Grab A Jab !


From ACIM :

‘The Garden of Eden, or the pre-separation condition, was a state of mind in which nothing was needed.’






The Vax is still stinking the place out like a fart in a lift. First of all it’s bollocks as a medical procedure. Maybe the most unsuccessful vaccination programme ever but it’s never been about a concern for the health of humanity. Secondly the screen pic below speaks of something else to me. What lies behind the Green Screen and scrambled memories and Time. Also Grab A Jab ! is taking place on a solstice date and the shortest day in the northern hemisphere.




In an article about a year ago I asked rhetorically ‘Is it all memorex ?’. The answer is ‘Maybe Yes’. Recently I have had a form of confirmation that ‘something’ has been trying to distort memory and create different memories which I believe has been the aim of the inoculation programme and to stop remembering the real memory. Reality glitches every day.

And every crazy idea is possibly true. This is ‘out there’. Earlier this year I messaged a friend in Florida and the message was meant to read ‘How can we connect like this from four thousand miles away ?’ Actually what I wrote by accident, or maybe not, was ‘How can we connect like this from four thousand years away ?’ The person who I was messaging actually lives in a familiar reality to the one I do and if my time slip theory in this regard is true, it implies the past and future are similar wherever.





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  1. My metamorphosis into Earth Boy has been a slight surprise. When I owned a house I used to enjoy gardening. About four years ago I heard whale song in my head before I went to sleep for about a week. The whales were calling and Jenny was a fount of knowledge.

    More recently my heart has been touched by a special garden here which is saying something in a place full of beautiful gardens, created by a beautiful lady and her daughter which has accelerated the process.

    Thank you.

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