Brit Pop


Brit Pop and OA Sis.



The Wonder Wall. Beyond Belief.



Apologies for repeating myself. In No Sense.

Little Flowers and Brit Pop.








When we were Young.

Wheelbarrow Girl.




And Earth Angels.



The above speaks personally to me. In the Big Picture I believe we are experiencing a reunion of the masculine and feminine within the Self. The Christ is both female and male. There is all sorts going on with timelines and different dimensions and quantum leaps and the Diamond which is difficult for the human brain to comprehend. I believe at the subconscious level it all makes sense. Maybe possibly.

About the Diamond recently I have been shown four individual aspects to the male and female diamond ‘As Above So Below’ presumably within my Self. I feel I am masculine rather than feminine though. And maybe it’s my masculine perspective but the female diamond is more complex. Quel surpris.

And weirder and weirder. I’m also seeing a future memory in my mind’s eye of Lemuria or the Crystal Palace which I know others have seen as well. A better place. I have wondered why this time frame was chosen for the ‘ascension’ when the vast majority of humanity seem to be unprepared psychically. Maybe it’s a case of too many cooks spoil the broth. I suspect there is something or a series of events which we want to avoid in the time loop and choose another reality.



It’s all a blur.


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  1. It’s surreal.

    I see… a Hippocampus.

    I Sea Horse dreaming of being Frank ? And it would appear ‘They don’t shoot horses’.

    ‘In Zhuangzi 莊子, an ancient Chinese text written by Daoist philosopher Zhuangzi during the late Warring States period (476–221 BCE), a story tells that Zhuang Zhou once dreamed he was a butterfly, flitting and fluttering around, happy, and doing as he pleased. As a butterfly, he did not know he was Zhuang Zhou. All of a sudden, he awoke and found he was Zhuang Zhou, solid and unmistakably human. But then he did not know whether he was Zhuang Zhou dreaming he was a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming he was Zhuang Zhou.’

        1. I know alcohol can be a problem for some. QI how views on drinking have changed over the years. Maybe I’m getting nostalgic for the Good Old Days which probably weren’t so good in reality. In a previous incarnation I used to work for Barclays Bank. I used to regularly go down the pub at lunch time and have a couple of pints and occasionally customers would come in and smell the alcohol and say ‘Did you have a good lunch time ?’ with a smile. Nobody seemed to care much as long as you didn’t fall off the chair or it seriously effected your work. I get the impression it is frowned upon these days with the knock on effect to pubs which I believe have a positive community effect. The pub is where all the plots are hatched maybe part of it.

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