Let’s Twist Again.



Eye Spier something beginning with.

The Spire.



Notre Dame and Nostradamus.

The Prediction.

Pet Goat 11. Adam waking up and Eyes Wide Open.



In Spiral.

Franklin Texas – Tornado.



And Lovelady, Texas.




And Donnie.



The In Spiral Staircase in Reigate.

Look Familiar ? It’s All About You.



Notre Dame, Paris, France.





And the Fallen Woman.

Last Saturday night / Sunday morning Sydney Monfries fell to her death down a spiral staircase in the Bell Tower in Fordham University, the Bronx, New York . Click Mail Online.



As amazing as some of this is, it is a bit grist to the mill on Merovee. The magical becomes everyday. Last night, I was speaking to Jenny and for about five seconds she transmogrified into Jennifer Connelly. I said to her ‘By the way, you just transmogrified into Jennifer Connelly’ and she replied ‘OK then’ and we carried on talking as if it was totally normal.

And yesterday Roob had a giant alien jellyfish flying overhead and we say ‘That’s Interesting’. And it was in truth. I hope I never lose the WTF feeling.



The Notre Dame fire has triggered a thought in me and I’m not sure exactly what I’m seeing. And as someone said to me ‘At present, probably any mad idea you may have is correct’. Just following the rabbit.

Toy Town.





To follow my train of thought, it helps if you watched the final episode of The OA Part 2 titled ‘Overview’. And even then you may not understand but I wouldn’t worry. I maybe insane but I don’t think so.

In the episode, one of the characters Karim Washington manages to find and open an important Rose Window in a house in San Francisco.




Eye Spier.



Notre Dame cathedral.



And Karim finds himself overlooking a film set of his version of San Francisco, in presumably another dimension and the film set contains cardboard cut outs of the buildings in his dimension.




In an email, Jen wrote the Notre Dame Cathedral looks like papier mache as the Cathedral burned.

And since then when I have looked at the images from the fire, to me the Cathedral has looked like a cardboard cut out in a similar fashion to Karim Washington’s overview.

The date of the Notre Dame fire was 4/15. Fahrenheit 451 is the temperature at which paper spontaneously combusts.







And since then, when I’ve been out and about, I’ve had the sensation which comes and goes that the buildings around me are Toy Town buildings.

For example here is a pic of a new house that has been built a few doors down from me. And as I passed for a fleeting moment, I got the feeling I could bend down and pick up the deer. Maybe a sign of on set lunacy.



And the Reigate pyramid.



The Zero Theorem.



It’s early days with this but there maybe a clue with LOL.

Late On Set Lesbianism.



And a confirmation for me that I’m on the right track with this, shortly after I published the article I walked past a lingerie shop called All About You.



And in All About You was a miniature house.




And in more bizarre Merovee news, Anon has passed the Alpha Bethlehem torch to Frank.

Over the years, I have occasionally said I don’t want to play Monopoly any more, I want to play Twister.

It’s In Spiral.




Good game, good game.


109 thoughts on “Twister

    1. Jen

      About Karim, Overview and the Observer.

      Confirmation for me that I’m on the right track with this. Shortly after I wrote the article I walked past a shop called ‘All About You’. Added to article.

      And in the shop was a miniature house.

      1. Have you ever noticed that when you tell someone, “it’s all about you”, the reaction is that they don’t like it!
        And then it gets confusing. You are me and I am you, etc. So if I say, it’s all about you, then is it all about me? 😄
        Do you see what I mean?!

        1. MJ

          I’ve noticed that as well. And sometimes when you say ‘It’s All About Us’, the reply is what do you mean Us ?

          1. I find it comforting to read stuff here because then I know ‘it’s not just me’. And yes, I starting writing that before I realized what I was saying.
            This is nuts.

        2. It is a bit disconcerting when the Universe singles You out…but it is ultimately about You, Me, We, US. We’re in this Whole bag of trix.

          And the Rick Roll cracked me up, MJ! Been a long time. 😀

            1. Tonight’s remote viewing choice was between Aquaman or The Fifth Estate. Guess what won 😉

      1. Yes. And I like how you pointed out pathways are neural pathways. Now when I am out walking, I think “I’m on a neural pathway.”
        We exist in a field and are ideas of ourselves. It is as if an invisible force doesn’t want us to think like this. If a flat earther makes claims, or just points out what you see (perspective) from a plane, Neil Degrasse Tyson says “you’re anti-science!”
        I think that is bizarre.

        1. And my other mad idea for today which is that we are the OA in another dimension to the TV show. And in the films we observe us and the films and actors, and the characters are actually real dimensions. This is freaky thinking.

          Not sure who Hap is though !

          When I was walking into Reigate earlier when I walked down one road I had the sensation that it was a film set. I wouldn’t have been surprised if a load of Cowboys and Indians had showed up.

          And the houses looked like an old film set where they just showed the front and there was nothing behind.

          1. She didn’t turn into anyone but her face subtly changed.

            But again with the Winona Ryder doppelganger effect, seems to be connected with the movies and the TV.

    1. MJ

      That looks a gateway or portal whatever they are exactly.

      And the Netflix dimension in The OA was set in London at the end.

        1. It would be Mimi !

          The other thing that has been playing around my mind with Overview is Frank Culbertson and 911.

          In a certain light. IDK. Not sure exactly what it’s saying. The lines between physical reality and imagination are getting blurred for me. And don’t think it’s just me.

          1. It makes sense to me! We are like legos in Bricksburg. You are observing yourself. The implications are that there are as many worlds as there are people, each having their own experience. I have played around with the idea that somehow, the meroveeps’ worlds collided on the priME MEridian. And yes, of course it is Mimi.

          2. And about your Crisp R research not getting a reply.

            One of the things that I’ve noticed over last few years is that it feels that people are totally unaware of me when I’m in town. As if I’m wearing an Invisibility cloak.

            Like you don’t exist until you are right in their face. But when you are on your own, people crowd in.

            1. That is EXACTLY how it is. When you become aware of this “thing” we’re in, your entire world and perspective changes. It immediately changes relationships. And because you’re not “in the world” anymore, the surrounding characters say bizarre things. I had someone tell me a few months ago that she wanted me to call her when I had a bad day. I said why? And she said “because I need to be a part of your life”. I said how about I call you when I have good or neutral days? That will be more fun. And she said “you never have been grounded.” And smiled when she said it.
              I think people get grounded when they’re punished. I don’t think I did anything to get punished and I don’t consent to anyone punishing me. That’s why I can’t stand cops.

    1. I think Time is multi faceted. 111 would make a bit of sense. The beginning.

      I was interested Anon’s Frank is engaged to April when means Open in its original Latin.

      And about the comment made to you. She was the one who said she needed to be part of your life . She wasn’t asking you if you wanted to be part of hers . She needed it not you.

      1. You’re “engaged” with the portal (opening). The observer is engaged with the field in real time. Virtual reality.

        Yes, that is how I read it. She needed it.

          1. It’s part of the birthday grid I think.

            I remember the appointment time was 2:15 even though it actually took place a bit later.

      2. Frank, Frank also mentioned a “mastiff” and a lion on a mural. Man, the guy could talk. I think we shook hands goodbye three times before he finally left. Puppy was like can we go now?

          1. The Via Crucis at the Colosseum. The Way of the Cross.

            Pope Francis and Sister U Genia Bonett I.

            This year, Pope Francis asked a woman religious to prepare the meditations. She is Sr Eugenia Bonetti, a Consolata Missionary and President of the Association “Slaves no more”, well known for her work in fighting against human trafficking.



            And the Daughter – Rebecca.


            The Mummy Returns.


            We were born together and we were created as One.

            Confused cius He Say.

    1. The drones didn’t melt.
      They “gorged on honey” (money), protected their queen and could be tracked by satellite.
      Sounds like the feasthood.

  1. Toy fire. Play fire.
    I saw video of a tour of the interior of ND post-fire. No spot on walls, wooden pews unscathed, nothing cracked. Maybe the whole thing was a holy wooded stage. Who do you think was the dir-Rector?

    “The cathedral’s rector said Friday a ‘computer glitch’ might have been behind the blaze…..Speaking during a meeting of local business owners, rector Patrick Chauvet did not elaborate on the exact nature of the glitch…On Thursday, Paris police investigators said they think an electrical short-circuit most likely caused the fire. French newspaper Le Parisien has reported that a fire alarm went off at Notre Dame shortly after 6 p.m. Monday but a computer bug showed the fire’s location in the wrong place.”

    1. Anon

      I chanced upon Dennis’ website earlier. I’ve left a comment with a link so hopefully you maybe be able to reacquaint if he turns up.

        1. Anon

          I contacted those people who I had the email address who may not have read B&C. I didn’t have his email but Dennis left a comment in an article which led me to his blog. And in the first article he questioned what happened to Merovee so I left comment . Dream is the one who I have no idea how to contact.

          And Torches and Frank Ankhona. He was an Imperial Wizard.

  2. Don’t know if anyone mentioned it but. The roof of ND is a cross.

    Metaphysically the cross represents the intersection of spirit and matter. The point of intersection is the point of creation, where the spire stood. It is where Christ was crucified, where the spire fell and left the black hole.

    And with the scaffolding surrounding it, looks like a black hole plotted on a computer graph paper.

    A ‘computer glitch’!
    Sorry, it was all a misunderstanding ?

    C’est la vie. 😊
    And Happy Easter everyone. 🌺

  3. Notre Dame
    Arte Demon
    Tree Monad
    Holy Wood St. Age

    “This Haskell library provides an implementation of the MonadPlus type class that represents the search space as a tree that can be used to define different search strategies.

    This library is on Hackage. The easiest way to install it is to use cabal-install and simply type
    $ cabal install tree-monad
    in a shell.”,c_limit,f_auto,fl_lossy,q_auto/artlogicstorage/monad/images/view/bccd15dd99450ae301236c9e64b3189bp/monad-gilbert-george-tree-jesus-1980.jpg

      1. “Non-saturnian keylontic knowledge from Emerald Guardians Crystalline Christic DNA cross in Tree of life, creating template for activating Light body monad and fractally connecting into Higher Self”

        Whew, that was a mouthful. From pinterest.

        1. Thanks for all the info, Anon.

          I was thinking yesterday about the Tree of Life and the entrance to the Garden which was blocked by a ‘flaming sword’ because “he must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the Tree of Life and eat and ‘live forever’.

          I’m guessing the computer was a security system to deter thieves. But no sprinkler system. And the security failed for lack of water. So it goes. 🙂

        2. And this from Google

          A hiker in Zionsville, Indiana found a huge snake hanging from a tree branch.

          Deja Vu all over again. 🙂

    1. The Dee Hive’s are structurally sound.,204,203,200_.jpg


      From links above:


      Dee calls the Hieroglyphic Monad a “magical parable” and even to begin to comprehend his aims and method we must come to an understanding of the Doctrine of Correspondences which lies at the heart of all magical practice and is the key to the hermetic quest. “As above, so below” reads the much quoted Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus. Thus seen, the material world is a clearly defined alphabet for the reading of divine intention, and in the process of transmuting base metal, the adept transmutes his own nature, and vice versa. Alchemy is not a matter of “either-or”, as we are led to believe by the Jungians and other well-meaning reductionists: “either a spiritual discipline, or an obscure and bastard form of chemistry”. It was and is a resounding and holy use of natural, celestial, and supercelestial law, which results at one and the same instant in the transformation of the magus and of the material universe. “

  4. I think it was Aeon who let slip once the suggestion that “Jesus” gives everlasting life after the oppression of Saturn because ”jesus” is a code that hacked the ‘puter. I think it was also Aeon who said ”fight fire with fire.” Molto interessante.

    “As has been explored already in such posts as The Factors of Balance, The Keys & The Power of the Beast, The Hive-Mind Consciousness, etc. the Keys of The Qabalah of Nine Chambers fully explicate THE TRANSHUMAN MOVEMENT, THE TECHNOLOGIES OF THE FUTURE, and a range of BIO-NANO-TECH and DATA-SURVEILLANCE applications which have been in development for a century or more. 666 represents the Fire with which to fight Fire with, being the Key of the False Matrix as well as the Natural Matrix, and thus the SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY by which the Individual can regain and RETAIN sovereignty over their ELECTRIC Sol/Soul currency. ”

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