operation Overlord.
          75 years is 300+300+300 months when thousands were slaughtered.
          “Operation Overlord” = 1332 (English Sumerian) or 666+666.
          The weather on the 6th was not favourable for the boats crossing the Channel but their plan had to be carried out by the numbers.
          “Starting at the 6th hour, of the 6th day, of the 6th month of 1944, the Allied armies of the evil NWO, based in England, successfully crossed the English Channel.” – Tomato Bubble.

          Trump visits the UK and HMQEII on June 3, 4 and 5 at the beginning of week# 23.
          Theresa May officially resigns on the 7th.
          I wonder what they will all be doing on the 6th?

            1. TTN,

              Yes, Pentecost on 9/6 too which is the last day of week# 23.
              3,4,5 Trump in UK
              6 D-Day 75th anniversary
              7 May officially resigns
              9 Pentecost
              Trump last birthday to 6/6/2019 = 17+17+17 weeks or 17x(7+7+7) days
              Trump only 8 days from 6/6/2019 to his next birthday on 14/6/2019 when he will be 73 which is the mirror to the very very special number, 37.

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