May The 4th Be With You

May the 4th be with you. It’s Star Wars Day today I am told.






Recently, MJ came up with a very good insight into 5/5. Over the last year or so a numerological link with 512, 152, 215 has shown up.

The numbers seemed slightly incongruous but as MJ shows in her pics 512 etc is a mirror of 5/5. And 215 also happens to be MJ’s birthday.




And 512 is the latitude that myself, Rain and Chernobyl share.





And for Roob’s birthday which I got wrong, I checked the Billboard Number 1s in the US on her incorrect birth date .


Something Stupid – SS – by Frank and Nancy Sinatra.



All this is another pointer for me that within this reality there is a numerological consciousness grid which we are connected with.

And 1108. Twit A Woo.



May the 4th be with you. Lego and Blocks It and Star Wars.

Pulling back the curtain on a galaxy far, far away.

Skylines from Paris to San Fran.



And new secrets of the Super Massive Black Hole.



The Gates of Hell and the End of Space Time.



The Forgotten.

What if everything you’ve ever experienced, everything you’ve known never happened ?



Doo doo doo.


119 thoughts on “May The 4th Be With You

  1. Thanks, Frank, but it’s not my birthday until the end of the month…

    *That’s right, Clicky… /lights up… I’ll be 52 on the 25th…*


        1. 5/5 is the 125th day of the year.. Happy Synco de Mayo

          Straight from the Wiki:

          Cinco de Mayo. … Cinco de Mayo (pronounced [ˈsiΕ‹ko Γ°e ˈmaʝo] in Latin America, Spanish for “Fifth of May”) is an annual celebration held on May 5. The date is observed to commemorate the Mexican Army’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla, on May 5, 1862,

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      1. Okay this is crazy (as if that has meaning).

        In the Lego movie 2, Emmet has a prophetic dream about a dolphin clock alarm at 5:15, and that triggers everything about going to the SISstar system. See? 515 is SIS πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
        The SISster.
        Cetean. SETI
        Anybody out there?

        Even crazier, think of 5:15 as a quarter past. A quarter is 25.
        5 2 5

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                1. The other day, Charlie said he wanted some new game for his Nintendo switch and that it would cost “about 50 doll hairs”. I said “did you say ‘doll hairs’?
                  Yep. He said 50 doll hairs.
                  Doll fins.
                  Dol heir.


          1. That thought had crossed my mind !

            About a week ago, I had a meeting when everything seemed to happen at warp speed and it’s gone Taylor Swift ever since. Bit like cockney rhyming slang.

            And 5/5 and SS.

            Specialty Silicones big bang last night in the US

            It felt like an earthquake.


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            1. ‘Waukegan had an abolitionist community dating to these early days. In 1853, residents commemorated the anniversary of emancipation of slaves in the British Empire with a meeting. Waukegan arguably has the distinction of being the only place where Abraham Lincoln failed to finish a speech; when he campaigned in the town in 1860, a fire alarm rang, and the man soon-to-be president had his words interrupted.’


              *I’ve been rewatching Hornblower again this week, Clicky…*

              *Fuck yeah, we could watch The Fantastic Four movies later, for May the fourth…*

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            2. Silicon is silly coins.
              Silly coins and doll hairs!
              We’re in the SISstar system! Let’s play house.


        1. Jenny

          Not sure exactly what it is at the moment !

          Here’s something else. I picked Buckingham Palace at random. Maybe I’m mad. Nurse Ratched !

          If you look at it a certain way the house looks photoshopped over the blue behind it. Layers.

          And BP Oil and Blood Pressure


  2. Hi! Looking forward to reading all these comets later! And I thought Roob was 5/25. Guess what? from 2/15 to 5.25 is 100 days!

    From and including: Friday, February 15, 2019
    To and including: Saturday, May 25, 2019
    Result: 100 days
    It is 100 days from the start date to the end date, end date included.
    Or 3 months, 11 days including the end date.
    Alternative time units
    100 days can be converted to one of these units:
    8,640,000 seconds
    144,000 minutes
    2400 hours
    100 days
    14 weeks and 2 days

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  3. Aggregating off last month’s stories about John Singleton and his remember the time video featuring me, myself and I and Jackson, this ‘prison’ planet, boeing and ”landing the plane”

    More John and Jackson stuff – a plane lands in the st. john’s river in Jacksonville – a charter plane from Guantanamo, prison of all prisons.

    Saddest thing is the animals are still in the belly of the plane. I hope they don’t drown. Notes of a modern day Noah’s ark.


      1. I know humans like that too. The reason of their discontent. Strange birds. I’m not one of ”those” people but what gets me about that story is how they died in locked cages and had no choice. They couldn’t even try to run.


  4. A spiral in LEO, or Big Frank, the realtor!

    “The Hubble telescope has captured a dazzling new photograph of a spiral galaxy, NGC 2903.

    NGC 2903 is part of the constellation Leo, located roughly 30 million light-years from Earth. NASA used the powerful orbital telescope to explore it along with over 100 other disc galaxies in the region.”

    I think significant in Leo because its the only sign ruled by the sun and it’s element is FIRE, or creation.

    The SPIRE is on FIRE

    helical – “spiral-shaped,” c. 1600, from Latin helicem (nominative helix) “spiral”


            1. He’s a strange bird, MJ, that’s for sure…

              Sure Hillary impeded Bernie Sanders’ run, but she did crossed the Popular Vote winning line first…

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              1. I keep thinking “I don’t want a president”. And if he wants to be president, then he can. But I don’t want to be governed. It doesn’t seem to work that way, though. If people would like to be governed, then they can, but why do I have to?

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                1. MJ πŸ’–

                  That’s the child in you, wanting and trying to grow up.
                  Unfortunately, many of us are too scared or just unwilling to let go of ‘Our Father’s’ hand and image.

                  Power comes by letting go. πŸ™‚


              2. I heard that. It made me laugh. Of course his actions had nothing>/I> to do with the situation. πŸ˜’ Imagine having the cards stacked in your favor, thieving to get even more stacked in your favor and still failing. Poor sod. I actually do feel sorry for him. It won’t be nice watching him unravel more.

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      1. Clouds are doing some strange things. Possibly its the hyper dimensional thing Jenny mentioned about chemtrails. Sometimes clouds appear to become an inverse of themselves. And triangles. I keep seeing triangles in clouds. MrMBB33 (youtuber) receives lots of photos of very distinct triangles in clouds. Says a filter reveals that it is something, even if you can’t really see it. Bizarre.


    1. So beautiful. I was dreaming yesterday of next summer when I have my pickup loaded with the animas and we drive south to visit. I’d love to explore the Indian land across this country. Wanna come?


        1. About size. When I was looking at the Taylor Swift video the drummers at the beginning looked a bit like Oompa Loompas.

          Maybe Taylor Swift is only 2ft 2ins.

          Strait Jacket time !


      1. It’s an endless story. But look out for the red afro to show at the Country House. Or is that country castle? It’s the year of the jocular.

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          1. Maybe the Earl of Dumbo will inherit his Grandad’s ears. If he is his Grandad but that is another story.

            And Black and White and Red privilege.


      1. Thanks Anon – yes I am very well but there hasn’t been all that much to comment on from my point of view recently.

        It seems that I have been absent for so long that when I do post now it doesn’t automatically fill in my email address and name any more!
        Is this my punishment for insufficient posting that I have to fill in my details manually? Ha!


    1. Roob

      About Remote Viewing. From the Rose of Texas.

      From Soul in Corea.

      Dinky Toys. Overview.

      Also are we looking straight ahead or up or down ?

      And does it reflect at the toll booths. All sorts going on in this.

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      1. When I did that 215 mirror of 512, I didn’t know whether to say the up down reflection was vertical or the other one. The reflection is vertical, but the paper is folded horizontally. Its kind of a mind fuck.


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