The Memory Motel

A trip down Memory Lane.



Meet Me In Montauk.




Eothen = At First Light.

In the 1970s Andy Warhol owned a property at Montauk, Long Island titled Eothen where he would entertain famous visitors.

From 1st :

‘Eothen, a Montauk estate on the easternmost tip of Long Island, was the summer home of artist Andy Warhol for nearly two decades. Warhol purchased the property in 1971 for $225,000 when Montauk was still considered an off-the-beaten-path destination for vacationing New Yorkers. The five clapboard cottages which comprise Eothen — ancient Greek for “at first light” — are simple, humble beachfront structures. Built in the early 1930s for the heirs to the Arm & Hammer fortune, the structures of Eothen neither resemble the Gilded Age grandeur popular at the time of their construction, nor do they share any aesthetic DNA with Warhol’s cutting-edge, foil-covered Manhattan Factory. But the familiar principle of “opposites attract” must have applied when the Pop Art trailblazer bought the property for use as a quaint coastal getaway.

Under Warhol’s tenure, Eothen served as a low-key escape for his famous friends to decamp, unwind and (of course) debauch. Year after year, one would find a who’s-who hanging out among the simple, whitewashed structures: Jackie Kennedy, Lee Radziwill, John Lennon, Halston, Liza Minnelli, Catherine Deneuve, Elizabeth Taylor and Keith Haring. It wouldn’t be uncommon to hear The Rolling Stones rehearsing cuts from “Black and Blue” amid the dunes, or spot Julian Schnabel painting broken bowls en plein air along the sand. The beachfront site of Eothen also inspired Warhol himself, most notably in his “Sunset” series.’



Eothen is also the name of my mother’s school which she attended in Caterham, England when she was a young girl. Founded by Miss Pye and her sister Miss Winifred.




One of the famous visitors to Eothen in Montauk were The Rolling Stones. And in Montauk, Jagger and Richards got the inspiration to write a song called ‘Memory Motel’ which was based around a bar known as the Memory Motel in Montauk.



And this is where I veer into familiar Merovee territory.

The Memory Motel was built by Frank and Marilyn Roys in 1951.

Click East.



And is currently owned by MV – Montauk Ventures.

‘Archival photos tell us that the Memory Motel was constructed in the late 1940s. Originally, it consisted of 19 rooms with an attached bar and cafe, according to Brian Kenny, managing director of Montauk Ventures, its current owner and operator. The man who built the motel was an adventurer named Frank G. Roys, captain of the Seaglamour charter boat, dock master of the Long Island Rail Road fishing pier, and a naval veteran decorated for his service in World Wars I and II. The memory in the motel’s name was in remembrance of his son, Bruce, who had drowned.’


And ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ in Montauk.

Water holds Memory.




Just add water.



It’s a Flood.


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  1. Before reading this just wrote about senator Waters probing Trump’s fake currency on the other page.

    JB- to run or not run in 2020. How anyone can consider Joe Biden for anything is beyond me. BS reentered the race. Socialist Sanders. Lol. I mean no harm by that. Just letters and words.

        1. It took 9 men and a ‘Deep Sea’ Camera to find the clog that led to my sync pouring over and subsequently flooded my kitchen last night. Everything is going wrong – Everything is going right. Landlord Scrooge pulled out his money clip and sorted through a few hundreds before pulling out a $2 Jefferson, which he handed to me with instructions to wash the towels I used to soak up the water. Winning!

          And speaking of flooding – my neighbor also came over to see what all the fuss was about at my place and then proceeded to tell me she may have to move back to Houston with her sister. Their Ark landed here after Harvey took all their worldly goods.

  2. Water and salt. Salt is the preservative.
    Snape’s salty tears told Harry the true story.
    When we remember, we cry.
    Are you feeling it yet?

        1. Cell phones always give us the Condensed version of the moon…but as bright as it is, I know you had a Souper Moon tonight, which I’ll be seeing soon enough…and when I do, I too shall take a picture with my cell phone so you can see the condensed version of my Souper Moon as well. 🙂

        2. I think it is really interesting that this year, there is a new moon on 3.6 and 8.1.
          New moons symbolize birth and beginnings. And that happens at 360 and 180. Amazing!

          1. Rain

            Thank you !!!

            That’s exactly what I’ve been seeing from time to time but haven’t been able to get a decent pic 🙂

            It’s as if the ‘globe’ is hiding behind the sun or next to it. It’s very strange.

              1. Rain

                My knowledge of the planets and stars is limited I’m afraid.

                I saw something very similar a number of times in about October and November. What it is I don’t know but your pics are confirmation to me that I saw what I saw.

            1. Neptune in conjunction with Mercury in conjunction with ahernar
              The star of the first magnitude, has the nature of Jupiter.
              Sword of the Archangel (Alpha Aeridan – Heavenly River). This is one of the most sacred stars, the “fiery sword”, the sword of protection, the star, who at one time announced the birth of Zoroaster and the battle against world evil. It is associated with the “burning out” of evil, impiety. This star is also called “Angel”. Promotes uncompromising, fairness and dedication. Very scary star cracks down on traitors, it does not allow a person to stumble. Dedicated in the horoscope, this star gives a person success in matters of the spirit, spiritual honors and always protection.
              It has the character of Jupiter mixed with the energies of Mars and Uranus. With a good position in the map, it promises happiness and success, endows a person with good behavior, integrity, adherence to a certain religious direction and a philosophical turn of mind. It is traditionally believed that Achernar patronizes church hierarchs, and this star may be associated with obtaining high spiritual dignity, especially if there is a connection with Jupiter.

      1. Frank and Clicky

        There is a Coast Guard Station at Montauk, Long Island. And a Coast Guard officer Christopher Paul Hasson has been arrested for plotting mass murder. He wanted to ‘kill every last person on earth’.

        And re Jussie Smollet, Chi (life force) cago police say, ‘it’s a hoax’.

        Memory…the death wish…the hoax.

        Keith Richards, “Nobody said it was easy.”

      1. The Mark and I were talking about this phenomenon and if you try to figure it out logically, you can’t. Which makes reality not what we ever think it is. Of course, that’s what we talk about on here. Doesn’t make it any less mind-blowing!
        I like your jewelry design, Jennifer MEyer 😄✨

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