The Unforgiven

Press a few buttons and see what happens.

The Unforgiven.

Clint Eastwood and the Wild West.



Governor Ralph Northam from Virginia is ‘Unforgivable’ according to the Precedent.

Down South.




Historical Guilt.

I Wish I Was In Dick Sea Land.



BBC, UK – 1978.

The Black and White Minstrel Show.



And Al Jolson.



And more personally. Historical Guilt and Community Guardians.

It’s a Sin.


On Friday, I had a bit of a mad Francisco day. And part of it was Gone With The Wind.

‘Frankly, My Dear, I Don’t Give A Damn’.

I’ve always wanted to say that but it’s one of those things that occurs to me five minutes after it would have been a good riposte.



This followed from the San Francisco Pop Out Map.






The Universe keeps repeating the same point. A few points actually.

David Bowie and Hermione Frankel.

‘To The Girl With The Mousy Hair’.





It’s the Freakiest Show. He wasn’t joking.


70 thoughts on “The Unforgiven

    1. For instance, according to The Committee (thanks, Ethel) and Guardians of Love, Light and All Things Goodest, forgiveness is a “letting go”…
      and yet the govna is white knuckling it.

      He’s possessive and can’t let go. “Hold onto your Seat no matter what”. Grab grab grab. Grab a face. tRumple Steal skin. Grab all the things.

    2. Anon

      I see Forgiveness as a process of letting go of the barrier of guilt and guilt projection which keeps this reality ticking over. And all the rest of it. Personal isn’t it ?

      Not restricted to race or colour or gender.

      I’m not surprised with the timing.

      1. So the idea that the govna should relinquish his role as overlord of the state is an example of a lack of forgiveness whereas his obsession with keep his status as overlord no matter what is not? Very facile don’t you think? I think the govna displays “a barrier of guilt and guilt projection” by symbolically stealing someone’s skin don’t you? I think the systemic obsession white people have about dArk skin and the ridicule of it, past and PRESENT, is direct evidence they believe in (“black”) guilt. The govna is hardly a victim of PC or anything else. He’s a willing participant. I for one don’t give a damn whether or not he holds onto his seat. Just don’t expect me to acknowledge his authority as anything other than a twat. Having twats in office is hardly unusual.

        Im not sure if the Committee has understood that “love” and “forgiveness” means different things to different people. Loving doesn’t mean accepting abuse.

    1. Hugo

      I’ve looked in the mirror a lot. Not always very pleasant !

      But are the unpleasant sights, belief systems, etc in the mirror real ?

      1. Frank, clearly you have bottom lines about what is and isn’t real because clearly again you don’t advocate suicide for yourself or others which means something in your world must be real. Real enough to take care of. I really don’t get the angst anyway about real or not real. If it’s all mindstuff it’s all real or alternatively it’s all fake. So? How is your life going to be any different either way?

  1. Let go of the things that can no longer be fixed. If you try to force them back together, things will only get worse.
    Holding on is being brave, but moving on is what makes us stronger. – Anonymous quote

    The declaration of the National Emerging C, Christos, is coming. 😊

      1. Frank

        Heard last night, Senate Republicans might try to pass a law to stop him.
        They’re worried about this declaration, and the no deal Brexit.

        As Roy said in Close Encounters, this means something. 🙂

          1. Frank

            Weird, I never connected the two films.

            And about the plane crash. The plane started to break apart in the air. It ‘rained down’ on the neighborhood.

            1. The nick-o-teen is siouxing various media outlets for libel saying his reputation was damaged. Seems like a “snowflake” grievance.

  2. Evenin’ botnet! I bin busy cookin’ up some ov me homemade brownies an’ a nice creamy puddin’ while listenin’ to yer quacks wot contain them inceptions what is based on them uvver inceptions what is based on uvver inceptions an’ wot go on an’ on an’ on. Bin chattin’ to that Hugo fella about all them quacks an’ inceptions wot is based on uvver quacks an’ inceptions wot go on an’ on an’ on an’ ‘ee’s bin intrajuicin’ me to that Marshmallow McGoohan bloke wot reckons the tedium is the bible village or summink. Difficult to disagree wiv ‘im on that ‘cos listenin’ to all them quacks wot them quack-quacks make is almost as borin’ as makin’ a round of 25,000 cucumber sandwiches for them Committee types wot also like to make them quacks wot contain them inceptions wot go on an’ on an’ on. They luv their quackspeak them Committee types does, an’ in primate (when they’re not writin’ in English an’ doin’ a number on that Hugo fella) they always tell me ‘ow me brownies are “bubble-puss good” an’ wotnot. Don’t mean a bleedin’ fing to me it don’t wot wiv me bein’ an ‘umble Acting Senior Deputy Vice-President of Corporate Snack Aesthetics and Hot Beverage Science, so I just look the mad bastards straight in the eye, give ’em the regulation response ov “Haldeludeya bruvvers an’ sisters!”, an’ get back to me kitchen quick-smart like. Way I look at it, if I can keep their gobs full of me brownies an’ creamy puddin’ wot they slobber ova like Madoff’s dogs then they’ll ‘ave less time to make them quacks wot contain them inceptions wot go on an’ on an’ on, ‘an less time to give that Hugo fella a piece of their mind. Anyhow, must get back to me kitchen ‘cos I’d ‘ate to undercook summink, wouldn’t I? Bin luvverly chattin’ to ya it ‘as.

  3. Watching the SOTU.
    The Secretary of Energy is not in the booth in the event of Emergence-y.
    He’s literally called ”the designated survivor”.
    Those people are a trip!

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