Don’t forget to wear flowers in your hair.




The earth moved for me.




And Elon Tusk has sent Ripley into orbit. A dummy of Eileen Ripley was included in Space X’s latest flight.

Rocket Science for Dummies.





It’s Me. WOW! Which is where it gets interesting.





Rock It.


55 thoughts on “Alien

      1. Another unlucky chap has been marooned with Merovingians and Chalicites. What will they do? Throw him out into Deep Space? It wouldn’t be right. Maybe one day he’ll become part of the crew.

                    1. He plays for MONAco

                      Apparently an early description of the word hermaphrodite did not mean an organism had dual sex organs but instead integrated masculine and feminine “energy”.

              1. HH+MM’s ET.
                Is Et expected in March?
                In time for Easter?

                I don’t understand the weight toward Musk and Tesla. What’s the story there?

                I’m watching Trump ramble at CPAC. Man, his id is alive and well. Talk about stream of consciousness. Fazzzscinating.

                1. Anon

                  I couldn’t even describe about Musk and Tesla but ties in with Alien and weird personal stuff.

                  Let me dribble away in the corner.

                2. If Et’s born on 3.17 (LIE. Love Is Everything) it’ll be a Pisces, a fisher. Is MM carrie-ing fisher?

                  “In classical interpretations, the symbol of the fish is derived from the ichthyocentaurs, who aided Aphrodite when she was born from the sea.”

  1. ‘Crystal’ sky bridge nears completion in Chinese city of Chongqing…

    *No, Clicky, Chongqing was called Chungking not chunking…*

    ‘The official abbreviation of the city, “Yu” (渝), was approved by the State Council on 18 April 1997.[13] This abbreviation is derived from the old name of a part of the Jialing River that runs through Chongqing and feeds into the Yangtze River.’

    *That’s Yancy… /rolls eyes…*

      1. ‘During the Great Leap Forward, when traditional veneration of the baiji was denounced, it was hunted for its flesh and skin, and quickly became scarce.’

    1. Dweebo Bigass!
      Clicky, those are bigass shoes to fill!
      It’s all about angles. A bit “W.A.S.P. y” to be big ass

      Butt, from a slightly different angle and using butt muscles, I can haz bigger ass

      Tubby Pubebeard, (shaking head), well,… I feel lucky to be Dweebo Bigass. Although I am jealous that Frank gets to be Karefree Jollyfuck.

      Anyway, this big ass ain’t big enough to land the Philae lander

  2. The Philly flower show started yesterday.
    The theme is Flower Power. 💇

    Tonight winter storm Scott pays a visit.
    ‘I dunnae how much more she’ll take Captain!’

    Beam US up! 😊

  3. Anon

    I couldn’t post a reply to your above comment, so putting this here.

    On the subject of MONAco. According to Google, they’re going to build a vertical garden there, adjacent to the harbor. I guess where the mega yachts are parked.

    It’s being built by Studio ‘Fukasa’. 😕

    Go for it. 😆

      1. Remember Vanna Bonta?

        “The 2suit (alternately 2-Suit or twosuit) (abbrv. 2S) is a garment designed to facilitate intimacy in weightless environments. It has been tested in microgravity during a parabolic flight.”

        “So I present to you: a guide to good, old-fashioned fuckin’ and suckin’ in the future. In space.

        How it works:

        Perhaps what’s so mind-boggling to space sex pundits is that we are no longer talking about “missionary position with the lights off” sex. For this, I think the future cannot arrive fast enough. Sex in zero (or reduced) gravity is going to change the way we fuck for many reasons — primarily because while floating in zero G you need to use stationary objects to move, period. Getting cock into pussy, into mouth, into ass — getitng pussy into face, or getting the strap-on into his ass — is all going to be a coordinated effort, Your partner’s body will wander no matter how hard they try to keep still. And you better bet you’ll need to tether that bottle of lube (and its cap). In fact, all your sex toys will need wrist straps.

        (Please) tie me to the console and fuck my brains out:

        This is the natural next step for space sex: bondage. No, you won’t need to know which pocket to flag your synthetic space hanky in, or need to know BDSM scenester lingo to get laid in the spacepod, but a little forethought about restraint is going to be the name of the game. Rope and knot knowledge will help; what would be even better of course would be some lightweight, easy-on/off NASA-manufactured tethers. And the shuttle will need to be slightly redesigned with eyebolt-style tie down points — all over the ship. Oh yes.”

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