Running Up That Hill

Something along these lines I believe.




Yesterday was a crazy day for me. There was a clue at the start of the day when I came across this lunatic Meg Myers video of her version of Running Up That Hill. Rainbow colours, rabbit, monkey, and squirrels. It is nuts.

And I thought Here We Go.



Channelling Amelie.




I attended the wedding of my nephew and his girlfriend and now wife.





The wedding and reception were full of double speak and reflections too many to recount. This is a weird place.

And I think this is a good example. At the end of the wedding, myself and my brothers and families went our separate ways. My eldest brother lives in a small village and the only pub is called The Swan.

My middle brother said that he was staying overnight at the Swan Hotel in another village. Myself and my daughter and her boyfriend were booked in at a Bed and Breakfast called Vine Cottage and when we eventually found it, which was a Magical Mystery Tour in itself, it was opposite another The Swan pub.

And to find Vine Cottage I had to contact the Sister whose initials were MY.


The Swan Lavenham


The Swan Chappel


The Swan Stanway


Vine Cottage is a very pleasant B&B.




When we were comfortable at the B&B we were chatting away and the subject of online presence came up which is pertinent to both my daughter and her boyfriend. Which made me check my online presence.

And then my head exploded and I went to bed.



But no rest for the wicked. Firstly my bedroom had a slope and felt like I was sleeping on a ski slope. And then I looked up. Or did I look down ?



In out, in out, you shake it all about. You do the hokey cokey and you turn around.


79 thoughts on “Running Up That Hill

        1. Frank

          There is a show airing on CNN called The Redemption Project. The idea is to bring together people who have committed awful crimes with the people they have victimized.

          The actual meeting part at the end of the show is called ‘the dialogue’. There is talk and an ocean of tears.

          For now we see through a veil darkly, but then we shall see face to face. 😟

            1. My dream overnight was that I came home turned on the TV and the word Delivered appeared on the screen. 😕

  1. The Delphi school I went to the other day offers channeling (Chanel) and the cymatic images look like cern. Dr. Emoto did research with water, and the higher the frequency, the more beautiful the geometric shape. I think we are drowning in water that is going to a higher frequency.
    You’d think it would feel nicer…its not easy, is it?
    And Jenny, over from the last article, cern and the kaleid-er.

    I think that’s why I keep think about the Schumann resonance.
    The S-human resonance.

    1. MJ

      About Running up the Hill. In the morning I watched the Meg Myers video.

      A few hours later my brother was talking about running up a hill. And shortly afterwards I got introduced to Ultra Marathon Man. Runs exceedingly long distances. Trying to have sensible conversations and my mind is going WTF

      Getting drenched. On the journey to the wedding the rain hammered down. Inner and Outer and all that.

      1. It is pouring down here, right now. And yesterday, we were talking about how much of a pain a house and a yard are. A conversation we’ve had more than once. Thinking about a cabin with a view of the mountains. Or a tiny house. We sit down to eat lunch and the people at the table across from us are saying “up the mountain to the cabin, then down the mountain, that’s what we do.”
        What do you mean “we”?!
        It’s nuts. I don’t know where we are!

              1. Idk MJ. Does it hertz or is that the fear porn we’re channeling? I think we’re pioneering new Space here and expectations can range from mild fear to utter terror-forming.

            1. About pain and Hertz.

              My view is pain is the meeting place or the border where the healing energy meets resistance.

              I think the thing is at the moment we’re at very deep levels and we don’t have precedents to refer to.

              1. That sounds accurate! I don’t know how many times I can say “this is just off-the-chain bizarre!” but it is. Lately, I feel completely drained of energy and in dreamland.

  2. in my morning I saw the last photo in the recording
    there on the bottle with the compote was written kompotay
    and some more words in Kazakh
    or it seemed to me?

  3. about
    “There is only one dreamer, the one Self, dreaming
    many dreams. In everybody there is a dream, but the
    dreamer is the same, the one Self, which reflects itself
    in each body as I Am.” Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

    I had a dream yesterday
    at the end of a dream, someone’s voice told me
    “go with a horse
    live with the king ”

    The Black King appears only asleep in the narrative. He snores so loudly that he can be heard all over the forest. Tralyala and Trulyalya assure Alice that everything around is dream of the Black King.that is, all that is around – all this is only a dream for the black king

    1. Rain

      ‘And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof.’

      It doesn’t say he woke up.

      About The Swan I’m not sure I explained very well what I meant.

      My two brothers and I all ended up in a village which had The Swan in it. Supposedly different villages. Maybe. Maybe not.

      And animal swans.

      ‘The Royal swans are no longer marked, but an unmarked mute swan on the Thames is regarded as belonging to the Queen by default. … The Queen has a prerogative over all swans in England and Wales. The Swan Keeper also despatches swans all over the world, sent as gifts in the Queens name.’

  4. Uh Oh The Woman in Black is back … The Black Madonna

    and she is as MAD as HELL as she has LOST her children/worshippers to the New Age goddess MEDIA

    In an interview with Vogue magazine, she said: “It ended my relationship with [my children], really.The singer says her children’s lives became dominated by the goddess of technology. Well Material Girl you reap what you sow .. ask Eve … she knows ALL ABOUT that.×600-c-default.jpg

    Uh OH

    1. TTN

      Maybe it’s just Ludditism. My nephew and wife met online.

      I checked out Black Francis. He is the singer for the Pixies.

      Good question.

      1. Isis killed Osiris up at the White House she cut his whatsits off

        but you know what they say …you can’t keep a good Frank down …

        he just keeps coming back from the dead

        Thats not a dig at you Frank just demonstrating how ‘reality’ has always been fictional … this particular chapter is coming to its grand finale.

        1. TTN

          I’m assuming there is a point to all this.

          Spent a lot of Saturday with a History teacher. Good fun. Normal teaching gripes though and weird connections.

          Had a very good story about Chronic the Hedgehog.

          A big headache I’m having which was very clear and probably for others as well is trying to relate to ‘normal’ life and people.

          1. TTN

            When I wrote ‘I’m assuming there is a point to this’ I wasn’t referring to your comments but speaking generally.

          2. Frank Hugo, I was just pointing out that Mother Maya is unstable every time you thing you know where you stand with her the ground shifts beneath you.

            Frank look at
            the video RUTH she MM has in her hands a rabbit and a gorilla mm I wonder who that refers to .. and what connects us Frank .. June 11th 2002

            In House of Cards she wants to erase Franks legacy make him disappear in the final episode she quotes this

            Herr God, Herr Lucifer

            Out of the ash
            I rise with my red hair
            And I eat men like air.


            I am not referring to anyone personally or having a go at the girls I am talking of the nature of what we are living inside of .. just something to keep in mind.

            So what connects us – today for example I had to visit the library and on my way out I noticed this book written by Frank entitled Illusion it is about a girl called M. Collins and involves magic and time travel. So I am reading it now … its very interesting to say the least.

            1. TTN

              I’ve watched the Meg Myers a few times and see the references. From my perspective there was something incredibly weird in the video and Meg Myers connected to the wedding that even I didn’t expect. Mind blown. Again about connections and the unreality of the world and maybe who we think we are.

              I have tried to talk about the connections and it goes far beyond Merovee for me. Until we understand it maybe it’s a moot point.

        2. TTN, she seems to believe that it’s ‘her turn’ to ‘write the script’, but she doesn’t want to compete for the role of scriptwriter. She wants the man to ‘stand down’ so to speak. I’m reminded of a crappy ‘girl power’ movie I once sat through: girl overcomes the odds, takes on and beats the boys at their own game, and becomes a BMX champion. Stirring stuff indeed, and only marginally less entertaining than an advert for panty liners. You know the kind I mean: “With one of our super-absorbent bricks in your gusset you’ll practically float to the summit of Everest on a wave of feel-good female entitlement”. Anyway, the film’s producers couldn’t find a girl good enough to perform the stunts, so they hired a male BMX champion, stuck a wig on him, and got him to perform them instead. I guess she really showed them boys, yeah?

    1. Isn’t that a distinct triangle? I have seen so much of that lately. Whatever it is, it is everywhere.

        1. Everything feels so shaken up at the moment. And those numbers 852…on 5.18,

          Rude awakening creates beautiful newness! Of course, I’m not suggesting anyone watch or listen to all this, but the first 5 minutes usually tells you the basics.
          And this!

          A solid change in life force! What a combo…pluto in Capricorn.

      1. I’m not sure what “it” is! The sky has become layered. What is the streak that causes clouds to become an inverse of themselves?! Trés bizarre!

  5. I had a dream last night that someone/thing was playing with the planets. The planets were flat disks in the sky that served as projection screens for stuff and someone/thing kept flipping the channels without caring anymore whether anyone saw it – people had become so numb they no longer asked questions. Saturn was a flat circle with a thick and clumsy ring around it that gave only the illusion of dimension — all it’s rings stacked vertically in stead of in concentric circles. All of the planets were visible to the naked eye and it was business as usual downstairs.

          1. MJ

            Meg Myers has history. Back in 2011 I think a 20 something hottie invited me into her car on a dark night and she wasn’t touting for trade. Very in-sis-tent. Looking for directions.

            It didn’t seem a normal action to ask a 50 something stranger into her car for a young woman.

            Anyway, she was a Meg Myers doppelganger. We ended up at the BP garage. Very pleasant young lady.

            Only when I watched this video later did I see the connection with Meg Myers.

            And now seems connected with a member of my family and a running joke . The Universe likes it’s puns. Punny and runny.

            MeMe is Dotty. In Spiral.


            1. And about the wedding.

              There was a lot of love in the room but I thought if everyone expressed how much they loved each other the roof might come off. But you don’t in polite company.

              Love Hertz.

              And there was no wine and only water served with the main meal. Apart from the fact I fancied a glass I was thinking ‘Is this really happening ?’ WTF. Nuts in May.

              But stayed overnight at Vine Cottage .

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